Some Like it Hot: 5 Sizzling Ways to Integrate Temperature Play into Sex

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Some Like it Hot: 5 Sizzling Ways to Integrate Temperature Play into Sex


Feeling all hot and bothered but craving some literal heat? It might be time to try your hand (and your sexier body parts, too!) at some temperature play.


The name of this erotic play type isn’t subtle at all. No hidden meanings here! Temperature play involves using heat and cold in some very sexual and sensual ways. There are lots of things you and your partner can do to have fun with temperature, from warming up your sex toys, to experimenting with ice. Whether you love to sweat it out between the sheets or adore a chilly  tingle, you’re about to learn all you need to know about turning the heat up (or down!) during play time.


What is Temperature Play?

The general term ‘temperature play’ describes any sexual scenario or act that involves hot, warm, cool or cold elements. For instance, if you’ve ever warmed up a favorite glass dildo under some warm water before getting busy with it, congrats! You’ve engaged in some light temperature play. If you’ve ever drizzled hot wax over your partner's skin, or had them do the same to you, good job! You’re well on your way to mastering temperature play. 


How to Incorporate Temperature Play into Sex

There are many ways you, or you and your partner can fan the (metaphorical) flames of desire using heat and cold. Below, we’ve gathered up five sizzling ways to incorporate temperature into your sex life. You can use these tips as inspiration for more involved scenes if you’re feeling extreme, or you can dip your toes in with a self-heating sex toy. As always, please play safely. Burns are not sexy!


1. Self-Heating Sex Toys

That’s right, self-heating sex toys exist, and they’re one of the best ways to safely incorporate heat into your sex life. These days, it’s not hard to find warming vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, strokers, prostate massagers, and more.


Whichever type you choose, a self warming toy will usually come equipped with a separate special heat feature that you can turn on or off. When you’re in the mood, activate the heat feature to feel the surface of your dildo (or plug, or vibe etc) warm to a body-safe temperature. The maximum heat level of most self-heating sex toys tops off at a relaxing or realistic level - most are intended to mimic body warmth.


2. Glass, Silicone, Aluminum and Stainless Steel Sex Toys 

What do these four materials have in common? Aside from topping off any safest sex toy materials list, glass, silicone, aluminum and steel toys are perfect for temperature play. 


Not only will dildos, vibes, plugs and strokers made from glass, metal or silicone naturally match your or your partner’s body heat as you play, they can also be heated or cooled much more dramatically beforehand.


To warm up or chill out a (waterproof!) silicone, metal or glass sex toy, all you’ll need to do is soak it in warm or cold water before you start enjoying them. When it’s had a chance to soak up all that sexy heat or tingly coolness, be sure to test out the temperature on your hand or arm before venturing into more sensitive territory.


Your fridge is your friend when it comes to cooling off non-waterproof dildos, vibes and other sex toys. Just pop a chosen toy into the fridge and let it sit for a while before you get started. 


Please don’t put sex toys in the freezer or microwave. Not only could this damage your toy, but it could also lead to burns or even frostbite. 

3. Warming and Cooling Lubricants

For an extra easy (and super slippery) way to play with temperature, look no further than a heating or cooling sensation sex lube. Warming lubes and cooling lubes contain special ingredients that warm or tingle and cool when they come into contact with your or your partner’s skin. 


Warming lubes can be used for massage, foreplay, and/or penetration. Usually, they’re also compatible with latex condoms and most sex toys, but check the label or package instructions to be sure. After applying the warming lube to your desired area, you can activate sensation using touch, friction or your breath to heat it up. 


Cooling lubes can also be used to enhance massage, foreplay, and/or penetration. Again, just be sure to check the label to be sure that your cooling lube is safe to use with toys or condoms, if toys or condoms are in play. 


4. Drip Candles and Wax Play

When it comes to firing up the passion of play time, maybe candles are more your style? Not only does the soft glow of a lit candle add instant erotic amience, certain candles can be incorporated into temperature play, too. 


Now, before you go dripping and drizzling warm wax over a playmate’s body, please make sure the candle you’re using is meant for wax play! These special candles melt at a lower temperature than your average votive, and won’t burn anyone’s skin. Even so, it’s always a good idea to test the heat level beforehand. When you’ve confirmed with your partner that all is well in the temperature department, you can explore the feverish sensation of warm wax on sensitive body parts. 


If drip candles seem a little too risque for your taste, never fear! You can achieve many of the same sexy results with a massage candle. Like wax play candles, massage candles melt at a lower, skin-safe temperature than everyday candles. Once a massage candle is lit, it melts into a super silky, sensually warm massage oil. Blow out the flame, then drizzle it over a partner’s skin (please test the heat first) before getting hands-on. 


Remember, safety first! While your candle is lit, keep it away from anything flammable, including hair and clothing. Have a safe and solid area ready to place your candle while it’s not in use.


Speaking of massage, PinkCherry has a whole line of erotic massage toys and tools to keep the figurative fires burning in your relationship. Need tips on how to give a sensual massage with or without temperature play? Head on over to PinkCherry’s blog article on Erotic Massages for everything you need to know.


5. Get Steamy with What You Already Have at Home

Not sure if you’ll enjoy temperature play? Even though we have toys and tools to fit every budget, you don’t have to have a full arsenal of sex toys and accessories to enjoy temperature play. For instance:


  • Ice cubes are an easy way to test out some cooling sensations. Pop one in your mouth before or during oral sex, or place small ice cubes on your (or your partner’s) nipples and let them melt. If that feels too intense, try holding some ice in your hand and let it slowly drip over their clitoris, nipples, penis, butt - anywhere they like.
  • Make friends with your shower head! You’ll need a detachable shower head in this scenario. Adjust the water to a level of heat that is comfortable for you and direct the spray anywhere that feels good. If you have a massage setting on your shower head, use it!  
  • Pop your towel in the dryer for a quick tumble and roll around in the warmth. Or, throw it  in the freezer for some cool effects. Lie on top of your warm or chilly towel, or slide it over your or their sensitive spots during foreplay.
  • Try sipping a hot or cold drink before oral sex. Just make sure that anything you’re using doesn’t contain any spicy or irritating ingredients. Your partner will thank you for the consideration! 


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