What are Sex Toys? (& Why Use Them For Better Sex)

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What Are Sex Toys From PinkCherry


Even though embracing our sexuality however we choose is becoming more supported by mainstream society, there is some residual taboo surrounding sexual activity. 

So, we’re ready to dish out everything we know about your burning question: what are sex toys?

Why? Because it takes a special relationship with a family member or friend to discuss the intimate details of your sex life. This includes having conversations about the things that can make sex better. 

Pushing through and having that talk anyway helps to normalize discussing sex.

But if you don’t have a bestie to help you find out why you should use sex toys, we’re here to help. 

From finding out the difference between a dildo and a strap-on, we’ve got all the dets.


What are Sex Toys?

What are sex toys,” is a really hard question to answer simply. 

While they are by definition, a “tool” or “accessory” that you use to stimulate or intensify sexual arousal, that vague description doesn’t even begin to cover everything. There are different categories for different pleasures with more subcategories within them. 


What are sex toys made of? 

So many different things, like latex, silicone, glass, metals, and more! We’ll cover some basics on that too. 

So, if you’re ready to become a sex toy expert, follow along with this comprehensive sex toy guide!


What Are Vibrators?

Starting with something familiar to many, let’s talk about vibrators

This is often the first sex toy you may experience (but not always). Traditionally wand-like or phallic in shape, it can be inserted into the vagina or anus, or it can be used externally.

Not to be confused with dildos, vibrators feature a vibrating function to help you reach your climax. 

Vibrators offering different intensities and patterns give you even more options to make your experience customized to you. You might prefer more of a gentle tickle, where others want those extreme rumbles. 

Some vibrators, called strap ons or wearable vibes, can be worn with a harness so those lacking a penis can still participate in a humping good time.


What are sex toys made of in the vibrator category?

Usually silicone. 

Dildos that don’t have a vibration feature can be found in aluminum, glass, or silicone.


What are the best sex toys in the vibrator category, you ask? 

The category itself is vast, because almost any toy can be made into a vibrator with the right motor. We’ll stick to the traditional vibrator categories to keep this easy to follow. 


Magic Wands & Rabbits

Magic wands and rabbits are absolute staples for the bedroom. 

They’ve both been featured in pop culture over the years, helping them gain popularity. While both toys could be used for couples, they are so addicting on their own that you won’t want to put them down. 

This could honestly be said about vibrators in general, so pick up a remote-controlled vibrator to give your lover control of the pulses you receive. 

When asked, “what are the best sex toys for couples,” we recommend a vibrator that can be controlled by an app using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections. 

There’s no such thing as all work and no play anymore, because your partner can send you pulses from anywhere, including their office.


What Are Cock Rings (& Male Masturbators)?

What are good sex toys for the boys and other penis owners? 

Since we covered a staple sex toy focused on vaginas, we can’t leave out our fellas and others owning a penis.  

When we started the conversation around the question, “what are sex toys,” you probably didn’t think of pocket pussies and cock rings. These types of sex can do a lot for you or your partner’s pleasure, and can be an important part of masturbation and great sex. 


Male Masturbators

A male masturbator can also be called a pocket pussy, fleshlight, or a stroker. 

They are typically a cylinder-shaped sleeve with a hollow center that surrounds the penis. They sometimes feature skin-like textures and details that mimic a vagina, anus, or mouth.  

Some are even molded from the body parts of celebrities and porn stars.


Cock Rings

Cock rings are small rings, about the size of a hair-tie that are placed around the base of the penis.  

They allow blood to flow into the penis but restrict the blood flow exiting the penis. This leads to more sensitivity and firmer erections. Wearing a cock ring during sex can even make sex last longer and feel more intense for both partners. If you’re asking yourself, what are the best sex toys for couples, don’t forget about cock rings.

With the idea of slipping a ring around your penis or inserting your penis into something, you’re probably wondering what are sex toys made of for this category. 

Cock rings typically come in either silicone rubber or metal. You have to be careful while using a metal cock ring since they don’t expand like silicone does. If you’re already erect, don’t try to put on a metal ring. That’s going to hurt. 

As far as strokers go, most are made from TPE or TPR. Some feature a motor for added vibration pleasures.


What Are Anal Sex Toys?

This wouldn’t be a sex toy guide without talking about the backdoor to ecstasy. We’re talking about anal sex toys 

This category contains several different toys and each kind has its own countless varieties. 

