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It feels good to do a good deed for planet Earth every so often. You’re probably doing all you can to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Now take your commitment to the environment one step further and build your sex-toy collection around rechargeable vibrators. Whether via AC adapters or USB connections, every rechargeable vibe we sell means fewer batteries that end up in a landfill. Just think about that for a minute. Not to get all tree hugger on you, but every time you make yourself feel good with a rechargeable sex toy, it’ll be that much better knowing you’re pitching in for the planet.

Luxury objectified, the Melt Pleasure Air Clitoral Stimulator showcases silky, temperature-receptive silicone in gentle, natural curves that perfectly complement the female body. Crafted to gratify even the most judgemental pleasure seeker, the We-Vibe Melt offers twelve diverse styles of Gently sucking, pulsating and throbbing customizable intensity levels. USB rechargeable.

Thoughtfully created to indulge your clitoral pleasure cravings, the Fantasy For Her Ultimate Pleasure Clitoral Pump Vibe is ergonomically shaped for comfortable handing and precision placement. The Pleasure Pump's silicone cup can’t wait to thrill your sweetest of sweet spots with 10 distinct rhythms of vibration and its namesake flickering tongue. USB charge cord included.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you choose a rechargeable dildo?

The main reasons for choosing rechargeable toys are their value and environmental impact. While rechargeable toys may cost a little more up-front, they don’t require the user to purchase batteries. This means over a rechargeable toy’s lifetime, it will ultimately cost less than its battery-powered counterpart. Additionally, after disposal, batteries can take, on average, approximately 100 years to break down. Plus, if not properly recycled, their contents can be toxic.

Are rechargeable dildos more reliable?

Yes and no. Rechargeable toys don’t pose this risk of being unusable due to a lack of batteries. However, users must remain vigilant about charging their rechargeable toys to avoid the disappointment of finding a toy dead at a crucial moment. That said, rechargeable toys are often higher-quality products and are often a bit more powerful than battery-powered ones.

Can a rechargeable dildo be washed?

First things first, all toys can – and should be – washed. What matters is finding the appropriate method for each particular toy. Some rechargeable toys are waterproof, some are “splash proof,” and some should only be wiped down. This is why it’s essential to carefully read each toy’s manual and note the specific cleaning instructions.