Tips to Make Your Summer Sex Even Hotter!

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Tips to Make Your Summer Sex Even Hotter!


Summer romances are, by their very nature, hot n’ steamy. But how do you have all the fun without the dehydration, sand in places where sand should never go, and landing yourself in jail for public indecency? Being smart and considerate about your sexcapades can go a long way into ensuring you have exactly that: all the fun without the fall out. 


Without further ado, dive in to our list of tried and tested tips to make your summer sex even hotter than the temperatures outside:


1. Pitch a Tent…Literally 

Since many of us are still vacationing close to home, a camping trip with some delicious surprises might be in order, and I am not talking s’mores (though they do make a fantastic post-coital snack). The potential pitfalls are many here; park rangers, hikers, ticks...Oh, and bears. But literal life and death levels of danger aside, if you’re playing around outdoors keep on as much clothing as possible, so you can pretend you were "only dry humping" if you do get caught. Keep the raunchier action for the inside of your compact nylon home away from home. If the tent's a-rockin’ you don’t come a knockin’! 


2. Slippery When Wet 

Water makes you almost completely weightless and it can keep you cool. Take advantage of that “astronaut in space” feeling and use that pool, lake or ocean to your advantage!  Best for ramping up the action and not getting right down to action as condoms and water don't mix and water washes away natural lubrication as well. So, forgo the full flex and stick to hot stolen kisses or even a serious make out session which are perfect for this scenario. You can even hide some of that over-the-bathing-suit handsy action under the water itself! No one is going to question why you came out of the water with hard nipples. They may stare…but they probably won’t question it.   


3. At a Crowded Summer Share

Perhaps you’re renting a summer share? Getting raunchy on a vacation in communal spaces also oscillates in the arena of public/semi-public play which can be very exciting. Maybe you luxuriously have a room all to yourself but need to play games to keep things on the quieter side (or not, maybe you just don’t give a damn who hears you. Go you. You’re bold. Bold is good.). More than likely, you’re sharing a room; this might require getting frisky in the pantry or a coat closet…or in that half bath no one is using right at that moment.  Compact and standing positions work best here. One partner bent over, the other behind them is good for confined spaces, especially bent over sinks- just make sure not to break the thing off the wall! 


4. Get Playful Before You Get “Playful”

Sneaking into a playground at night is fun and sexy, until you remember, "Hey, this is a playground. Maybe I should reassess my whole life? This is on the far side of not cute. Let’s just make out here.” Just like water, swings help distribute weight and make sexy times just frankly, a lot easier on the joints. Also, swinging through the air while you’re bumping and grinding just adds to the motion and keeps things literally breezy! So maybe not a playground, but a sturdy swing on the porch of a remote farmhouse, or find the studs in your ceiling and get a sexy swing that you can string up in your very own home! 


5. You’re on a BOAT! 

Well, “O”-hoy Matey! (See what I did there with the “O”-hoy? Okay). Board the SS Cumming Now: Sail out far into the ocean and sunbathe in the nude before you make your way below deck for something a little more scandalous. Make a game out of consciously moving your hips with the waves of the ocean. It might even help you avoid seasickness and getting green around your gills! Also, Dramamine is your friend. 


6. The Roof…. The Roof…. The Roof is on FIRE

Roof sex is generally a great idea if you live in a high-rise or anywhere with a flat, level top where it’s not too likely that neighbors are going to see your full X-Rated show. Roof sex may require a little advance planning, because you'll need to make sure you're not in a busy helicopter flight path, or near a belching heat vent, or going to get locked up there because of an automatic lock on a fire door. Just bring up that picnic blanket or exercise mat you never use because getting warmed roofing tar on your butt is not the hottest summer look…though it certainly will leave an impression, on the roof that is. 


7. Melting in Their Mouth

If the AC is on the bust, then the important thing is to figure out how to have sex without raising your body temperature too much more than it already naturally is. This is the perfect time for some ingenuity. Pop an ice cube in your mouth for some chillingly sexy oral, or glide them along your partner’s body to integrate some temperature playI urge you to think outside the box…or in this case look outside of the ice tray. Also, popsicles are fun, but don’t put them near anyone’s genitalia unless you want them to possibly get a UTI. 


See if your partner is open to some blind folded temperature play and if they are, surprise them with a smorgasbord of ice-cold sensory play. This would be the time to implement any stone or stainless-steel toys you may have. Pop them in the freezer for 30-45 minutes before your partner arrives. When your cutie is at the door, blindfold them gently, leading them into the bedroom and laying them down and go get your cooled off toys. Just make sure to test them on your own arm/wrist first to make sure they aren’t frightfully frigid. Bring them up in temperature a little bit by running them up and down your partner’s chest, arms or thighs before asking if they are open to the cool sensations around their genitalia or ass. You can also do temperature play with simple items at home. A metal spatula is amazing for a fun cool spank on the rear, and a dinner fork chilled to just the right temperature and dragged along the skin delicately can be divine. Just make sure the cutlery set is yours, alright?   


8. On the Road Again 

Taking a weekend or day trip can really add some spice to your sex life as it’s been proven that even g-rated novelty outside of your normal routine can stoke sexual desire and increased intimacy. Find a quiet pass without too many truckers to blow by with their horns, put on those hazard lights and maybe keep it easy with oral or some heavy petting between destinations. Or throw back that passenger seat or jump in the back and go full hog! Bonus points if you do this on the way to an amusement park and work in some hand stuff on a roller coaster a la “Fear”...but you know, without the sociopathic romantic lead. 


Some Final Do’s and Don’ts of Hot Summer Sex…

Do Dress for the Weather

The number one rule here…. easy. access. When trying to get it on in all sorts of scenarios this summer, you want to be at the ready. Easy to pull down shorts, sun dresses that are easy to hike up (and easy to quickly pull down) for example. Also- hello, it’s summer. Bless us all with your cutest bathing suits too! Also a private wet t-shirt contest can always be on the itinerary; there are so many ways to stay cool while looking hot. 


Don’t Forget Your Sunscreen! 

You probably do NOT want sunburns in some of “those” places. Just in case you fall asleep floating on a post-o cloud out in the sun. Who knew that safer sex practices could also include SPF along with condoms, dental dams and birth control? On the other side- what a sweet way to provide post booty call care than to slather oneself (or their partner) in soothing aloe to ease an unintentional sunburn? 

Do Experiment Slowly 

In the heat, your breathing and movements naturally slow down. There is no need to rush anything. Make a bet on who can hold out on pouncing first and stare at each other like you might tear each other to pieces while you think about how sexy your partner is. Then deliciously torture them with nerve-tingling kisses all over their neck and torso; stroke them softly where their thigh meets their groin…and then get back to your hotel, the cabana or your apartment ASAP because things are about to blow!  


Don’t Scare the Strangers 

Public frolicking and sexual experimentation in new (and sometimes public or semi-public) places can be incredibly exciting, but you want to be mindful that strangers don’t necessarily expect to come up upon a couple fully going at it, and they shouldn’t have to be forced to do so, especially in an environment where they could perfectly expect NOT to see that sort of scene. That’s non-consensual and that’s not cool. So, make sure your “secret spots” are quite secret. We advise you to find cover to give yourselves some privacy, or just rile each other up in public and wait until your home to unleash the beast! 


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Written By: Domina Franco

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