Erotic Massages: Another Great Reason to Strip Down to the Nude

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Benefits Of Getting Erotic Massages


There’s nothing more relaxing than a good full-body massage. It’s no wonder something that makes you feel so euphoric can be turned into a method of intense foreplay. Erotic massages even have the power to bring you closer together on an emotional level. But it’s not as simple as starting out with a backrub and working your way to the goods. While this strategy can work, there are other techniques that will lead you down a more exciting road. You can combine many tools and accessories as well as creating an inviting space to take your erotic massages to the next level.


Follow along as we go over a few tips to kick it up a notch and make your own erotic massages irresistible. Hopefully, they’ll lead to even more afterwards.

The Purpose of Erotic Massages

There are a few great reasons to give your partner an erotic massage. This kind of intimate touch is bound to draw you together on an emotional level. While they’re great for tantalizing foreplay, a sensual form of massage is a wonderful way to tell your partner that you care. In a sense, you are checking off the boxes of all Gary Chapman’s five love languages at once. The only one it excludes is the “words of affirmation,” unless you talk them up while rubbing them down.


While an everyday massage works to relax the body and loosen muscles, an erotic massage does all that plus sexual arousal. You can choose to make them tingle from head to toe or focus in on one area.

Create Your Sensual Space

While you’re working on the sense of touch, you can’t neglect the other four! Sight, smell, sound, and taste are all just as important as the skin-on-skin contact. Having a fire going can cover all the other senses, but we know not everyone has this luxury. Instead, you can set the lights low or use candles. Play some soft music to help them unwind.


While we’re talking about creating a sensual space, you should think about protecting the area you’re working in. If you’re using oils or lotions, things can get slippery. You don’t want your lover worried about ruining their favorite set of sheets as well as the moment. Towels that can easily be washed up afterward should suffice for those using a bit of product. If you’re thinking about going full slip n’ slide with the oils, grab some waterproof vinyl bed sheets.

Extras to Have on Hand

  • Massage Oils and Lotions Erotic massage oils are a must-have to make the most out of your erotic massages. For extra sensations, there are some that have a heating, cooling, or tingling element. For even more thrills, you can find edible oils as well.
  • Toys – You can have even more fun when giving your erotic massage by using a sex toy that tickles, pulses, buzzes, and more. PinkCherry has a whole line of ticklers and teasers to add to the experience.
  • Massage Candles – Combine smell, sight, and touch with one product. Drip the melted oils onto their body for a warming, silky drizzle. Check out PinkCherry’s massage candle line to choose a scent perfect for your erotic massage night.


Your Roadmap to the Perfect Erotic Massage


Silent can be sexy, but talking is tantalizing. Once you’ve prepared your space, you should ask your partner a few questions to get started. Discuss with them any spots they dislike being touched. 


Getting consent to give someone an erotic massage is always required. Throughout the massage, pay attention to their body language. If they are tensing up, they are likely uncomfortable. In this case, you should stop immediately. If they are loose and relaxed, keep going.

Initial Contact

Begin with gentle touches that slowly move around your desired area. If you’re stumped on where to start out, you can follow the curves of their body with a cupped hand or trace a line down their spine with your index finger. Rubbing from the bottom to the top of the body creates an invigorating sensation, while acting in downward motions works to relax. Whichever style you choose, your contact should be gentle with light pressure.


You can even start with some tickling sensations. No, NOT like the tickle monster game. Instead gently brush your fingers or the side of your hand over their skin, just barely making contact. You want to induce goosebumps and tingles, not belly rolls of laughter.

The Rub

After a few minutes of gentle touch, you can move onto bringing in any products you may have on hand. You still don’t want to apply tons of pressure. You’ll also want to keep things slow and sensual. 


If your partner asks for more pressure at this point, it’s knot a problem (get it?) to give their aches and pains a little attention. Still don’t forget to work the entire body, especially the erogenous zones. You can even offer a sensual touch to areas you wouldn’t normally associate with a massage, like the lips, hair, and hands.

Kneadful Things

While your mind might be focused on where you’re putting your hands (along with what’s going to happen after the massage), you can use the rest of your own body to your advantage. Think about the way you are sitting with your partner. Aligning your own body close to theirs will help to warm them. If you are a woman, placing your breasts against your partner’s back can be an absolute delight. The tips of your nipples dragging up and down them can do double duty to arouse yourself at the same time. If you are a man giving an erotic massage, the same can be said for your penis or testicles. Stradling your partner if they are laying down, can also provide a warming benefit.

Excited to Try an Erotic Massage?

The way you give an erotic massage is totally up to you. The same can be said for what you do after the rubdown ends. Trust PinkCherry for all your erotic massage products as well as anything you need for what comes afterwards.

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