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Shower and tub time is naturally pretty steamy, what with the hot water and all, but we’re here to tell you that even more heat is definitely possible. Sexy heat, that is! Whether you’re stepping into a relaxing shower or a luxuriating in a bubble bath complete with candles and music,  your favorite waterproof sex toy can make rub-a-dub-dub’ing infinitely more enjoyable and much more orgasmic.

You're probably familiar with Hollywood’s version of the sexy shower scene, yes? Muscled dudes and busty babes panting with pleasure against some artistically foggy glass can get us hot and bothered alright! Unfortunately, while that particular scenario  makes for a great movie montage, attempting to re-enact it in real life could end with a faucet jammed into the back, or worse, a slip on the floor. Not exactly what you’re going for, right?

But fear not! With the right waterproof sex toys and a little preparation, you can turn tub time into a fun, sensual and accident-free version of your very own sexy shower scene.  Here’s how!


Saying Goodbye to Mr. Showerhead

Before toy designers got wise to the idea that people might like to be able to venture off dry land with their vibrators, the go-to was the original shower vibrator – the shower head. If you’re lucky enough to have experienced a handheld shower head complete with adjustable flow settings and great water pressure, you’ll know why it was (and still is!) a shower sexiness MVP.  Here’s the thing though, the shower head can sometimes fall short when it comes to providing the type of pinpoint-precise pleasure you’re able to enjoy from a real vibrator. Also, when you’re in the mood for penetration, water can’t exactly be counted on to deliver!

With a good waterproof sex toy, there’s no need to worry about running out of hot water, because we’ve got hundreds of waterproof sex toys to choose from, from traditional (and non-traditional) dildos, vibrators, massagers and clitoral stimulators, to remote control anal toys, male strokers for the guys and bondage accessories. So whatever your pleasure, bring it into the shower for some splish-splashing good times.


Assume the Position

While we want you to let loose and try new things, stability is the key to successfully exploring new positions in the shower. By taking simple precautions, shower time can become a fun, spontaneous addition to your sex life.

If you’re interested in trying out some new positions check out Glamour’s guide to shower sex which recommends having accessories like suction cup handles and non-stick mats for the floor and the walls. If you’re into bondage, many cuffs are made of waterproof material and are perfect for shower play.


Electrifying Sex Toys

Remember, we want these toys to electrify our pleasure receptors, not frazzle our nerves! So before jumping into the shower with your favourite toy, ensure its waterproof. Just because a toy doesn’t have any electrical components doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s okay to use in water. Alternatively, just because a toy has electronics doesn’t mean you can’t use it in water.

To know what your toy’s waterproof status is, you can do a few things. If you’re shopping for a new toy with us, you can simply check our product features and description. We always specify when a toy is waterproof and also when it is definitely not. If you’re not sure,  shoot us an email or give us a call.

If you’ve got your toy in hand, check the packaging. Most manufacturers are great about adding ‘waterproof’ to their list of products specs. It’s a huge selling point, after all!

If you see  “waterproof” or “submersible” on our site or on packaging, you can feel safe bringing that toy along for some splashy wet fun. If, on the other hand, you see “water-resistant” or “splashproof”, then it’s great for bedroom play, but not suitable for the bath/shower/jacuzzi/pool etc.

Last but certainly not least, just because a sex toy is waterproof doesn’t mean you should submerge the whole thing in water at any point in time – tempting as that may be. While the outside of the toy might be waterproof, if there are any electronics inside they need to be kept free of water, just like your waterproof phone case. These days, toy  manufacturers are beginning to get pretty specific about just how waterproof their toys are. “IPX7 Waterproof” is a term that’s been popping up more and more. It refers to how deeply your toy can be submerged (1 meter for up to 30 minutes) and for how long before water may start inching its way in.  We’re expecting to see more of these waterproof ratings in the months, so keep an eye out. More information is a good thing, especially when it comes to your toys!

A good rule of waterproof thumb is to make sure there’s a nice tight seal around any rubber plugs, rings or casings. These will usually be visible around your vibe’s battery compartment, if applicable. If there’s any damage to the seal, set that toy aside as it is no longer waterproof and should be decommissioned to dry land use only.


What are Some Top-Rated Waterproof Sex Toys?

There are so many great sex toys on the market that finding a waterproof version is super easy. Below are some of the top reviewed waterproof toys that make adding variety to shower sex an absolute delight.


Going Solo

All the Single Ladies Taking a Shower

Is there a better place for solo love than the shower or tub? Aside from the privacy that a locked door offers, a hot bath is the perfect place to let all your troubles float away as the sweet release of orgasm sends ‘em spiralling down the drain.

