Raging Hard-Ons Slimline 9 Inch Ballsy in Blue

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this was the first thing i took up my ass other than a finger or two, i kept pushing till it went all the way in, and it was heavenly! really recommended for beginners, i loved it. feels like a real cock


Anal Delight

Lubed it up and started riding it the moment I got it.
Fills me up deep and feels so damn good!
Of course you can't stop there, gotta go bigger now!


Great piece, especially for anal

Great toy, especially for anal play. Very soft and textured well. It does degrade over time (usually lasts about a year or more if taken care of properly).

Product description

Created specifically to satisfy seekers of deeply stimulating anal pleasure, Doc Johnson's Raging Hard-Ons collection presents the Slimline 9 Inch Ballsy. In flexibly supple, body-safe PVC enhanced by an ultra hygienic antibacterial SilAGel material, the Slimline offers thrilling lengthiness, exciting swirls of texture and an extra wide ballsy base.

Providing potential for pegging and strap-on play, the Slimline's sleek shape will fit easily through many traditional open-front and O-ring type harnesses- the enlarged balls lend a reliably precise grip to manual maneuvers as well.

Easy to clean and maintain, the Slimline sanitizes quickly and thoroughly using simple soapy water or a good toy cleansing formulation. Compatible with water and silicone based lubes.

  • Length: 9"
  • Insertable Length: 8"
  • Girth: 3.75" at largest point
  • Width: 1.1" at largest point
  • Materials: PVC
  • Special Features: Phthalate-Free, Suction Base, Textured Surface

SKU: DJ-0279-21-CD | UPC: 782421527105 | MPN: 0279-21-CD (79)

SKU: DJ-0279-21-CD | UPC: 782421527105 | MPN: 0279-21-CD (79)

Doc Johnson
Ratings / Reviews

Cheap and Gets the job done

Bought for the GF to use when I m not around and for anal play when we are together. Perfect size and very flexible.


Seeking the powerful orgasm...

been checking out all kinds of sex toys for men...when i found this one,wow lets give this a try...done it before going for it again...this toy looks like my orgasms are back yes now instead of disappointment,cumming till i scream...the first one is awesome and the rest keeps getting better...its about me and my orgasm now....happy cummings to you all...



Product is what the description said. It could be a little "thicker" in my opinion.



I was excited when I got this becuase of the ribbing and the length, couldn't wait to try it! However it was a little too bendy for my choice. Also it would be better with a suction base, but it works and will get you off quickly :)



The wife really enjoyed the length, feature and diameter! She liked in the front door., but really went off when used in the back door. would recommend for spicing things up!!!


Excellent for anyone new to this

The length and size are perfect for anyone getting into anal. The ribs on this are wonderful and well spaced and while it is flimsy from the small girth, it is still usable with long strokes. Both my girlfriend and I love this and use it to loosen up for larger ones or just on its own. Because it is so small in girth, You can also go quite fast in prodding in and out without too much issue with the flimsiness. I've gotten a lot of use out of this and keep going back to it as well. So inexpensive for a long lasting piece.


warm up

I love this little one to get started. Perfect to start with and can go deep without having to stretch too much


Good... For a Beginner.

This dildo is much better suited for a beginner as the girth was rather unsatisfying for myself, who is more of an intermediate. The depth that this toy can reach is good, and the softness of the material makes the journey easy. However, it's a tad bit floppy. Like I said, this toy is probably better for someone a little less experienced.





Good for the price

good for starting


Nice but not perfect

It's really flimsy so it's basically impossible to use without hands and the suction cup was non existent which was disappointing. The length is great and the ribs feel absolutely amazing although the girth could be a bit bigger. Perfect for beginners



This is a really nice toy for some anal play. The girth is perfect and not painful. The length is good for pegging and help keeos the toy from sliding out. My only complaint about this toy is the smell. I am hoping that it will go away some day.


Slim but veiny!

Buying this I knew it was on the smaller side but boy oh boy do the veiny ridges make up for it. Being slim it slides in and out of my ass easily allowing the veins to really do their job rippling as they go.
It probably goes without saying that it's quite floppy due to it's length vs width so you'll pretty much need to keep a hand on it to guide it in and out rather than hands-free riding it. It is quite long, can't quite take the whole thing, the 7" would probably be just the right length and maybe a little less floppy for the length.
The internet is full of reviews that the plastic smell out of the package was too much. I had no problems. It had some smell off the start but no stronger than any other clear toy I've bought. A couple washes and it was fine.


Fun for everyone

They need to make a longer version of this toy! Great for beginners & the more experienced; slim, soft & comfortable, but long enough for deep stimulation warmups.


Great warmup for bigger toys

Wife didnt like the 1.5" dildos right off the bat, so we warm up with this one then move into bigger ones.



Thin but long. Perfect for strap on use for those guys with a big butt.



i didnt use this for anal, for solo vag play only. works great!!
only downside is that there is no suction, i thought it would stick to surfaces but its too flimsy


wife's favorite

Wife just loves it
adn She does'nt like big thick dildo's



Fun toy to start with. Size is perfect.


Exactly what I needed

I bought this dildo hoping it would help me learn to deep throat and bought a second one for anal, to learn to take deeper anal. This toy worked perfectly for both things. Its slim and long and very soft, perfect to work past the sigmoid colon and follow the bodies contours easily.
The downside is the rubbery smell, especially if you're using it to practice deep throat. I usually try to buy silicone toys which have less smell, but I've never found a silicone toy that has the soft texture like this one, also the price is hard to beat.
My experience is that the smell goes away after a while.
To sum it up, this toy was prefect for my needs, as a stepping stone, as I move onto thicker toys toys. And its inexpensive so it works well in that way.



New to anal and this is perfect not to big or long works great!


Good beginner dildo to anal

Makes a great little start anal dildo... you can get it to suction but it is a little difficult to get to stick.. once there it's decent.


1st Toy Ever

I just started exploring my hole and this toy is amazing it's not to big or hard. Its just right for beginners the ribbing feels so good. It had a bit of a smell but it went away after a good cleaning.


My All Time Fav

This toy is just perfect for me and my love of anal. The diameter is perfect to slip right into my butt and the bumps all along the sides that are supposed to look like veins are just enough to put me through the roof with pleasure. At first I thought it would be too soft and floppy but the texture is great, especially because it is so long. After I use this I can still feel the sensation of it inside of me for hours afterward. It is fantastic!



Works well


Nice Addition

We started pegging with this on my wife's harness and wow does it fills me up with its length. We now are looking for more girth because she loves to give it to me hard!!!


nice and long

My boyfriend and I both tried it and it's very satisfying. Nice size


Great 2nd Toy

Appearance is definitely intimidating. Requires a bit of warm up to properly use. The floppiness leave a bit to be desired.


Great Texture!

Love the texture and the size. Great toy to start out with anal play. Definitely not a good suction base though. Does it stick? yes! Does it stick well? no.... Still a great toy.


Great for anal or DVP

Got this so we could work up to real DVP and it's the perfect size for us to practice on! The length and girth makes it easy for me and it to get in her at the sametime!