The most common anal sex toys are butt plugs and anal beads. There are also prostate massagers, vibes, and trainers. Most anal toys are made from soft silicones or metals, like aluminum and steel.


What are good sex toys for starters in anal sex?

If you’ve never tried anal play before, anal trainers are the way to go.  

Usually available in a three-pack, you start out with the smallest wand and work your way up. Those with male genitalia may enjoy a prostate massage. These toys often feature a curved tip to perfectly reach the right spot.  

Prostate orgasms can be much more intense and last longer. People with vaginas may enjoy an anal vibe that has a secondary appendage for double penetration. 

Since we’re talking about booty hole play, you might be wondering how to clean sex toys. 

There are sex toy cleansers made especially for the materials of your favorite bedroom accessories. Just follow the instruction for your chosen cleanser. 

Make sure to fully dry your sex toy before you store it. Microfiber or lint-free towels will keep your toys spotless.


What Are Suction Toys? (aka Penis Pumps & Clit Suction Toys)

Don’t let the name of this sex toy category fool you, there’s a suction toy for every gender and every body. 

While we may think of only the penis enjoying that sweet sensation, the clitoris loves to be sucked too! There are suction sex toys designed for both of these body parts as well as suction for nipples. 

Penis pumps have been popular for years, but clitoris suction toys are garnering their own platform in the sex toy industry. That’s because the clitoris has similar nerve endings like the ones found in the penis. 

Forget the whole “men are from Mars, women are from Venus” mumbo jumbo! We like the same thing – sucking!

There are many kinds of suction toys with varying levels of pressure. Consider the level of intensity you prefer when selecting your own suction toys. 

You also should think about whether you want added sensations with your sucking toys, like vibration or shock. Talk about a jolt to your sex life!


So, what are the best sex toys for suction action?  

  • Nipple suckers are a great introduction into the world of suctions and pumps. 
  • Clitoral suction simulators that have independent vibrating features and speed/intensity controls will give your happy button a buzz of a lifetime. 
  • Penis pumps that come with vibrating functions are the perfect pecker pleaser.


What Are Bondage and Roleplay Sex Toys?

What are the best sex toys for couples? Seriously, any sex toy you or your partner enjoy can be enjoyed together. 

However, we want to discuss a little about a sex toy category that requires you to release your inhibitions. We’re talking about bondage

This is another one of those sex toy categories that is chock full of different things for every pleasure-seeker to find their own sexual bliss. We’ll cover some tame bondage sex toys and the wild ones too!

The world of BDSM can be intimidating, that’s for sure. Why not start out small with the basics. 

Roleplaying lingerie works as a great steppingstone to make you feel totally sexy. Some simple scenarios to put you into your roles are:

  • nurse/patient
  • student/teacher
  • secretary/boss
  • patron/stripper
  • handyman/housewife
  • and lot’s more (just use your imagination!)


Use your creativity to find whatever characters suit your style the best. Other beginner bondage sex toys to try: feather teasers, fuzzy handcuffs, blindfolds, and leashes and collars. We recommend trying a starter bondage kit that gives you a sample of toys to experiment with.


What are good sex toys for those into the wilder side of bondage? 

You don’t have to go as far as having your own Red Room (unless you really want to channel your inner Christian and Anastasia). 

Still, you can get your groove thing on with:


Just make sure your partner is on the same page as you. Consent is key in bondage and role play.


5 Sex Toy Benefits: Why Should You Use Them for Better Sex?

Sex Toy Benefits From PinkCherry

Now that we’ve covered the “what are sex toys” portion of this article, we can move onto the benefits of using sex toys. 

Whether using sex toys solo or with a partner(s), the true advantages can’t be denied. 

You’ll improve your mental and physical wellbeing as well as your relationship(s) with your partner(s). If you’re wondering how to use sex toys to get the most bang for your buck, keep reading. 

We’ve got all the sex toy tips to get you tingling.


1. Health Benefits

There are many health benefits to using sex toys. 

Using a sex toy can improve both your mental and physical health in ways you might not realize. 

Whether using them solo or with a partner, you can certainly thank your vibrator for some immediately noticeable effects. Increased intensity and prolonged orgasms are some of the positive sex toy benefits you can experience while using them. 

Proven sex toy facts show that positive mental health aspects and physical benefits typically accompany the use of sex toys: 

Mental Health Benefits of Sex Toys 

  • One of the first improvements in your mental health that you might notice is increased confidence. 
  • Using sex toys can increase your understanding and appreciation for your own body. 
  • This improved self-esteem can translate to your everyday life, thanks to the benefits of sex toys. 
  • Stress relief is also achieved through the use of sex toys. Sex sets all those endorphins and dopamine coursing through our brains and bodies. This naturally relieves pent-up anxieties and stress. 
  • You might even find yourself sleeping better because of your improved mental health.


