Anal Lube Original 6oz/177ml

Based On 129 Reviews

Anal Lube Original 6oz/177ml

4.73 Based On 129 Reviews

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Perfect lube (Anonymous)

I've tried many lubes - silicone, silicone hybrids, oil-based - and this is the only one I will reliably buy again. It lasts long, doesn't have much scent, and doesn't cause the "urge to purge" sensation. However, keep in mind this lube requires a good amount of water to wash off.

Best lube ever (Anonymous)

This is the best lube ever my wife and I love it

Good lube (Anonymous)

The thickness lets you pour it on toys and it won't drip.. Very good lube

Product description

Specifically formulated to add lots of pleasurable glide to anal sex and beyond, CalExotic's best selling Anal Lube enhances sexual escapades across the board. Eliminating unwanted friction during sex, foreplay, masturbation and massage, the thick, plushy texture smooths into a slippery protective layer.

Absorbing naturally into the skin and wiping easily off body surfaces and fabrics of all types with plain water, Anal Lube is mess-free and non-staining. Made in the USA.

  • Size: 6 oz
  • Flavor: Unflavored
  • Special Features: Anal Lube, Unscented

SKU: CE-2396-00-1 | UPC: 716770019486 | MPN: SE-2396-00-1 (373)

SKU: CE-2396-00-1 | UPC: 716770019486 | MPN: SE-2396-00-1 (373)

Ratings / Reviews

Thick (Richard)

Very thick formula. Best pricing for it and worth every cent! You don't need a lot as it's thick and spreads easily on to your toys and doesn't "run" either. Stays where it's supposed to stay. A bit of a hassle getting the lube out of the bottle, but that goes hand in hand being a very thick formula lube. An excellent choice to buy.

A little goes a looooong way ;) (Joslynn)

In love with this. Tiny amounts do the job! Lasts forever! Thick and creamy and just amazing!

Great (Anonymous)

Not that sticky. Definitely made the playing nice and easy.

Review (Bartman)

Better than the other lub, more of a gel less messy and stays where it was put

Best Lube ever for anal play. (Slick Dick)

I have tried several other lubes and this ones by far the best. Very thick and slick. I am into large and extra large anal toys like the Doc Johnson bombshell and large tunnel plugs and this stuff really makes those huge toys slide into me with ease. I could not even start to accept the big ones until I applied this generously to both the toy and myself. It requires patience and persistence to be able to take one in but they slip in eventually and boy what a rush it is. Be sure and use plenty of it and you won't believe what can happen!

Wow! She likes anal now! (Anonymous)

I've tried for years to get my wife comfortable with trying anal but with very little success. i had pretty much given up on the idea but then added a bottle of Anal Lube to my online shopping cart as an afterthought when purchasing a good vibe for her on this site. A few nights after the new vibe/lube arrived we were having sex doggystyle in bed one evening when during the course of a strong vaginal orgasm for her, I put my plan into motion. Before she could ask what I was doing, I was in. Her initial reaction was "Gawd!" She really didn't say it with any measure of discomfort but rather with surprise. She then said, "Fine, If it gets you off. You have 5 minutes but this doesn't do anything for me." She wasn't complaining but seemed like she was ready to end the "experiment" when all of the sudden I could sense a change in her demeanor and she actually began slamming back against me on her own. Then it happened. I wish I could say that was the highlight of the evening but it got even better. Thank you, Anal Lube!

Mind blowing (Paul Kenney)

Usually I have trouble fitting my 1/2 inch penis into my boyfriend, but this anal lube, opened up a hole new world for us. Thank you so much!

Fantastic! (Anonymous)

The only thing I don't like about this lube is that you really have to shake the container to get any out. I didn't knock it down a star because I love how thick this lube is. It lasts way longer than any other water based lube. No need to re-apply during fun.

Buy this (Boy)

Works great for front and back..

Perfect lube (Amanda j)

Perfect lube at a great price! Long lasting and smooth!

Great stuff (Anonymous)

Best lube for whatever we want to do. We love it.

Good lube (Luke)

Good lube for anal play. Does dry up and gets sticky, but easy fix with a little more lube applied

best (Anonymous)

does not dry out, very slippery! i would venture to say this will be the lube i purchase in the future as well.

This is it!! Apply a little bit and you won't wanna quit (Anonymous)

This product is truly amazing & helped improve my relationship. My boyfriend & I have been together almost 4 years & he loves anal sex. I wouldn't let him do it because it was too painful. I wanted to make him happy , so before his last birthday I ordered this product. I had him apply just a little bit to the edge of my entry hole & his penis. It made anal practically pain free. We both LOVED how stimulating this formula was. It's a miracle lube. I'd buy it again & again

pink cherries slippery stuff (happy camper)

best product of its type that I've great for much more than it was advertised.

Great Lube for the money! (Chrissy4605)

It is a thick water based lube that works great with anal sex be it toys or a cock.

Me (MarcH)

Great slippery lube a little goes a long way.

Love This Stuff (BeautifulCatastrophe)

Definitely the go-to lube!! It feels great the consistency is really nice. Works well for anyone who has problems getting WET, but its also good for anyone who wants a little more slip and slide. Lol. Only thing I'm not too fond of is the scent even though its "non-scented", it still smells kinda like fresh toys do...a plastic like smell.

Quality on the cheap (michael)

Some of the best I've used and such a value.

Slippery when wet (Me.Taste)

Great lube. Makes stuff slide right in

Nice (Kyle)

This stuff is nice and thick, great for anal play. It lasts a really long time, both volume wise and the length of time it stays slippery, and you can add water as you go to thin it out.

Great (Open up)

Just like advertised long lasting, dont have to use a lot great product

Very effective! (Anonymous)

A little amount of this lube makes anything glide really well into the backdoor. Doesn't stick, last long, easy to wash off, toy safe. Best anal lube I've used so far!!!

Awesome (Tim)

Works great for pegging, best lube that we have tried so far. This stuff is the best.


This is far the best anal lube I ever use. I will buy again .


This is the best anal lube I ever use feel great

Amazing lube! (Anonymous)

A bit sticky, but lasts long and great price. Will buy more !

Works great! (KimB)

I'm a beginner to anal, and this stuff really helps with practice. Not only is it perfect for anal (stays in place, lasts very long) it works just as well for vaginal. I'd appreciate a bottle that was easier to dispense from, though.

Pegging (Tim)

My wife uses this when pegging me it works great. We have tried others butt this stuff really is the best.

Too Thick (Anonymous)

Works as advertised but very thick, hard to get out of bootle.