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B-Vibe x Le Wand Anal Massage & Education Set in Cobalt

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Compare at $309.99 | You Save $170.02 (55% OFF) Aug 12, 2024

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Product Description

There are approximately a million things to love about our friends at b-Vibe and le Wand. Both brands, for instance, have a laser-focused approach to pleasure exclusivity and some truly innovative toys to match. What's not to love?! One of the things we appreciate most about both brands, though, would have to be an ongoing commitment to educating would-be anal explorers about the many, many pleasures of butt-play. On that note, we're so proud to present the B-Vibe x Le Wand Anal Massage & Education Set, a perfect collaboration between le Wand and b-Vibe.

As they say, and we wholeheartedly agree: 'going from zero to penetration is a big no-no.' It takes patience, research, and, if you're playing with a partner, lots of honest communication to truly, safely and completely enjoy anal play. Oh, and lube. Lots and lots of lube! Inside this handy anal massage kit, you'll find everything you need to begin, continue, or just enjoy the view along your anal play journey. Come one, come all!

If you're brand new to butt stuff, or could use a quick refresher, everything you need to know is inside the included full color, extra detailed, playfully diagrammed Guide To Anal Massage & Pleasure. Take some time, get comfy and read through tips on how to get started, advice how to approach the subject of anal play with a partner, dig deep into anal anatomy and how butt play can differ for different bodies, how to clean up beforehand - the list goes on. Trust us when we say that you'll have all the info you'll need or want at your fingertips. Oh, and speaking of fingertips...

If you're new to anal play, first, welcome, and second, start slow! There are tons of great beginner tips and tricks included in the Guide, and most include using a finger to massage, explore and slowly penetrate before moving up to toys. To help you and/or you partner feel more comfortable, you can wear either a finger condom or a full glove. Both options are included in body safe nitrile.

The first included toy we'll get into is le Wand's Petite massager. This slender, lightweight, and fully rechargeable version of a classic is sexily stable in your or your partner's hand, letting you focus entirely on targeting sweet spots. If the moment's not quite right to start getting into (so to speak) butt play, the Petite is a fantastic relaxation aid. Relaxation, by the way, is absolutely integral to enjoyable anal play. Take it slow, breathe deep and enjoy le Wand's 10 vibration modes and 6 speeds.

If and when you're ready for some penetration, slip le Wand's Petite Curve over top of the massager's head, and like magic, you've got yourself a deep-diving prostate or g-spot targeting vibrator. Ultra curvy and oh-so-perfectly swollen at the tip, it's also subtly weighty (3.6oz/101g) for tons of sexy steadiness and ultra firm inner massage potential. 

One of b-Vibe's Snug Plug 2 butt plug is next up. In silky black silicone, the Snug is truly unique, and trust us, we've seen a LOT of butt plugs. Sleek at the tip, all the better for comfortable, always-pleasurable penetration, the Snug is slightly squared-off in shape overall. The rounded edge and uniform thickness is 100% intentional, it provides smooth, even sensation and a super-sexy stretch. Inside the firm-yet-plushy Snug, a rolling weight jiggles, bumps and thumps along with movement. During sex and foreplay, alone time, or even out running errands, it'll add deeply erotic sensation and that sensual 'full' feeling you crave. On that note, the Snug was specifically designed for extended wear, so feel free to indulge in some marathon butt plug sessions.

Okay, we've gone through the B-Vibe x Le Wand Anal Massage & Education Set's toys, and now we're into the accessories. A Classic Enema or douche is included. You can find all the info you'll need about how and why you might want to use an enema inside the booklet, but long story short, it's for your and your partner's comfort. We're all grown-ups, we know the butt can be less than daisy fresh sometimes. A douche or enema helps you feel clean and confident, but also relaxed. A plushy black Clean Up Towel is included.

We mentioned lube in the first paragraph as a key feature of anal play, and it absolutely is. b-Vibe's Lubricant Applicator is a quick, easy way to get lots of lube up into those harder-to-reach anal areas. Again, tips and tricks are included in the booklet.

Each included toy comes to you in the safest, most hygienic materials available - pure silicone and, in the case of the le wand Petite, ABS plastic. Completely hypoallergenic, non-reactive and safe for sensitive skin, the Le Wand, Snug Plug 2 and Le Wand Petite Curve Attachment are also extra easy to clean. Some warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam will do the trick nicely. The Wand, Snug Plug 2 and Curve Attachment are compatible with any favorite water-based lube, but please avoid contact with silicone lubes and other silicone toys/products.

  • le Wand Petite (10"/25.4cm long, 1.9"/4.8cm in diameter)
  • b-Vibe Snug Plug (4"/10.16cm insertable, 1.25"/3.18cm in diameter)
  • le Wand Petite Curve Attachment (3.5"/8.9cm insertable, 1.25"/3.2cm in diameter)
  • Classic Enema
  • Lubricant Applicator
  • Nitrile Finger Condoms & Gloves
  • Clean Up Towel with Storage Pouch
  • Guide To Anal Massage & Pleasure 
  • Zipper Travel Bag

Product Details

  • Color: Blue

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