Rockeye Probe in Gunmetal

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Rockeye Probe in Gunmetal

4.89 Based On 38 Reviews

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Homerun! (Yaya)

Oh yes! That's the ticket. Daddy's got a new favourite toy!

Just read the other 5 star reviews (Anomie)

Love it! It has the flex you want to take it deep and just knowing every centimetre down the shaft is stretching you open is a thrill. Not nearly as much of a thrill as feeling that stretch though. The material is very accommodating so it's not an "ouch" stretch but very much an "ooooo yes" stretch. It goes deep too but surprisingly pleasantly (again the material is very accommodating).
If you want a stretch this is the you! The ridges aren't as pronounced as I thought but that's doesn't take away from the toy at all.

Good purchase (Naughtymn)

I couldn't wait for this toy to arrive so I could try it for the first time. When it arrived it became everything I obssesed it to be and more. I found it most useful to stretch me open and then I would use other big toys with ease. I also found it pleasurable to harness this toy inside deep with ropes while I masturbated. Also can't beat the price I'm totally satisfied. :)

Product description

A creatively shaped, awe-inspiring probe with all the length, texturing and thickness you could wish for, the unique Rockeye is at the extreme end of an already impressive line of extra hardy, larger-than-average toys from the American Bombshell collection. Truly magnificent in every way, this ultra tapered, extremely ribbed tool in subtly metallic gunmetal PVC is definitely one for the books, particularly if you're after a big, big stretch and an extra full experience.

Along with the Rockeye's size, which absolutely won't disappoint once inside, the sleek, dramatically tapered tip makes insertion smooth and quick, offering up a point of entry that slowly and gradually widens to the largest point at the base of the bumpy triangular shape. Boasting a thick, noticeable pattern of raised, ultra stimulating ribs all the way down, the Rockeye is set to thrill inner erogenous zones, wherever they may be.

Made from Doc Johnson's signature safe, phthalate free PVC, the Rockeye is quite flexible in hand, easily maneuvering in and around the body's contours, but once in place, it's wonderfully sturdy for precision stimulation. Compatible with both water and silicone based lubricants.

  • Length: 11"
  • Insertable Length: 10"
  • Girth: 11" at largest point
  • Width: 3.25" at largest point
  • Materials: PVC
  • Special Features: Phthalate-Free, Smooth Surface, Textured Surface

SKU: DJ-0270-38-CD | UPC: 782421019204 | MPN: 0270-38-CD (13)

SKU: DJ-0270-38-CD | UPC: 782421019204 | MPN: 0270-38-CD (13)

Ratings / Reviews

Perfect (Anonymous)

Probably not for a beginner, definitely a lot bigger than expected. Once you get used to the initial girth it's fantastic, heavy weight and room to grow with

Love this (Anonymous)

I love this toy. It is the first toy I use to get started for the night. I like the weight and the taper. Also fun with wife on top.

Wow (Anonymous)

Seriously, I got this in the mail and thought, there is no way that thing will work. It's too big. But, after using some smaller toys to prepare, this went shockingly easy into my ass, and later into hers. Sure, we couldn't take it all, it's huge, but maybe halfway, and room to improve later if we wish. The end is tapered perfectly and it's super soft there, so it goes in way easier than you would think. Any anal lover has to have this!!

Wow (Anonymous)

My wife loves this one. Looks great sliding in and out of her, Can't wait till she slides all the way down.

Wow (Anonymous)

So I'm a beginner and it has taken me 5 goes at this monster to get the tip to go in, today I made it and once in was in all I can say is WOW. Amazing I would definitely recommend it. But it is for sure not for the weak hearted

awesome (Anonymous)

Definitely not for beginner's.. The top was bigger than expected but is very nice once you get past it

O.M.G!!!!!! (nomad)

This thing is amazing. I needed something larger to help me open up more and I chose the right thing. Not only did it make me wider, it made me deeper, as well. The very first time this thing touched me in places I didn't even know that I had, but was thrilled to find. It's been a month and I still can't take it all. I was afraid that the rings would make a rumble strip effect inside of me, but it is amazingly smooth and I love the rings- it helps me measure my progress with ease. I saw the smaller version of this at the Doc Johnson website, but decided not to waste my time, as it was smaller than some of my other toys. I'm glad I did. I found this one here for much lower price than any other website out there (even cheaper than the smaller one). Thank you Pink Cherry!

best ever (great)

Omg what is there not to say anything good about this toy. Just wish I have gotten this along time ago. Feels great the first u use it. I already have 3/4 all the way in. And want the whole thing in me. Of anyone wants to open up this is the toy for u to die for. Every guy will love it!!!!!

Elasticity Training (Anonymous)

Yow!! The earlier reviews are right on!! Smooth and gradual entry followed by a nice, controlled diameter increase that allows for measured progress. This is a great toy to work out with and gives you the ability to easily 'warm up" to ever larger toys! Great material! I highly recommend this.

Wow (NM)

It's very big! Probably too long for me to ever experience the full girth. I just can't go much more than 6 inches deep, it starts to feel uncomfortable on the inside. Still, it's a fun toy and worth considering. I'd suggest they design one with the same girth but with only 6 inches of insertable length.

getting deep inside (Anonymous)

A big toy with a blunt end is hard to go deep with unless you stretch out first. The Rockey Probe is PERFECT - it stretches you out deep inside, as slow as you want to go, until you can fit those toys with bigger ends. The end is flexy and follows the curves inside you. The ridges are great when you slide up and down, or rock back and forth. Remember, anal noobs - take your time! You have a lifetime of enjoyment ahead of you, but if you go crazy too fast, you can tear something

A great wide opening (Amy Westlake)

My ex was big but this toy out does him.

