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You know that old saying, “cleanliness is next to godliness?” besides being a time-honored nugget of wisdom, it’s also the God honest truth when it comes to getting freaky with your holiest of holes. We’re not going to get into nitty-gritty details or draw any unnecessary maps here. But a good old douche or enema kit helps wash away any unpleasantness that might otherwise interfere with some wonderful derriere loving. We’re here to spread the word that butt play can be wholesome, healthy, and beautiful. And a little pre-game ritual cleansing with an enema kit can go a long way in helping you kick it all off on the right foot.

Our full-featured line of douches, enema solution, enema nozzle, and enema bag has a little something for everyone. We’ve got some products that look downright clinical, ideal for anyone looking to play doctor or naughty nurse. Our enema nozzle is designed for pain-free and easy insertion. We’ve got a douche with graduated butt plugs for true aficionados of all-in-one kits. And we’ve got anal douche sets, enema supplies, and shower attachments that let you take full advantage of the miracles of modern plumbing. Why just turn on the water when the water can flush you out and get you ready for getting majorly turned on?

Not sure where to start? Might we suggest the Ergoflo Impulse Compact Anal Douche in black? With its user-friendly design, this very popular model assembles in a snap and is perfectly portable for on-the-go adventures. Another big seller is the Ultimate Cleansing System in black. With its anatomically curved silicone applicator tip, this must-have for anal enthusiasts will leave you squeaky clean and ready for anything. Or try the Ultimate Cleansing System in black by CalExotic. Made of hypoallergenic silicone and safe for even the most sensitive skin, this little marvel will have you spiffy in a jiffy and ready for some butt loving in no time.

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