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Top Discreet Sex Toys for 2021 | PinkCherry

Our Top Discreet Sex Toys for 2021

Greetings passengers, and welcome to Flight 69 with service from Stimulation City to Orgasm Valley. We can’t encourage you to join the Mile High Club because it’s time to turn off all electronics and personal devices for takeoff. However, we do recommend tucking your favourite discreet sex toys into your carry-on, where they’ll be ready for your enjoyment upon your arrival. Thank you for choosing PinkCherry Airlines, your source for confidential sex toy shopping!


PinkCherry’s discreet sex toys are a secret we don’t want you to keep! But we will help you keep your sex life private. No one checking your bag will be wiser, and no one will overhear your pleasure play. We have every style of discreet sex toys you could desire and provide you confidential billing and shipping services. Read on to find the right toy for you to keep on the go (or the downlow).


Shhh! These Sex Toys Know How to Keep it Hush-Hush

Kids going through your stuff? Worried about CATSA holding up your toy in the middle of airport security? Living with extended family, and don’t want them overhearing your devices? We’re about to uncover all the discreet sex toys to keep others from knowing your little (or not so little) secret. There are toys compact enough that you can tuck them out of sight, and even clever incognito tools that are easily disguised as something else. Quiet but mighty, many of our dicreet sex toys provide all the power, while keeping those pleasurable percussive pulses at a piano rather than a forte.  


Whether you’re taking your toy on a trip or have prying eyes and ears at home, PinkCherry is here with discreet solutions for maximum pleasure!


Incognito Discreet Sex Toys

What do you picture when you hear the words “sex toy?” There are certainly iconic shapes and sizes to some of our favorite items, like dildos, wands, and butt plugs. But what if we told you there were discreet sex toys camouflaged as other everyday items?


  • Bullet vibrators and other palm-sized vibes don’t usually scream “sex toy” upon first glance. Those disguised as lipstick seamlessly blend right into your handbag or overnight luggage. Lipstick bullet vibes are one of the easiest ways to travel with your sex toys in tow. 
  • Printed bullet vibes can give the effect of a chapstick or lip balm tube, similar to the lipstick vibes. These fun patterns might be perfect for someone with a quirky personality. 


Petitely Discreet Sex Toys

Are you the kind of person who likes to pack light? Sure, giant-sized toys have their place. Still, your smaller sexy accessories deserve their time in the spotlight too. The benefits to petite and discreet sex toys are the ability to take them almost anywhere without risking fanfare. Just like our incognito tools, the petitely discreet sex toys encompass whole categories with several standouts from other varieties. 


  • Finger vibes are small enough to fit on the tip of your finger. They are tiny enough to fit in your purse or fanny pack but powerful enough to take your trip from “oh swell” to “oh my!”
  • Cock rings are one of the smallest sex toys on the market. Some are a simple round ring. Others have all the bells to make you whistle, like vibration, ball spreaders, and plugs.
  • Many nipple clamps and stimulators are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Whether you prefer suction, clamping, or dangling, there’s a selection of small nipple toys to fit the bill (or breast).

Quietly Discreet Sex Toys

Yes, there are sex toys that make no noise at all (on their own that is). However, we’re going to highlight toys with motors or other electronic features that can barely be heard. If you choose one of the following toys, the only noise you’ll have to worry about are your own moans, sighs, and screams of ecstasy.


How PinkCherry Protects Your Privacy

Perhaps you’re here to find out about how to discreetly buy sex toys. It’s possible that you also need help hiding your sex toys once they’ve been delivered to you. At PinkCherry, we value your privacy from the time you place your order to the moment your pleasure sessions end and beyond. We will never reveal your information and practice confidentiality in billing and shipping. We even offer solutions for hiding your sex toys when not in use. Shop for your next sex toy with confidence and with PinkCherry.


How to Order Sex Toys Discreetly 

Spouse or partner always checking your payment history? Perhaps you don’t want them to know about the sex toys you’re using when they’re not around. Or you’re shopping for a present for them and don’t want to ruin the surprise. Either way, we have your confidentiality covered.You don’t need to be concerned with how to discreetly buy sex toys when you shop at PinkCherry.ca. We offer privacy conveniences to keep your secret safe. When ordering, PinkCherry will charge your accounts with the name TBMBM Inc., the name of our parent company. 


Everyone has that nosy neighbor who is always concerned with what you are doing. If you’re dealing with this kind of nuisance, you don’t have to worry about them discovering your order from us. When your shipment arrives, your package will also display our parent company name, TBMBM Inc., in the return address area. Our packaging envelopes and boxes never display our PinkCherry company name or the name(s) of anything you’ve ordered.


Still wondering how to order sex toys discreetly? Simply add your chosen vibes, dildos, plugs, clamps and more to the cart and checkout. You don’t have to add any selections for privacy, as these come standard.


How to Hide Discreet Sex Toys 

When you’re thinking about discreet sex toys, you’re probably also thinking about how to hide sex toys from unsuspecting audiences. Storing your toys and sexy accessories properly can actually keep them cleaner and prevent damage. Check out our article for a full scope of tips on how to hide sex toys! The key thing to remember is to always be sure to totally cleanse your toys appropriately before and after use. Store silicone toys (and all toys, really) separately to prevent damage and keep them organized. PinkCherry also has bags and storage cases to keep discreet sex toys out of sight.


Save Time, Money, and Face! Shop for Discreet Sex Toys with PinkCherry!

Ready to spend your quiet time quietly? Looking for a sex toy that blends in? Or maybe you need petite and discreet sex toys for pleasure-on-the-go? You’ll find them all that without having to worry about how to discreetly order sex toys. Your privacy is second to none when you shop with PinkCherry.

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