Dr.Joel Kaplan Prostate Massager Vibe

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Better than most more expensive products!

One of the best toys I ever bought!
I normally prefer toys you can use hands-free but the problem with hands-free toys is that they might not hit the right spots for you, depending on your physique. This toy allows you to "feel" around inside and find and stimulate your prostate perfectly! The vibrations are also very powerful and with the ability to transmit those vibrations right to your prostate, this will make you experience one of the most exciting P-massages you ever experienced!


Hot Toy

This is a product every man should have if you are wanting a great vibe and the best thrill. It's like non other
you need to get it...................



This is a great starter toy. Lots of fun.

Product description

A simple, fantastically pleasurable male g-spot vibe featuring a classic, extra user-friendly shape and a lightweight, manageable feel in hand, the Prostate Massager hails from a trusted line of Dr. Joel Kaplan endorsed male stimulators.

Gently widening the anal opening upon insertion, the Massager's slick oval tip very gradually increases in thickness for a purely pleasurable stretch that won't shock sensitive muscles as it angles naturally toward the prostate gland. More than enough length allows for customized depth control, so from shallow teasing to deeper, filling penetration, minute maneuvers and a slow or quick insertion process is entirely possible. Once in place, toe-curling vibration starts up instantly with a twist of the rounded base, the multiple speeds range from teasingly tickly to a deeper intense buzz.

Made of a super-smooth ABS plastic, the Prostate Massager is extremely easy to clean and maintain, simply scrub with warm soapy water before and after use, or douse in a good toy cleansing fluid. Compatible with water and silicone based lubricants. Requires 2 AAA batteries (sold separately). Waterproof.

  • Length: 6.7"
  • Girth: 1" at largest point
  • Materials: ABS Plastic
  • Power Source: Batteries
  • Battery: 2 x AAA Batteries
  • Special Features: Multi-Speed, Non-Phallic, Phthalate Free, Smooth Surface, Waterproof
  • Color: Black, Gray

SKU: CE-5642-03-2 | UPC: 716770033420 | MPN: SE-5642-03-2 (26)

SKU: CE-5642-03-2 | UPC: 716770033420 | MPN: SE-5642-03-2 (26)

Ratings / Reviews

Prostate massage pleasure

Guys you must give it a try


Great for beginners

Beginner friendly and does the job. Intensity is adjusted from the bottom knob depending on how tight the battery is secured which can make it difficult it to adjust when using it.


Good Vibe

This is a great little pleaser that we both have used on each other. It is fairly small tipped and likes to slide out if you're not holding on. It does have plenty of vibration control and is pretty powerful. Great little vibe.


Loved it

Toy is great i can use it to hit all the right spots


nice item

Wish that they made a pulsating one


First vibrations

This was our first toy for anal use it was perfect starting out, so small but great vibes. We have moved on to much bigger but couldn't have got there without this.


First toy

This was the first toy my wife and I bought together. She bought this for me and I got her a rabbit. This toy works well and feels good. It was perfect for my introduction into anal. It was small so it didn't hurt but the vibrations felt great. We have since moved on to much bigger toys but this was the best to start with


Powerful Orgasm

My wife and I have been trying more prostate focused foreplay and WOW. This tool felt better than a butt plug and the vibrations were fun too.
Easy to get in for the beginner and those focused on foreplay. Enough length to try in different spots to hit THE SPOT. Enjoy!



Quite surprising the power this little toy has. This is awesome when you know exactly where that spot is, it will tip you over the edge. Works really well with Pink Cherry lube.


Easy 2 insert

Quiet, yet sufficient vibration and hits the prostate without fail every time.


nice product

takes a bit of practice to use . it has a very powerful vibe , so you will enjoy this .


Butt play

I'm new to butt play. I love to walk around shopping and going outside while I wear a small one. I'm going to try this and re rate this with more stars. Thank you


My husband loved it!

I got this toy in hopes of making my husband have more intense orgasms and so far it has worked. He loves the feeling of it. Its very smooth and not painful!

