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Boys will be boys, and some boys just can’t get enough of their toys. And as far as most of them are concerned, the bigger the better. We hear you, guys. That’s why we carry so many full-sized  or sex torso toys. The way we see it if you have to go without the real thing for whatever reason, make your substitute as much like the real thing as possible.

For boys who like boys, we offer CyberSkin’s Intimates Virtual Boyfriend in the dark. Thanks to the feel of its ridiculously lifelike CyberSkin, the Virtual Boyfriend offers a sensation like no other. Sure, you don’t get the whole boyfriend, but you do get a muscular torso sex toy complete with well-defined pecs, abs, ass, cock, and balls. The tight anal opening teases with incredible detail, and it’s always snug. Need it tighter? Just give it a bit of a squeeze. Virtual Boyfriend accommodates most positions and retains its shape no matter what you put it through.

For boys who like girls, we have CyberSkin’s Pussy with Virtual Pubic Bone. Because let’s face it, nobody gives the pubic bone credit, and it does half the work. This pink-lipped stroker features thrilling sturdiness in exquisite detail thanks to the incomparable touch of CyberSkin. Ultra plush and firmly precise, the Pussy can be held steady against most smooth surfaces and features a snug, uniquely ribbed interior.

And for boys who like Bree Olson and her perky 34Ds, there’s Bree Olsen's CyberSkin Tit Job Stroker. This soft, supple, incredibly lifelike mold of her big breast gives its lucky owner full access to Bree's bouncy famed big tits. And when you’re done worshiping Bree’s tits, there’s also a long, extra plush, an intensely ribbed tunnel at the bottom for bonus pleasure with incredible texture.

Choose from our sex doll torsos, sex doll masturbator, realistic sex doll, male sex doll, big breast or small breast—whatever your heart desires.

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