Tips for Celebrating Valentine’s Day in Lockdown

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Tips For Celebrating Valentine’s Day In Lockdown


2020 was probably everyone’s least favorite year. Staying safe from Covid-19 has meant a lot of changes. Everyone is working from home and doing school virtually, and less attractions and dining venues are open than ever before. This means we’ve all been cooped up with each other for a long time, and boredom may be setting in. Lucky for you, we’ve got tips, tricks, and tools to take your Valentine’s Day lockdown celebration from boring to the best! We cover the top sex toys for Valentine's Day and ways to transform your sexy situation.


Why Valentine’s Day Should be Spent at Home this Year

We know! You’re probably so tired of hearing terms like “lockdown,” “safer at home,” “quarantine,” and the dreaded “Covid-19.” Unfortunately, everything still applies as of the writing of this article. But even though it’s better to stay home for everyone’s health, that doesn’t mean you have to forgo celebrating a day of romance. Whether you’ve been exposed and can’t leave your house or are just trying to do your part in preventing the spread of the coronavirus, there’s still fun to be had. 

So, what are you supposed to do to celebrate Valentine’s Day in lockdown conditions? Focus on the good and what you can do! We’re sure you’ve heard something like this before but trust us! It’s not all bad. You can still get the best part of Valentine’s Day without the normal hustle and bustle – SEX! In addition to sex, you can focus on relaxation from all the stress staying at home has brought to you while you show each other attention and affection.

When we’ve already lost so much in our lives over the last year, including activities, venues, normalcy, and maybe even relatives and/or friends. This makes it even more imperative to reconnect as deeply as we can with our partners. Not sure how? PinkCherry will show you the way with how you can implement these focuses for your Valentine’s Day in lockdown. And don’t worry! Keep reading for a list of the best sex toys for Valentine’s Day.


Reconnect with your Sex Life

Having a Valentine’s Day lockdown celebration is one of the best excuses to revive your sex life. Quarantine got us all feeling funky in one way or another. Being cooped up inside doesn’t necessarily mean you grew closer together during that time. You might have even spent more time discovering yourself instead of working on your relationship, and that’s okay! There’s no better time to fix these situations than Valentine’s Day. If you’ve been feeling distant from your partner, now is the time to rekindle those flames. You can approach this a few different ways. 

  • You can discuss your intentions with them beforehand
  • You can surprise them in some sexy lingerie or your birthday suit
  • You can set the mood with soft lighting, candles, romantic music, etc.


Feeling like you’ve settled into a stale routine with your sex life? If you’re one of the lucky relationships experiencing a healthy sex life already, you could spend this time trying something new. Knowing what turns to take in a sexual experience is often a struggle for many people. While driving down the same road every day can be calming, it can also become repetitive. The one downside of being sexually settled is that you or your partner might experience some boredom. You can fix this potential problem by trying something new.


Focus on the Romance

Has none of this been relatable to you yet? Is your sex life great? Maybe setting the mood is where you can make the biggest impact in your relationship. Creating a romantic atmosphere might be something you strive for during your Valentine’s Day lockdown experience.

When you think about creating a sexually inviting space, you should consider all five senses. There are a few options that can address several options with only one solution, like massage candles. Implement something that highlights one area or address every aspect. Here are some suggestions to make sure you check off all the boxes.

  • Sight: dim your lights if you have a dimmer switch, light candles around the room, put your fireplace to work
  • Sound: play relaxing music – smooth jazz, r & b, or instrumental music are popular choices
  • Touch: place soft or silky pillows and blankets on your bed (or the couch or other area you might have chosen), ensure the room is a comfortable temperature, start out your foreplay with a sensual massage
  • Taste: have some flavored lube handy, set out some fruit to feed each other as part of your foreplay, or paint each other with edible chocolate
  • Smell: remove anything with a foul smell from the room, light scented candles or incense, or spray your favorite room spray


Recharge from the Stress

We know that staying home isn’t the most appealing way to spend your Valentine’s Day, but it can actually be a great way to reduce stress levels. With less worries about possibly contracting the virus, you won’t have any regrets about staying in. Quarantining for the last year or so has brought us many new challenges that we should take a break from. With practically every aspect of our lives being accomplished from home offices and virtual learning, it’s a good time to unplug and focus on each other.

