CBD Soothing Serum Roller Ball in .34oz/10ml

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CBD Soothing Serum Roller Ball

Product Description
Enriched with a healthy dose of all-natural hemp and essential oils, Earthly Body's CBD Daily Soothing Serum was formulated to help soothe, relax and relieve symptoms of muscle and joint pain. 

Roll the tip of a handy portable glass bottle over knees, wrists, shoulders and beyond 3-5 times a day for fast-acting relief of tightness, achiness and soreness. CBD Daily Soothing Serum contains 0% THC, is drug test safe and assuredly vegan. 

* CBD stands for cannabidiol. Earthly Body's CBD is extracted from the hemp plant and contains next to zero levels of THC. These strains are rare and have become more popular in recent years. Hemp CBD oil has become an accepted means of relief, relaxation and much more. Hemp CBD has become a groundbreaking ingredient in holistic health and its popularity is rising rapidly.

SKU: EB-024349 | UPC: 814487024349 | MPN: CBDSO010 (0)

Earthly Body

SKU: EB-024349 | UPC: 814487024349 | MPN: CBDSO010 (0)

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Based On 5 Reviews
CBD Soothing Serum Roller Ball

Calling All Skeptics!

This works... like... really well. I wasn't sold on it, but I've used it on my neck and shoulders and also for carpal tunnel in my wrists and the pain ACTUALLY GOES AWAY. It's like witchcraft.

CBD Soothing Serum Roller Ball

Miracle Pain Reliever

Initially purchased this for a close friend that suffers from nerve pain and was using capsaicin cream prescribed by a physician. The issue there being that it burns and you have to be extra careful to not get it anywhere close to your eyes or anywhere other than the area being treated. Other issue being that it didn't do much for the pain. Gave this a try, and the results were far better and the product works quickly to comfort painful areas. I've used it myself for knee pain, and have recommended it to anyone and everyone that I know that has pain. Another friend was having neck pain from stress and tension, and voila, this immediately resolved the issue. This product is magical, does not have an overbearing scent, and is worth every dime. Interested in trying the creams too. Time to ditch icy hot and all of those other topicals that simply don't do the job, and do not smell pleasant at all.

CBD Soothing Serum Roller Ball

Amazing relief

I get migraines alot I figured I would give this ago. I rolled it along the back of my neck and along my forehead along the hairline and it was like instant relief.

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