Idéal pour s'agrandir (Yanick)

La livraison : impécable, rapide et discrete
Le jouet est d'exelente qualite
La pénétration est douce, la taille ne varie pas trop rapidement.

Le seul hick est personnel, le diamètre est plus petit que je l'aurais crue, je voulais me stretcher pour un jouet plus gros, mais j'arrive déja a la fin de celui-ci xD (mais j'ai bcp d'expérience, donc...)
Je conseil juste d'avoir une petite surface ferme et relevé pour profiter pleinement :D

Amazing!! (Anonymous)

My wife and I ordered two of these one for anal use only and one for her pussy to stretch as well as strengthen her pussy muscles ;) she's only able to take it maybe a quarter the way in her pussy so far. I have used it several times until I was able to take it ALL the way in (I'm
No anal amatuer hehe) I've never been able to take one of my other thicker dildos in all the way until I used this one, so I definitely recommend this dildo as a deep anal trainer for anyone who wants to enjoy deep anal penetration!! Plus it feels amazing just bouncing up and down on this dildo feeling it go in and out of the deeper regions of the anal cavity ;)

nice toy but a little too long (Stuart)

I agree with another reviewer that it should get thicker sooner. Its hard to get it all in when you have to worry about depth before width
Nice and smooth and works better with the optional suction cup

Really opens you up. (RA)

Before any serious anal play the Rockeye is the perfect toy to get you ready. With some lube its perfectly shaped head inserts easily. It's then under your control as to how much you want to open your anus for other toys. Bouncing up and down you can carefully control how much to dilate. The ribs provide exciting stimulation while probing deep inside and stretching your sphincter. For intermediate or experienced anal fans it provides all you could want. It's s toy that will grow with you.

Happy Camper! (Jim Bob)

This thing is amazing! The material feels incredible and has just enough flex to be used comfortably but is firm enough for some hard use. The taper feels amazing as well and is absolutely perfect for warming up, stretching, or training! My only regret is I didn't purchase it sooner!

Fun To Sit On! (YASS QUEEN)

I got this to work on stretching my butt and it's great, once I'm warmed up I put this on the floor underneath me and grind away on it. The ridges are subtle but by the time you get up to the 3" diameter you can feel them popping in.

Great way to open up (Anonymous)

Awesome toy to get that full stretch. Easy to navigate at the start, but quickly and comfortably becomes challenging as you either sit on it or it is pushed inside of you to the base. Feels absolutely amazing the whole ride through.

Great opener (Matt)

This dildo is great to get you opened up ready for big stuff. It has changed the routine I use to take big toys. I have removed 3 other toys that I used to use to gradually build up to my big guys. Quality through and through.

All dildos in one! (Adonis)

As all other reviews here, I love this toy! It is a bit bigger than what I expected, but not that big, I really love deep anal and gaping. This has been the absolute favorite for that task. I can stretch my self really nice and slowly, while I get this "fill" feeling all along. really love it, I just about two ribs to insert it all and it's been amazing!

WAAAAAY HUGE!! (Anonymous)

OMG, for me this was clearly a case of my eyes being way larger than my butthole. This is something I'm going to have to work at to get in, couldn't even get the head in, but it is doable, I think I was so terrified by the sheer size that I was pretty tense trying it out for the first time. We'll see how the afternoon goes. Anyways, I'm absolutely positive this is going to be mind blowing once it's in. Am going to get the small 6" anal stretcher as well.

Big & Smooth (Anonymous)

I only sit on it. The toy is heavy enough to stay put . Feels very great and fill your bottom !

My personal pleasure cone! (Chris)

I ordered this to get ready for a fisting session. I love it because it's very gradual and you can really stretch nicely. Started by getting about 2/3 of the way down the first time I used it. I am intermediate/advanced when it comes to anal play. With every bump I got in, the better the feeling became. I couldn't move much, but the feeling was like nothing I'd every experienced before. Such euphoria, I just sat on it for a bit, just enjoying the feeling. Got up and did it again. Wow so amazing! Can't wait to do it again soon!

great feel (Anonymous)

Love the feel, can get the whole thing in.

Best toy ever (Eva)

From the moment it came outa the box I knew it was gonna be a good time :) definetly the best toy I've owned. For the more experienced anal indulgers though, gets pretty wide at the bottom ;)

Wow!!! Awesome (A play)

Defiantly the best toy in my collection. Received it yesterday. After a few hours was all the way down to the last 5 rings. What a feeling of stretch and awesome feeling. Can't wait. To get to the last ring.

Mind blowing. Well worth the money.

Tapered Heaven (Clencher)

Def for intermediate on. It's graduated rings are intense and makes for a great stretch all the while getting some good depth as well. Can't wait to sit completely on it.

My favorite new toy (Mr M)

I was surprised at the size and weight. Nice texture and easy entry. Riding this in my ass has brought me much pleasure and am taking to the challenge of stretching my ass to new dimension. Recommend this to all

Great Product! (Chris)

So when I ordered this, I expected it to be big, but wow! When it came in the mail a few days later (never had any issues with shipping and always got the package a few days later after ordering even though I'm on the east coast). When I got the box in my hands it felt much heavier then I expectes, then when I opened it my jaw almost dropped! I like the lenght, and love the gradual stretch that it gives, never had a toy like this, so it's great to have something that you can use to stretch at your own pace, instead of having a bunch of different toys! I haven't gotten to the bottom of it yet but can't wait!