PinkCherry 8 Inch Purple Dildo

This sexy suction base dildo is a nice firm, but flexible option that is perfect for soloing. The balls are the ideal handle to help you ride safely and the suction applies to most common bathroom surfaces, be it tiles or tub.

Womanizer Liberty Clitoral Stimulator

More subtle and direct than your typical vibrator, this clitoral stimulator is the oral sex equivalent of a breathy kiss from your partner. With a soft silicone treatment tip and six intensities of teasing suction the clitoral stimulator gently surrounds your sweet spots without overwhelming your more sensitive areas.

Butterfly Kiss Flicker Vibrator

This waterproof vibe boasts a bold look and an even bolder pulsing sensation that’ll have you gasping for breath. With a versatile and curvy shape engineered in a key position and ten femininja worthy vibe rhythms, the Clit Flicker practically guarantees you a back arching toe-curling finish.


Man of the Shower

Hitting a homerun isn’t hard when you have the right tool in hand. Nope, we’re not referring to bats and bases, but waterproof sex toys designed specifically to help men bring their A-game to the shower. 

Satisfyer Men Vibration Stroker In Black

The closest equivalent of a blowjob combined with vaginal sex you’ll ever find, this high tech wand features 10 vibration modes driven and 5 levels of intensity to choose from.

Control Silicone Twin Turbo Stroker

Control the pressure of your suction and slip securely into the supple white sleeve of this masterful stroker. Perfect for a slow build, the snug sleeve has two powerful motors at front and back throb and pulse along the length of your penis.

Apollo 30 Function Hydro Power Stroker

A versatile masturbator that provides a tight, supple, deep-throat feeling - this stroker might just make you wonder if a sexy "someone" snuck into the shower with you! The sex toy includes a suction cup swivel mount, so that you can attach your Hydro to a shower wall or any flat surface. Going solo never felt so good, because you might actually forget you’re alone!


When Two Become One – In the Shower

Why not make shower time even more fun by bringing a playmate and creating your very own water park? Solo play is fun, but can anything truly beat your partner joining you in the splash zone? Doubtful!

We-Vibe Unite 2.0 Couples Vibrator

With him and hers kits you can find the perfect couples sex toys to ensure you’re both taken care of, orgasmically speaking. The Chorus includes a remote control designed to work with the Chorus vibrator. Insert the vibrator and slowly ramp up through the ten modes of vibration. 

Fun Wand

Unsure of which toy is best for you and your partner? Why not get a toy that does double duty? The Fun Wand is perfect for the female g-spot or the male prostate – and the best part is it’s waterproof and thus the best couples toy in the shower. Perfectly weighted the stainless steel wand works with any lube and warms to your touch. Read any review and you’ll realize you don’t need us to tell you it’s a winner.

Helping Head ULTRASKYN Pro Stroker In Frost

If you forgot to charge the vibrator, or can’t manage to locate a new set of batteries, worry not – this low-tech oral sex enhancer is the perfect accessory to keep you motoring along. Works for both hand and blow jobs so feel free to mix it up.


Choosing the Best Lube for Waterproof Toys

Now, you may be thinking that being surrounded by water is a good reason to skip the lube. In the nicest way possible, nope!  Water is notorious for washing away natural lubrication, so you’ll actually need to stock up on lube before stepping past the shower curtain. Here’s our guide to sex lubes, if you need a refresher!

Water based lubricants are great for sexy times on dry land, but because they are water based, they’ll rinse right off with one blast from the shower. Not the best choice for water fun, in other words!

The best lube to use in the shower would be a lube that’s  silicone based. Silicone lube is a great choice in the tub or shower (and in bed, or on the counter, or in the backseat etc!) because it’s resistant to water and will stay nice and slippery when things get wet. Do keep in mind that not all toys can be used with silicone lubricants. Specifically, you should never use a silicone sex toy with a silicone lubricant as it will erode the toy over time – and nobody wants that!

And while we love silicone lubricants because of that silky smooth slipperiness, keep in mind they can be dangerous if applied to already slippery bathroom surfaces. Take extra precaution to ensure all that lube is on the toy and yourself, where it belongs!


Cleaning your Body & Your Toys

Just like you, your toys deserve to be kept squeaky clean ready to play. That’s why the shower is the perfect time to clean your just-enjoyed toy! Most toys can be safely cleaned using mild soap and water - or have your favorite anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner handy.

Read our guide to cleaning sex toys to keep yourself and your toys safe for your next sexy playtime.


Add Some Variety with a Range of Waterproof Sex Toys from PinkCherry

Now that you know how to make your next  shower or bath as steamy and sexy as possible, browse our full line of available waterproof sex toys !

While you’re at it, be sure to check out the rest of our PinkCherry sex blog – where you’ll find all sorts of interesting and refreshing articles exploring everything and anything related to sex and of course, sex toys.

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