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More On Anal Vibes

It seems like the whole world is taking deliveries around back these days. Anal vibrators have become increasingly popular for couples and solo play. But for some, the idea of poking around back there makes them squeamish. That’s okay. We’ve been raised to think of the derriere as a one-way street. Now everyone wants to turn that way of thinking upside down. Or backward, even. You know what we’re getting at.

Nothing feels better than spreading good vibes around, something these toys take full advantage of. Making things wobble and jiggle has been pretty commonplace for sex toys for a while, but the toys that deliver the best vibrations have historically concentrated on the front of the house. Now you can make sure those magical pulsations make it all the way around back with our full line of butt vibes. Over 80 products designed to rock your mind from behind.

From vibrating anal beads to prostate toys, there are endless options to help experiment with anal stimulation. We’ve got a little something for everyone. Find anal sex toys in all colors, all sizes, and most importantly, all girths. There’s a small army of hypersensitive nerve endings back there just waiting for you — or a special someone else — to take full advantage of.

Experiment to Find the Best Anal Vibrator For You

No one person (or butt) is the same. Find out what kind of anal stimulation gets you off the most. Looking for a vibrating butt plug designed with a comfortable flared base? What about a prostate massager massager that delivers multiple vibration patterns for undeniable backdoor pleasure? There's even remote-controlled anal vibrators - perfect for couples looking to spice up their sex lives. Or, opt for a training kit that features a variety of smaller-sized anal sex toys (perfect for beginners looking to experiment with anal penetration). To ease your way into anal play, make sure to start small before working your way up. And remember, lube makes everything better!

For penis owners, we like the Dr. Joel Premium Prostate Massager. This backside anal probe is extra user-friendly, lightweight, and manageable. Angled for ideal prostate stimulation, the Prostate Massager also features multi-speed vibrations. For fans of double penetration, we have the PinkCherry Dual Penetrator Vibe. It’s a party for one in front and back you won’t soon forget. In this hectic world, you probably get all kinds of people telling you to make a little time to take care of yourself. And with this little two-pronged vibrating wonder, you’ll finally have all the motivation you need to find a little more alone time. Or for something with a bit more bite, a thrusting vibrator packs a real butt-punch with its steady, pulsating and escalation vibration..

At PinkCherry, sexual health, wellness, and pleasure are our top priorities. Find the perfect vibrating toy designed to deliver maximum anal stimulation. Browse our full selection below to find the vibrating anal toy of your dreams. Free and discreet shipping on orders $59+.