BJ Blast 18g/0.63oz. in Strawberry

Based On 23 Reviews

BJ Blast 18g/0.63oz. in Strawberry

4.3 Based On 23 Reviews

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Pretty tasty (Anonymous)

Very sweet but pretty good!

good (Steph)

This added some extra fun to my to our night! It pops and crackles in you mouth, it feels nice to the reviver! It is just like pop rock candy

YUMMY (Anonymous)


Product description

For an unforgettable oral sex experience, fill your mouth with BJ Blast before heading down, it's a fizzy, popping, bursting treat with a deliciously sweet taste. If you've eaten pop rocks candy, you'll recognize the sensation on your tongue; it does, however, have a much subtler result for an exciting, uniquely stimulating addition to a classic sex act. Package contains 18 grams (.035oz).

SKU: PD-7432-60 | UPC: 603912262650 | MPN: PD 7432-60 (31)

SKU: PD-7432-60 | UPC: 603912262650 | MPN: PD 7432-60 (31)

Ratings / Reviews

Amazing (Misty)

Love all my things from here and this one is just fabulous

playtime (valentine gift)

It was a different experience. He seemed to enjoy the extra tingle.

FUN! (Ashley)

These are very similar to pop rocks. They taste amazing and it's something different and fun to experience with your partner. My hubby and I both enjoyed it!

Pop rocks for your cock (Anonymous)

Funnily enough we had just given pop rocks a go.
These ones are a bit gentler.
Super fun for sensation play

Fun!! (Anonymous)

If you enjoy popping candy or your partner does more importantly, you will love this!

Great (Great)

Taste like pop rocks. Husband says it’s good for a few seconds and then it wears off.

Yummy. (Stph)

He loved it and I love the flavor. Will definitely buy again!

A little awkward (Jill)

Definitely a novelty item. Pop rocks didn't do much except make us giggle!

Yummy (Cupcakeforme)

Super yummy, I highly recommend.

Whoa!! (Jennifer)

Get it. Just get it. Such an amazing new experience like we've never felt before. Get 10 of every flavour!

Fun! (Anonymous)

Won't change that much on the feels, but it's so much fun it's worth it. And I love the taste.

Mmm (Anonymous)

Well that was fun!

Bj blast (Ken)

The girlfriend and I liked this product, she likes the taste and I love the popping sensation when she goes down on me!

Snap Crackle Pop (Kait)

Not bad. Boyfriend says he could take it or leave it, but he didn't dislike it. The flavour was great and I enjoyed it.

Worked for me (Anonymous)

As a guy I enjoyed it on the receiving end. She liked it too..
Will try different flavor next time as well.

sweet and fun !! (Lori)

WOW !! thats what he said !! good tasty fun !! with a little excitement.

Awesome for other places (Megan)

It felt a little weird on my boyfriends dick, so we tried it on his nipple and he went crazy

Bj blast oral candy (Holly)

Sticky but he really enjoyed it !

not what i expected (Anonymous)

It really didn't work as well as i thought

Loved this product (Kaity)

My husband and I loved this product...