What Is A Sex Swing?

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What Is A Sex Swing?


One of the best things about being an adult is being able to get all the newfangled toys you desire. And often, there are new, grown-up versions of your favorite things … things with a little sexy twist to them. Like when you were a kid, maybe you liked milkshakes. Maybe now you like boozy milkshakes. 

Or maybe you liked to swing on a swing set, hmm? I think you see where we’re going with this. ;) Look, if you’ve ever wanted your full-blown I’m-An-Adult card, there’s nothing quite so grown-up as a sex swing. And if you’ve ever been intrigued by the concept of you and your favorite intimate buddies participating in hoisted sex, read on.


What is an adult sex swing?

A sex swing is a purpose-built system of supports that allows for a receptive sexual partner to be held or flown via ropes, cables, or chains. In other words, it’s pure awesomeness.

But you might still be hesitant. As Macaela Mackenzie of Women's Health puts it, "Some forays into new sexual territory, like trying a bendy new position, require nothing more than a little courage, communication, and maybe some good lube ... Others—like hopping into a sex swing for the first time—may feel a bit more intimidating." 

No need to be intimidated, though! We’ll give you all the deets so you’re raring to go. The fact is, sex swings come in several different varieties, with many different build qualities. In this helpful sexy world, kinky naughty people are out there putting their best effort into sex gadgets, so if you’d like to swing from the rafters and fuck at the same time, your fantasies can become a reality!


Types of sex swings

Traditional sex swings come in a few different varieties. They have differing levels of sturdiness, cost and complexity in terms of installation:


Door sex swings

The first and simplest type of swing is the door swing. It’s also quite cost-effective. Sometimes called a door jam sex sling, this device is secured by placing the supports above a door and gently closing them in. These devices are technically part of the “sling” category because they usually don’t offer a full seat, just straps of varying width, with enough quality to hold that sweet bum of yours. They may also offer some stirrups to hold with your feet or legs and attached hand holds for greater control. 

Due to the orientation of the swing, door sex swings have a more limited range of motion than other types, but that might suit your fancy just fine. And when it comes to doin’ the dirty, a door frame sex swing can still offer a wide variety of different sex swing positions.

For example, the penetrative partner can stand or lean against the door, with the receptive partner having a bit of that Bangin’ Against the Door feeling. Or the receptive partner can be held by the swing, helpless to their partner’s animalistic sexual fury. Or maybe it’s getting towards the holidays, and you’d like to use your partner as a stand-in for those realistic sex dolls you’ve had your eye on. Perhaps you can hang your boo up like a festive wreath or fancy door art, and enjoy the view. With a bit of creativity, a devious mind, and a trusty door jam kit, there are lots of possibilities to spice up your sex life and try out some weightless sex positions.


Sex Slings

    Next up, and generally on the pricier side of the budget for adult sex toys (depending on quality), is the sex sling. Slings usually come with their own complete metal scaffolding/sex swing stand that resembles a swingset base. They’ve also got a full seat, meaning your whole booty can sit down on them.

    Sex slings are usually easy to set up and take down, and your sling itself will likely be compatible with a more permanent installation if that’s what you’ve chosen for your own personal sex room. If your sling provides hard points or ceiling hooks with which to install it, make sure to do this part correctly. You’ll need to screw these into a roof joist so that the sling is actually stable. Don’t skimp on this! Experts suggest that unless you have building experience, you get a contractor to help. You do not want to fall from a sex swing, especially not onto your spine or tailbone. Trust us.


    Sex swings

      Now that we’re in full swing (category), you may be wondering what the difference is between a sling and a swing. How much could one little letter matter? Well, while sex slings offer a complete seat, or backrest, and maybe even a pillow attachment, sex swings don’t. And while that may seem like a limitation, it actually allows for lots o’ different positions. 

      There’s also a bit more difference here in type, meaning there are lots of different kinds of swings. Some sex swings have a central attachment point, while others have two separate attachments. The single attachment point swings can potentially be able to fully swivel around 360 super sexy degrees, but be mindful of your partner’s nausea response (we’re going for sexy here, not green and pukey).

      These swings might feel a bit less sturdy and supportive without that complete seat base, but what they lack in support fabric, they make up for in sex position access. These swings come with leg straps and likely some sort of hand-hold, depending on the type of swing chosen. Common swings in this category are the Screamer Dual Hook or the Wild Side Sex Swing, and some come just with a hook attachment, expecting the user to provide their own hardpoint


      Body sex swings

        A small honorable mention should go to the body sex swing. These sex toy kits are contraptions that allow for easier standing hoisted sex with your partner. None of the weight is supported by a door frame or ceiling hook with this type of swing, just brute human strength. The swing helps transfer the load of the riding partner’s legs to the holder’s arms, with support around the penetrating partner's neck/back. Much more of a workout but still quite the thrill! (Bonus: the holding partner gets to feel like The Hulk.)

        Why do people use sex swings?

        For some, the use of a sex swing plays into the BDSM side of their sexual intercourse. Inherent in the use of swings is that the receiving partner is at the whim of the standing partner. It’s just easier to move about if you’re not in a love swing. That mood can be leaned into further with sturdy and seductive dark leather, hand and ankle bindings, and maybe even a blindfold.

        If that’s not your jam, another great reason to use swings is because they offer a wider variety of sexual positions and more access to the flown partner’s body at any given time. You can get deeper penetration through a more acrobatic doggy style, for example. Changing how gravity assists sex can be fun in its own right, with positions that felt difficult being much simpler now that one partner doesn’t need to hold themselves up.

        Sex swings also offer creative opportunities for oral sex, with a whole new way to lay back and relax while you’re gettin’ that good good lovin’. They’re also useful for both vaginal sex positions as well as anal sex positions, since you’ve got ways to get to super deep penetration, or a great view of anal beads or other anal sex toys that may be conveniently hiding away.


        How to use a sex swing

        First up and most important: Make sure the attachment point used in the sex swing is sturdy! If you’re swingin’ on the swing with Tarzan’s fury, you absolutely don’t want the love swing or scaffolding to break on you. Malfunctioning sex swings are dangerous, and not in that sexy way.

        Any sex swing worth its salt is adjustable, which is important because for these things to work properly, they’ve got to be fitted correctly. Depending on the sex swing position chosen, the swing base needs to be lined up so that all the sex parts doing the penetrating line up with all the parts that are doing the receiving. Sex in a sex swing isn’t going to work if the fun bits don’t line up.

        Before you actually use the swing for sex, just sit in it for a little bit to get a feel for where the straps feel comfortable. The best sex swing is the one you know how to use; familiarity with your gear is important. Also, the partner inside the sex swing might need some help getting all rigged up. If the act of getting into the sex swing doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, Youtube can help! 

        Finally, once the sexual activity is concluded and the flying pleasure fest is over, we arrive at cleanup time. This means taking a moment to clean all the parts of the swing, as well as any other fun new sex toys with warm soapy water and/or sex toy cleaner. Then, unless you’ve got a permanent rig set up, you’ll need to dismantle the stand and relegate it to sex toy storage until its next boisterous use.

        So what are you waiting for? It’s high time to let the sex swing become another addition to the growing list of liberator sex furniture you’ve added to your humble abode. ;)

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