  • Working from home has required many people to make accommodations that they’ve never experienced before. Setting space aside in your home to devote to work can be tough. Trying to keep work and home life separate while working in a home office takes dedication. You might be getting bored with your scenery. Having sex can be a great way to mentally escape the doldrums.
  • Sharing home offices with your spouse can become taxing. Managing times for private calls and work on protected data requires a good set of communication skills. Being close together for longer days might have driven a wedge between you. Taking time for a romp in the hay can help remind you that you’re more than roommates and officemates.
  • Your kids doing school at home may not leave you with much alone time. Many schools have switched to virtual learning, and some families have also taken up homeschooling. You may be feeling like you’re in some kind of circus act with all the juggling you’re trying to attend to. Find some time when the little ones are asleep for the night or preoccupied with something else to find a moment for you and your partner to share.


The Perfect Valentine’s Day Sex Kit

Now we’re getting to the good stuff! This section is all about what to put in your Valentine’s Day sex kit. What’s a sex kit, you ask? Think of it like a gift basket themed all around sex. We’ll cover what you should consider that caters to your (and your partner’s) preferences. We’ve got the run-down on your normal Valentine’s Day goodies. We’re also going to briefly discuss whether giving sex toys as Valentine’s gifts is a good idea.

If that doesn’t give you enough to go on – wait! There’s more! We’ve got a full list of sex toys to seduce and satisfy you both. There’s something for everyone in our Valentine’s Day sex kit shopping list, so what are you waiting for? The big day is just around the corner, and you don’t want to be caught unprepared. You can trust PinkCherry to have all your Valentine’s Day sex kit needs to make it a memorable night. If you want to push all the quarantine problems aside for the day, there’s no better way than to spend it showing your partner that you care.

At the end of the day, what matters the most is that you make them feel special and appreciated. Let them know you’ve been listening by choosing items that they really want or need. If you’re not sure what to get after reading our suggestions, sit down with your partner to discuss their desires on plans for how they want to spend their Valentine’s Day.


Creating the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift Set

There are a few things you need to know when you’re gathering your gifts. Primarily, you want to remember what your lover likes and dislikes. Sometimes, they may really enjoy the traditional Valentine’s Day gifts, so get your sexy items in addition to these instead of thinking of them as a replacement. Also, consider whether your partner would actually be open to receiving sex toys as gifts. When you’re finished making your choices on what to include, head on over to to find everything you’re looking for to put together your very own Valentine’s Day sex kit. 

  • Consider your partner’s preferences – You should choose an item based on what they like. It is a gift for them, after all. But that doesn’t mean you can’t pick out things you will both enjoy.
  • Tried-and-true staples – This one is up to you. Gifts like flowers, candy, stuffed animals, and jewelry are enjoyed by many people on Valentine’s Day. If you think this is what they’re expecting, you might not want to skip out on these romantic traditional things.
  • Add some sex toys – While everyone is different, we think sex toys as Valentine’s Day gifts are a great way to show them you care about their satisfaction. In fact, we’ve written a whole article on how to approach giving your partner sex toys (and how to choose them) for Valentine’s Day.

What to Put in Your Valentine’s Day Sex Kit

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for! The full list of products every person should consider when gifting sex toys for Valentine’s Day. We’ve got ideas for everyone, no matter what gender or lifestyle you and your other half are a part of. There are items that focus on one person or the other as well as things you’ll both get to enjoy. We’re just giving you some ideas here, so you can do as much or as little as you want. Choose items that fit your style and budget. Follow along as we cover the best sex toys for Valentine's Day.

These Valentine’s sex toys from PinkCherry are a great place to start!

  • For vaginas – We love a good rabbit vibrator or clitoral suction sex toy. These are must-haves to make them feel like the sexual royalty they are. There are options in each of these categories to fit almost every budget, so you can go as basic or luxurious as you like.
  • For penises – Great options for this category are masturbation sleeves and cock rings. You’ll give them the choice to pleasure themselves or have fun together. There are many different styles for each of these toys, so you can really individualize their experience.
  • For butts – There are several options you can go with for anal sex toys. There are butt plugs, anal beads, anal vibes, and prostate massagers. If you and your partner are new to anal play, you can start with anal trainer sets that give you several sizes of the same toy to work your way up as you go.
  • Lubes and cleansers – No Valentine’s Day sex kit would be complete without lubes and sex toy cleanser products. You can choose from several different kinds of lubes: oil-based (not for internal use), water-based, or silicone-based (not for use with silicone sex toys). There are also lubes that serve other purposes in addition to providing moisture, so look at those extras before you make your pick. A cleanser developed specifically for sex toys makes cleanup easy.
  • Sensual products – Here’s where you can really make your partner feel special this Valentine’s Day! Add some massage products or sexy selfcare items to your kit for fantastic foreplay or to wind down after you’ve worn them out.
  • Games – What would a sexy holiday be without a sexy game to play. These tantalizing games will have you engaging in foreplay like never-before. As small as a simple pair of dice or a game that comes with extras to use while playing, there are enough selections to bring smiles for everyone.
  • Lingerie – Every Valentine deserves something that makes them feel sexy. Your kit should include at least one pick in this category. While it can be tempting to pick the style you’d enjoy seeing them wear, don’t forget to consider what might make them the most comfortable.
  • Bondage – Don’t forget to treat your naughty partner to the punishment they deserve (or let them whip you into shape). Choose from BDSM paddles, ticklers, restraints, blindfolds, and more to bring a little naughty side to your Valentine’s.


