High Pleasure Sex Positions for Maximum Satisfaction

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Try These 7 High-Pleasure Sex Positions


Ever wondered, “Why is my sex drive so high lately?” or just, “Why do I have such a high sex drive?”

It turns out that having a high sex drive can actually be good for your not only your sexual health, but your physical and mental health — having sex is correlated with all kinds of positive health outcomes.

Obviously, everyone’s sex drive is unique, and it can vary widely depending on things like mood, stress levels, body chemistry, time of the month, and a person’s overall interest in sex. So if you’ve ever felt like your high sex drive varies dramatically (sometimes it’s higher than others) — you’re probably right. 

Whether or not you’ve got a high sex drive that’s always raring to go, here are some high-pleasure sex positions that are sure to intensify your sexual experience. Heck, even if you don’t have a high sex drive, some of these might just put you in the mood!:


1. Person on top

Love having orgasms? Want even more of them? If you’re a women or person with a vagina, or if you just adore being in control, this is an awesome sex position. Not only can being on top lead to super-intense orgasm(s), but it gives your partner a gorgeous view of you — always a bonus. 

When you’re on top, you’ve got more depth, speed and angle control than in many other sex positions. In addition to this being a high-pleasure sexual position that allows for extra deep, or more teasing, shallow stimulation, when you’re on top you can take advantage of some sexy friction as you bump and grind. 

Bonus tip: While many folks like to engage in this sex position by bending their knees and sitting straight up, there’s another layer of pleasure to be had here. If the person penetrating lies flat on their back and their partner lies on top (meaning lying down, not sitting up — so your legs are parallel, not straight up), there’s some very orgasmic potential for extra clitoral and outer stimulation.

For extra yum, you can add some bondage sex toys into the mix here; there’s something erotic about either the person on the bottom being tied up or the person on top needing the bottom partner to move their body for them. Never thought of classy hog-ties before? You should. 


2. Scissoring

While not always shown in porn or other visual media, scissoring with penetration can be incredibly pleasurable, and is a great addition to your repertoire (especially if you’re looking for sex positions to satisfy a high sex drive).

The way this works is that each partner scissors their legs in between the other. You can have your legs spread wide or keep them closer in — up to you. In this sex position, your heads are far away from each other but you can still make eye contact if you’ve got the lights on. 

A bonus here is that, similar to the previous position, someone with a clitoris can rub it all up and around their partner’s entire pubic region, which can feel incredibly pleasurable. Enhance the action even more with a vibrating finger tickler on your or your partner’s clitoris, perineum and other outer sweet spots while all that deep penetration is happening. 


3. Doggy style

Getting one person on all fours can be incredibly erotic for both people involved — there’s just something naughty and primal about this sex position. If you’ve got a high sex drive, chances are you’ve fantasized about this position at least a few times.

Here’s another great thing about doggy style: In addition to the super stimulating visual that the person behind gets, this high-pleasure sexual position also allows for deeper penetration, making it an ideal for hitting your G-spot if you’ve got a vagina. 

Now, for many vagina-owners, doggy style can also be intense sometimes, especially when a partner has a large penis or is using a large dildo or strap-on. This is because they (or the toy) can actually end up hitting the cervix, which can be painful. No problem — just communicate about it. If it’s too much, have them back off a little. Bonus: communication during sex can boost the intimacy level, since you’re working as a team to find what works.

As a penetrating partner is thrusting behind you, it can also feel incredible to use your fingers or a vibrator to stimulate your clit and/or other external erogenous zones. Want to go hands-free? Try a dual cock ring/vibrator that can stimulate both partners at the same time. Bonus: this toy can be positioned upwards, to target your or their clitoris (and other outer sweet spots of your choosing), or downward to give some love to the wearer's perineum and scrotum.


4. Legs up in the air

Rather than legs spread, this sex position has the partner being penetrated on their back with their legs up in the air. This position allows for ultra deep penetration as well as intense eye contact, which can ratchet up both sensation and intimacy. A great combination!

Remember that sexual health is not just about the physical aspect of sex; it includes your emotions about sex (and your partner). Positions where you can engage face-to-face, with meaningful eye contact, can strengthen your bond as a couple and allow for even more sexual trust and appreciation to build.


5. Sitting up, face-to-face (aka yab yum)

Speaking of sex, intimacy, and sexual health, yab yum is one of the best positions for those seeking a tantric sex position that’s super pleasurable and also enhances connection. Those with a high sex drive might be surprised by just how much energy can be built up in this position (and then released!).

Yab yum has both partners sitting up, face-to-face, with her legs over his. Basically one person is straddling the other, and you’re gazing right into one another’s eyes. If you’ve been looking for a way to boost your intimacy level and play with a tantric sex position, you’ve found it. 

“Yab yum is often described as a ‘full embrace’ in certain tantric translations when we are looking at Tibetan Buddhist deities depicted in this position,” says Devika Singh, tantric sex and relationship coach. “It’s cosmic because it’s intense ― just looking at this position in visualization yoga and artwork produces this energy.”

In other words, yab yum will both turn up the heat sexually and connection-wise. When you’re face to face, you can engage in deep eye gazing, which is shown to stimulate intense feelings of connection and attachment. To enhance this effect, synchronize your breathing. When you become fully present and coordinate your breath, sexperts and tantra teachers alike will tell you that you can go to other planes of existence.


6. Reverse cowgirl

This high-pleasure sex position gives a partner being pentrated full control over the way they moves their hips, plus, it provides an unbelievable view. Who doesn’t want more of that booty?

This is also an ideal sex position for dual stimulation — when you’re on top, you can use a sex toy or your fingers to stimulate your clit and other senstive outer areas. Plus, if you’ve been wanting to engage in anal play, your partner has lots of access in this position. Again, you can try fingers or other kinds of anal sex toys.


7. Pretzel dip

You may not have heard of this one, but that doesn’t mean it’s not going to rock your world.

Here’s how it works: the person being penetrated lies on their side while the penis-owning or strap-on wearing partner kneels in front. Then, the penetrating partner straddles one leg whileyou wrap the other one around them. What’s unique about this position is that, as they move, their leg not only grinds against your clit and/or outer pleasure places, but also presses gently into your lower belly. If you’ve got a G-spot, this move can actually stimulate the G-spot indirectly. 

Okay, there you go! Our list of lucky seven high pleasure sex positions just may come in handy the next time you’re feeling the effects of a high sex drive (remember, sex drives can vary, and that’s totally normal!), or you’re eager to satisfy a partner who’s in an especially sexy mood.  For even more playtime potential, and to help customize any sex position, check out our entire collection of sexy toys, tools, accessories and erotic gear.


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