Physical Health Benefits of Sex Toys

  • The first physical benefit to using sex toys that you may notice is increased libido. 
  • Sex toys can make you feel excited about getting it on and help you overcome hurdles once you’re in the middle of the act. 
  • Vibrations also increase blood flow to the surrounding area which can decrease certain vaginal conditions like atrophy and pain. 
  • Men who use sex toys and reach ejaculation will also experience lower risks of prostate cancer.


2. Portability and Spontaneity

Having sex anywhere you want can be a little tricky. Sex toys can give you the option of masturbating pretty much anywhere (as long as it’s legal). 

If you’re going on a business trip or a girl’s weekend, feel free to tuck your toys into your luggage. Don’t worry, baggage check workers have seen it all.

Many sex toys can also be used discreetly. As technologies have advanced, motors for sex toys have become smaller and quieter. 

They can also be powered by remote, and some even feature magnetic charging. This makes many toys fully submersible in water, so you can bring your favorite vibrator along for a bubble bath.


3. Sex Toy Positions for Improved Sensations

Every sex toy is different. Our list above goes over all the specifics, so refer back to it if you need more details. 

Since every toy has its own shape, size, and function, there are truly no single sex toy positions that cover them all. 

Most toys will feel best when you are on your back or all fours. These positions also allow your partner control of your sex toy if you please. 

However, you can feel free to hang upside down or twist yourself up however you want to take full advantage of the benefits of sex toys.


4. Introducing a Toy to Your Partner for Increased Intimacy

It’s no secret that sex toys can really heat up your relationship. 

If you’re starting to feel like really good roommates instead of a romantic couple, the right sex toy could be the answer to taking back your sex life. 

The only problem that comes into play is the way you both view sex toys.  

Some partners may develop feelings of jealousy – believing you enjoy the feelings from your sex toys over them. Everyone has to be on the same page. 

If you’re looking to introduce sex toys as a part of your lovemaking, have a discussion to see where your partner’s opinions lie. They might be okay with some toys but not others. Talking things over can be a great way to break the ice. 

You may even be surprised to hear that they’re thrilled to try out some new accessories with you. If they’re not comfortable using toys, discuss sex toy alternatives, like aphrodisiacs or lingerie.  

If you’re still wondering what are the best sex toys for couples, refer to our comprehensive sex toy guide above.

You might be wondering where to buy sex toys. 

You can do a quick internet search to find local adult stores near you or shop online. Seeing toys first-hand can be a great way to shop, but some appreciate the privacy of browsing from home.  

Companies like PinkCherry even offer discreet billing and shipping to keep nosy neighbors from knowing what’s in your packages. 

And if you’re wondering how old do you have to be to buy sex toys, the answer is 18 in Canada and most other countries.


5. Caring for Your Sex Toys to Keep the Benefits Rolling

You might be wondering how to clean the sex toys you’ve purchased.  

You should definitely clean them before and after each use with some warm soapy water or an good sex toy cleaner after every use to keep them fresh and bacteria-free. 

How to hide sex toys to keep them in great shape is also an important aspect of proper sex toy ownership. You should pick a spot that is easy to access but allows for a disguise. 

A shoebox under the bed or tucked between some fabric in a bedside drawer are perfect hiding spots. Just be sure not to hide sex toys together, as some materials, like silicone, will counteract.

When you’re trying to invest in your sexual health, getting let down by a toy that wasn’t right for you can be a big bummer. 


Sex Toy Recycling 101

If you’re looking into how to recycle sex toys, we’ve got the info: 

  • Some materials, like glass and metals, can be recycled. Still, if it has a motor, it cannot be chucked into the recycling bin. 
  • You might be able to give your used sex toys to a friend if you are both comfortable (and if it’s clean and in pristine condition of course). 
  • You can also check to see if your local community has a sex toy recycling company or find one online to ship your used toys to.


Trust PinkCherry for All Your Sex Toy Needs

We don’t know about you, but we’re going to be thinking about all the great sex toy categories we covered in this What are Sex Toys article when we go to “bed” tonight. 

If you’re ready to take the dive and order some sex toys to get in on all the benefits, trust a professional retailer like PinkCherry to provide you with discreet and knowledgeable service. 


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