Still not sure what to buy? Check out our dedicated page for Valentine’s sex toys you can purchase directly from PinkCherry.


How You Can Make Your Valentine’s Day Lockdown Experience Fun

Now that we’ve told you what to buy, we need to fill you in on the best way to use it all. Sure, just gifting your lover sex toys for Valentine’s Day is a great gesture that gets straight to the point. Still, we want you to think about using these items in ways that can make your Valentine’s Day lockdown experience just as good (and maybe even better) than going out on the town.


Replace Your Vacation with a BDSM Staycation

Because of Covid-19, going on a trip is pretty risky or just impossible. Instead of taking them on an adventure, you can try a venture into BDSM. Thrill-seekers might be seeking that rush of dopamine. So, make staying home a thrilling experience. Giving them orders to stay put might be just the encouragement they need to be happy to stay home.

If you and your partner have never tried bondage before, you may want to have a discussion beforehand. A big part of BDSM is consent, so you don’t want to try jumping right in. In many BDSM partnerships (but not all), there is a sub (submissive) and a dom (dominant). The dom may give their sub commands or instructions, taking control of the situation. While this is sometimes enough for many couples, others take it farther by enforcing subs to obey through punishments. These can be as gentle as tickling or as harsh as electrostimulation. Understandably, this kind of sex is not for everyone. If you’re going to give it a try, make sure you have a safe word.


Can’t Go to the Movies or a Show? Try Role Play

We know, we know! It has been so long since any of us enjoyed a movie theatre or attended a live concert. Since the entertainment industry has changed, we’re missing a lot of that enjoyment. These kinds of experiences typically take us out of our own shoes and into the main character’s. Even though we have to stay home for this Valentine’s Day, there are some sexy alternatives that might help you forget about your own world for a little while. 

You and your partner can try role playing. What better way to escape than to pretend you’re someone else? Dress up in sexy costumes where you can each have a role. Give yourselves new names to go with your personas. Act out your new roles with whatever accessories and sex toys you have that fit the scenario. You can even go as far as setting up a room in your house to replicate somewhere else.

There are so many ways to try role playing, that it is probably helpful to ask your partner what they want to try. They may have a fantasy you were unaware of or an idea that you might really like. Some common scenarios are: 

  • Doctor or nurse/patient
  • Maid/homeowner
  • Security or police/criminal or inmate
  • Teacher or principal/student
  • Secretary/boss
  • Delivery driver or repair person/homeowner 


Get Them to Stay Put with Restraints

Are you having a hard time getting your partner to agree to stay home this Valentine’s Day? Well, you could always tie them up – with some sexy restraints, that is. We don’t mean holding them against their will, but you could entice them to spend some time in the confines of your bedroom with some bondage.

If you’re going to try out any kind of bondage, we always recommend having a safe word. When you’re both fully satisfied with your Valentine’s Day experience, be sure to spend some time with your partner to check in and tend to any sore areas. This is called aftercare. 

Some bondage methods that are good for beginners are:

  • Handcuffs and ankle restraints are a wonderful idea for beginners. You can even find some that are made with soft materials to keep your confine comfortable.
  • We also love bed restraints that pin them down at each corner. Your lover will have to completely submit to your will.
  • If you want to practice a more artful take on bondage, Shibari (Japanese rope bondage) makes beautiful patterns around your partner. You can take your time and make the experience more based on sensual touches as a bonus to being bound.
  • If you are already experienced in bondage and want to take things further, we suggest upgrading your restraints. Sex swings, leg spreaders, ball gags, nipple clamps, or electro stim.


Replace the Restaurants with Flavored Lubes for Dessert

If your annual Valentine’s Day celebration usually includes a trip to your favorite restaurant, you can easily convert this to a takeout night or prepare a meal together. While we love the romantic touches of a candle-lit dinner at home, we’re more interested in what’s for dessert.

After you finish your meal, head to the bedroom for something sweet. Flavored lubes and food foreplay can transform your dinner into a ravishingly sexy feast. It’s hard to count how many flavored lubes PinkCherry has for you to choose from, but we did the work for you. At this time, there are over 30 different flavors available. You will find sweet notes, including whipped cream, chocolate chip cookie, and cinnamon roll. There are fruity flavors like cherry, strawberry, pineapple, and more. You’ll also see flavors for a mature palette, like mint, mocha java, and butter rum.

