6 Sexy Tips for an Intoxicating and Erotic Bath

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A romantic and erotic bath is a unique opportunity to experience total relaxation and intimacy with your partner. Whether you use it as a time to simply reconnect with your significant other or as a chance to experiment with the elusive, but often sought-after bubble bath sex, it's the perfect way to create a private paradise. So, light some candles, pull out those sensual bath products and keep reading to learn how to have the ultimate sexy bath

1. Choose A Good Time

One of the most important aspects of relaxing and fully enjoying an erotic bath is to not feel rushed. Set aside one to two hours to really take your time, enjoy the company of your partner and allow for the possibility of intimacy once the water has drained and the candles have been blown out. Choose a time when you know you'll both be totally uninterrupted. If you have children or live with other people, find a time when you know they'll be away. Nothing kills the romantic mood quicker than a child bursting into the room or any unanticipated interruption. Pick a day and time in advance so you can plan for total and complete alone time with your partner. 

2. Take A Pre-Bath Shower

This sounds weird since you're about to take a bath, but trust us, you'll want to shower beforehand. This means you can spend your entire sexy bath relaxing and enjoying each other instead of frantically trying to shave or wash your feet. Plus, you'll be nice and squeaky clean as opposed to stewing in your own filth during what's supposed to be a romantic date. Excuse us while we go shower real quick — we felt gross just writing that. 

3. Set The Mood

Now, you'll want to create a space that will take you both out of your normal day-to-day. There's nothing romantic about sitting in a bathtub in dead silence with fluorescent lights beating down on you. Try to create an intimate atmosphere for a truly sensual bath time experience.

Light Some Candles

Start by lighting a few scented candles and placing them around the tub and on your counter. Then, turn off the lights. We suggest using one or two sensual massage candles as well, so you can take the fun into the bedroom following your erotic bath

Turn on a Sensual Playlist 

Next, grab a Bluetooth speaker and turn on your partner's favorite sensual love playlist. You'll want slower songs, breathy vocals, slinky rhythms and lyrics filled with romance and love. Want to take it even slower? Play soft music like classical, Celtic, new age or opera. Whatever music you choose, make sure it's relaxing and seductive so you both can get in the right mindset for your erotic bath

Keep Things Cool

Romantic bubble baths can get hot and heavy, so you'll want to ensure everyone is staying hydrated and comfortable. Crack a window or door just a bit to allow a little cool air in. You'll also want to set out a few glasses of water so you both stay hydrated.

4. Prep Your Bathtub 

First, take a minute or two to rinse away any debris that may be lingering in your bathtub. Romantic baths shouldn't include water stains or hairballs. Then, fill the bathtub with very warm water (not too hot, not too cold) about 10 minutes before you plan to get in. Once the tub is about half-filled, you'll want to add a couple of romantic love toys and bath products to the water. This can include rose petals, essential oils, bath salts and/or bubble bath. Sex might be in the cards, so keep in mind that too many additions may make the water overly fragrant or overcrowded.

5. Put Out Some Adult Bath Toys

Now that you've prepped the water itself, it's time to put out some adult bath toys. Erotic massage tools are perfect for ramping up that sense of anticipation and teasing every inch of your partner's body. If you're planning on getting it on in the tub, put out some waterproof silicone sex toys and compatible lubricants. Not sure which type to use in the water? Check out our Slippery & Sensual Guide to Sex Lubricants. You can also put out some wine and chocolates for a decadent touch. 

6. Sit Back, Relax And Explore Each Other's Bodies

Now, let the warm water relax your muscles and mind. Gently glide your fingertips over your partner's body, starting at the shoulders and working your way down — you know what to do here. Please and excite your partner, kissing them all over and using vibrators, massage oils and the pleasurable touch of your hands to get them all hot and bothered. Let the gentle lapping of the water and the soothing sounds of the music guide you during your romantic and erotic bath. You may find that romantic bubble baths are your new favorite guilty pleasure — don't worry, we won't tell!

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