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No matter what tomfoolery people get up to with their chemistry sets, let’s be thankful for those dedicated souls who use their Bunsen burners and Erlenmeyer flasks to concoct ever-better female-friendly sex lubricants, gels, and creams. For we have a sacred duty here at PinkCherry, a solemn task we have taken to heart, and a serious obligation to which we are deeply committed. Ladies, women, girls — we’re here to help you get off. Truly, madly, deeply, we’re doing all we can to make your love life as stimulating as possible.

To that end, we’ve curated an elite line of female-oriented sexual enhancement products. Dozens of gels, creams, lubes, balms, and serums, the sole purpose of which is to help you make the most of every moment in the bedroom. Take the PinkCherry Cooling Arousal Balm, for example. This excitingly tingly treat that quickly increases female sensitivity for heightened foreplay, coitus, or self-love. Just dab a little on your clitoris. Or your nipples. Maybe both. Your blood flow will naturally increase at the affected area, awakening your nerve endings and making you much more sensitive.

Or perhaps you’d rather try ScreamingO Climax Cream. This cream primes the clitoral area within minutes and pair well with one of ScreamingO's fantastic bullet vibes or vibrating couple's rings. Squeeze out a pearl-sized amount and rub it in. Also wildly popular with our clientele is Intimate Earth's Intense Clitoral Arousal Serum. Again, this product enhances sensitivity during sex, foreplay, and self-love by naturally drawing blood to the clitoris. (Sensing a theme?) made with a unique blend of peppermint oil, goji fruit extract, and witch hazel, Intense Clitoral Arousal Serum is also 100% vegan-friendly.

Scroll on for our complete line of female enhancement products, that ship for free (and discreetly) on all orders $59+.