Some flavored lubes also have extra benefits. Deep throat relaxing sprays will help you take in your partner deeper and calm any gag reflex. Tingling lubes can increase blood flow to the area where they are placed and create a cooling feeling due to the menthol ingredient. If you aren’t sure what kind of experience you and your partner prefer, you can purchase a multi-pack to give you a range of options to choose from or try them all.


In-Home Game Night with a Sexy Twist

Are you a competitive couple? If you’re the ones who are always out trying some sort of sport or challenge, having yet another game night at home might not sound very enticing. But we think we’ve got something that'll make things more interesting for you – sexy games from PinkCherry! No Valentine’s Day sex kit is complete without a pack of cards, set of dice, or a coupon book. There are too many options to cover every single one in this blog, so we’ll give you an overview of some popular choices.

  • Dice games – there are several versions, so you are sure to find the right set for you and your partner. Most will give you an action on one die and a body part on the other. For example, you might roll suck and neck or kiss and lips.
  • Coupon books for his and her – give your partner the option to choose what they want when they want it.
  • Surprise bags – ready for an adventure where you won’t know what’s coming next? Try a surprise bag with erotic treats, domination items, kinky seduction staples.
  • Board games – who doesn’t love a head-to-head competition? PinkCherry offers one based on oral sex and monogamy in addition to a few others.
  • Card games – wanting to try out a new position but not sure which one is best? There are several card games just for this purpose. There are other options that involve dares and erotic feats.
  • Clone-A-Pussy or Clone-A-Willy – you can make a replica of your own parts to use as trophies or just as a fun activity.


You Can Still get Down Even with the Clubs Closed

Dust off your dancing shoes and get ready to boogie, sashay, waltz, or twerk! If you and your partner are the clubbing type, you probably won’t be able to hit up the dance venues for a while still. But don’t fret! You can turn your home into your own personal dance floor. Better yet, you get to pick every song, the volume, and your lighting. If this doesn’t sound very exciting, just wait. There’s more to come with some items from PinkCherry. 

We offer several sex toys that can sync to music. Yes! Your very own vibe can pulse with the beat of your favorite jam. Talk about entertainment! OhMiBod’s blueMotion is one such device you can wear with an included set of panties. OhMiBod also has the Club Vibe 3. OH, which takes your music appreciation even further.

There is also a whole line of toys by We-Vibe, offering something for every need and every body. Some are wearable, like the blueMotion and Club Vibe. Others aren’t, but all work with the We-Connect app. The app can give your partner complete control of your toy’s function, adding another layer of seduction to your in-home clubbing experience. PinkCherry currently offers 25 products in the We-Vibe line.

If you’re looking for a different kind of clubbing experience, PinkCherry also has several dance poles to choose from. Whether you or your partner are a seasoned pole dancer or just looking for a sexy prop, you can feel like you’re right at the strip club. Make sure you have the Monopoly money (or real cash if you’re a big baller) ready to make it rain.


Instead of Going to the Spa, Bring the Self Care and Sensual Massage to Them

Does your partner manage a lot? Right now, many of us find ourselves dealing with the stresses of working from home, cooking more meals in, and helping kids with school more than ever due to shutdowns. If this is the case for your spouse and you, it’s time to treat yourselves to a relaxing evening. Regular selfcare can be a much-appreciated Valentine’s Day gift. You can also tie a sexual side into your selfcare products and activities.

Sensual massages can lift your lover’s spirit while they have the chance to relax into a night spent with you. Try pairing your massage with specially formulated massage oils, massage candles, or even paint each other with edible chocolate body paint.

Bath bombs from PinkCherry come with a special surprise. They get to relax in a warm bath as their bath bomb dissolves to release oils, bath salts, and pleasant fragrances. At the end of the fizzing, you’ll get to enjoy a surprise sex toy or set of sex position cards (depending on which product you choose).


See! Having a Valentine’s Day Lockdown Date isn’t that Bad!

Having your own Valentine’s Day lockdown celebration is all about what you put into it and how your partner and you can perceive it. Going into the date with a positive mindset only helps. It only takes a little effort and the right products and extras to transform your experience. Alternative ways to spend Valentine’s Day at home can help you reconnect, destress, and get some amazing sex at the end of it all.

Where do you shop for everything you’ll need? PinkCherry has all the latest and best sex toys. We’ve even got a page dedicated to the best sex toys for Valentine's Day. We’ll even make sure we don’t spoil the surprise. Our billing and shipping are discreet, so your partner will never be the wiser. So get shopping and plan to make your Valentine’s Day lockdown a hit!


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