How To Choose A Sex Toy For Your Valentine

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Choose A Sex Toy For Your Valentine’s


We’re dating ourselves a bit here, but did you ever see the episode of Boy Meets World where Alan (the dad) purchases a trash compactor as an anniversary gift for his wife, Amy? The poor sap thinks he’s found the perfect gift to show his love, but she interprets it as him thinking of her as…well, garbage. Unfortunately, we can’t all have Mr. Feeny to give us sound gifting-giving advice. Even if we did, we’re not sure he’d suggest Valentine’s sex toys.


What we do have in place of Feeny’s guidance is the wonderful team here at PinkCherry to steer you in the right direction. Come along as we cover why you should or shouldn’t give a sex toy as a Valentine’s Day gift along with the best sex toys for Valentine’s Day.


Naughty or Nice? Is it Okay to Give Sex Toys for Valentine’s Day?

This time of year, Santa is nowhere in sight, but don’t let your guard down! Your lover probably has a mental naughty and nice list. If you give them a present of Valentine’s sex toys will you end up in the doghouse? Is it better to stick with a vacuum? Did you learn anything from our Boy Meets World reference?


You definitely don’t want to get your partner household appliances as a romantic gesture, unless they’ve specifically asked for them. If they haven’t let you know what they want, some Valentine’s sex toys might help you play your cards right. Here’s some reasons you should give your other half something a little naughty:


  • They asked for sex toys or accessories – if this is the case give them exactly what they desire
  • They’ve expressed to you the urge to spice things up – if your sex life has been feeling a little stale lately, you can turn that funk into euphoria with a sexy treat
  • Your relationship is always open to trying new things – if you have an open and understanding partner who isn’t going to shame you if they don’t like what you bought, then gift away
  • You’ve given them toys as gifts before – they already know what’s coming, so maybe surprise them with something from a different category than your previous presents


The Best Sex Toys for Valentine’s Day if You’re in a Long-Term Relationship

If you’ve been with your sweetie long enough, you’re probably very well-versed on what they like and dislike in gifts. You can easily apply this knowledge to Valentine’s sex toys as an alternative to your normal presents. Instead of Cupid’s bow and arrow, let these best sex toys for Valentine’s day lead you straight to their heart.


Suction Toys

Instead of a vacuum cleaner, offer them some suction sex toys! Clitoral suction toys and penis pumps are great tools to have in your excitement arsenal. Clitoral stimulation toys can also be used in other sensitive areas of the body to simulate oral sex. You can use these on their own or while engaged with a partner. A penis pump can help make you (or your partner’s) erection feel bigger and harder. You can use one before having intercourse with a partner or before masturbating. While the effects from using a penis pump are temporary, you can have a night the two of you will never forget.


Flavored Lubes

Instead of candy, try a flavored lube! You can enjoy the taste of chocolate without the guilt and all the pleasure. Or test out multiple flavors to turn your lovefest into a love-feast. Flavored lubes are designed for use with your sexy bits, but feel free to use them from head to toe on your partner or yourself. You’ll be ready to kiss, nibble, lick, suck, and more. Be sure that your flavored lube is compatible with additional sex toys and condoms, so you don’t spoil any of the mouth-watering moments.


Butt Plugs

Instead of flowers, buy him, her, or them a butt plug. We hear you, where’s the analogy from bouquets to butt plugs? “Rosebud” is a lesser-known slang term for the anus. So, buy them one or bring home a whole bouquet of different sizes tied up with a pretty ribbon. Anal trainer kits are highly recommended for those who have never used a butt plug before. These typically include several sizes to work your way up from smallest to largest. If your partner is more experienced in booty play, you can go with something a little more luxurious (like ones with sparkly gems, fuzzy animal tails, or play around with different materials).



Rather than get them a blender, try a vibrator. Vibrators come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. They can be used by all genders, so there’s really no wrong toy to try. Wand vibrators can double as body massagers, so these make great gift options for double duty. You can choose something petite and discreet your lover can take on the go, or you can choose a large-as-life dildo style vibe. Rabbits are a must-have for those with vaginas. The ears flick to tease the clitoris while the shaft can glide and pulse in the vagina. Those with penises may prefer a prostate vibrator. They’re curved to help reach the prostate for sublime stimulation.


Sex Swings

Instead of a washer and dryer, opt for a sex swing! There’s no better way to flip and spin them around. At the end, you can even hang them there to dry metaphorically. You’ll get to try new positions like you’ve never experienced. Take the brunt work out of standing positions and hoist them up to previously unreachable levels. There are swings that you can place where you want or ones that mount over a door.


Temperature Play Items

Instead of a fridge or oven, temperature play items will help you heat it up or cool you down. When it comes to temperature play, you can use several methods. You can chill certain toys in the refrigerator (glass or metal toys) or warm them with your own body heat. If you’re in the mood for a topical product, you can try warming or cooling lubes. Arousal balms are also very effective. There are also tingling products if the hot and cold are not your (and your partner’s) thing. Not sure which item to try? Purchase a kit that lets you sample all the feels!


Sensual Care Products

Selfcare products are overdone! As an alternative, get him, her, or them a set of sexy sensual care gifts instead. There is an almost endless list of products you can purchase to make your Valentine’s Day a sexy hit. A sex bath bomb can reveal a surprise toy or cards displaying sex positions for you and your partner to try. And you can’t go wrong with massage products. Massage oils are a safe bet, but if you and your partner like things a bit more heated you could try massage candles. If you think your partner might not be ready to receive Valentine’s sex toys, a sensual massage could be a great way to make them feel appreciated.



A sexy alternative to gifts of jewelry is lingerie. If silver and gold accessories are not your partner’s style, lace, latex, or mesh might be more of their thing. From bodysuits to boxer briefs, there’s something for everybody’s body. You can have tons of fun with all the different options. You could even try roleplaying with a sexy costume. You can go wild with full outfits or keep things simple with a pair of crotchless panties. If you’re giving your partner the gift of sex this Valentine’s Day, dressing yourself in some sexy lingerie can make them feel like you’re the gift of a lifetime.


Cock Rings and Body Jewelry

While we’re talking about alternatives to jewelry – rings are great and all but … Cock rings and body jewelry are more fun to wear in our opinion. Bejeweled pasties, shimmery body chains, nipple dangles, and more can all make you (or your partner) feel like a sexy work of art to be treasured. Cock rings can make your (or your partner’s) erection last longer to enjoy each other all night long. You can even opt for one with a vibrator attached to enhance your pleasures. Other cock rings have extra rings to hug the testicles, or they are large enough to fit over the whole package.


Find the Best Sex Toys for Valentine’s Day at PinkCherry

If you want to give the gift of Valentine’s sex toys this year, head on over to to find exactly what you’re looking for. You can pick out whatever you want to surprise your sweetheart. If you’re still struggling on what to give your honey this year, check out our Valentine’s sex toys page that includes a smattering of every category. PinkCherry is the easy way to make sure your partner is smitten as a kitten (sex kitten that is) this Valentine’s Day!

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