The only thing wrong was that there were 0 instructions.


Hits the Spot

This toy gets you where you want to go. The vibration is the perfect intensity to put you over the top and it's a good length. Only complaint is, it is very hard. If it had a little give to it, it would be much more comfortable to use.


Great for the "reach around!"

I wanted something that would allow me to stimulate my boyfriend's anus during sex. This is perfect and is just the right length. Has good vibration strength options too. Too new to comment on the battery life, and a rechargeable option would be nice.



Perfect toy to explore the P spot! Great for beginners, good vibrations


Fun but not alone

This is an interesting toy. I thought it would be softer and more pliable.
it is very stiff, so if you are not used to ass play, TAKE YOUR TIME.
I used it a lone (by myself) and found that although I found my prostrate with it, the control was too difficult to use. It is at the bottom of the "wand" wand with greasy lubed up fingers it was not easy to control.. kinda frustrating when one hand is stroking your dick and the other is playing around by your ass trying to change the vibration.
overall it is ok... would be better with a partner I am sure!


Smooth and Comfotable

Great value for price, easy to use and the slim design is very comfortable for beginners wanting to experiment. Angled head places the powerful vibrations in just the right spot. Only complaint is that the speed is hard to adjust once covered lube.


Great service !

Instant ship, great packaging ... Problem with the product but they responded , and fixed immediately.

The vibe is well built, and easy to use ... And it certainly hits the spot :)


Quite Pleasing


This product worked quite well. Suited for beginners of both sex. Slim with a curved tip and variable speed vibration for added pleasure.


Sharp edges around the curve are unpleasant entering and exiting.



I have hundreds and know how to use them. This is a handy P-spot massager and fits most everyone. I prefer toys with a push button as my hands are slippery and I have to use a cloth to hold it and turn it on. Also I would not recommend this for solo use as it does not have a large base to prevent completely entering you.


Great for beginners

Great starter. Works fine almost a year later. Gotta change the batteries. Wish it was angled more. Also a switch instead of twisting on/off would be better as I always accidentally keep turning it and it goes off.


Great toy, a little hard to use

Trying to locate your prostate with something other than a finger can really be a guessing game. Without that tactile feedback to know where you are exactly it can feel like trying to pick a lock with a paperclip.

This toy is not too small or too long or anything like that. I'm mostly concerned with the shape. Going from the anus to the prostate is not a straight line, obviously. Of course it can be done, but what ends up happening is, if you let go of the toy or even loosen your grip for a second, it will end up flipping around and angling the head away from where it should be, and getting it back into position can be challenging since you don't really know what way it's facing unless you take it out and look at it.

Once you get it right it feels heavenly. The dial works and the vibration is very quiet, even on the highest setting when it's really strong. I just feel like the toy is difficult to use by yourself.


Ok, There are better though

I got this thinking it would be awesome as per the other reviews. Its ok. The vibration is mild compared to many bullets you can get for half the price. I would recommend for beginners because of the size ( very small like finger size)



This little gem is the perfect thing for prostate curious people. It's also pretty good at loosening up your bum for bigger and better things! Sometimes I like to rev it up against the underside of circumcised head. Any way you use it the cum will be splattered everywhere.


Great Little Toy

This is a great little toy for him or her. Got it for myself and tried it a couple times but didn't really do anything for me as a prostate toy. Used it on my wife (after sterilizing of course) and she loved it hit her g-spot everytime. Every now and then I would try it on myself and can say it does get better as you get used to it. Nice small size for beginners and lets you find just the right spots.


Great feeling when I found it.

I had a little difficulty maneuvering the toy to the proper position. When I did find that position the feeling was great. The price is hard to beat and the fact that it takes common AAA batteries is also easy to live with.



You should start exploring your prostate now if you haven't already. This toy is a good place to start.



Great toy for beginners! My boyfriend and I had a blast playing with this. Well worth the money! Very powerful vibe for such a little toy.


Cheap is the best

for a first toy for her or he it ideal at that price its well worth it!