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More On Silicone Based Sex Lubes

Going through a lot of lube? Tired of reapplying all the time? Give silicone a try. Safe for most toy materials and condoms, silicone-based lubricants provide a glide that keeps on giving. It only has a few drawbacks: You can’t use it with silicone toys. And the clean-up process is slightly more involved when you’re done. Ohh, but that ride! Long and intense, and you can even use it in water. (Who’s up for some tub play?)

We have a great selection of silicone-based lubes to choose from. Wicked'sUltra Silicone Based Intimate Lube delivers slick, smooth, and slippery pleasure that just won’t quit — in or out of the water. Specifically formulated for marathon play, this lube maintains a comfortable friction-free glide like no other. Perfect for both anal and vaginal sex and never sticky or tacky, it won’t dry up or wear away no matter how hard you play.

Another popular item is the Silk Hybrid Intimate Lubricant (8.5oz/255ml). This ingenious blend of water and silicone is incredibly slippery and easy to spread with its incomparably silky texture. It’s all you might expect from a product designed to recreate the feel of the real deal as naturally as possible. Great for vaginal and anal sex and masturbation, too, Silk also banishes all unwanted friction while playing with glass, plastic, rubber and steel toys. Also doubling as a great massage oil, this hydrolyzed silk compound cleans up easily and won't stain sheets or clothes. Condom-safe!

Or find out why some of our customers are saying Original Silicone Lubricant by Pjur is the last lube you will ever buy. The incredible slickness of this silicone lube is dynamite for sex, foreplay, and self-love, toys optional. Free of irritating additives like paraben, glycol, or glycerine, Premium gives you marathon glide in the bedroom or the bathroom.

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