Dominant Submissive Collection Silicone Butt Plugs

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Make your man smile from the inside

My BF and myself are new to anal play but this was hands down the best purchase because it was super easy to insert into him and myself and the O*gasm we both had was.... WOW! Small enough it didn't scare the heck out of you when you're starting to be adventurous


Great material and Size

The material is great and comfortable for extended wear. I got this one after purchased a smaller plug fir my partner. The material apparently makes all the difference. The prostate stimulator works very well too. Not too big, just right. Happy with it.


Solid Plugs

These are beauty plugs. The silicon is very smooth and soft, and the plugs are a wonderful size. Perfect starter set in my opinion. Narrow waisted enough to stay in quite snugly as well.

Product description

A perfect twosome of completely unisex, impossibly mischievous anal toys, the Silicone Butt Plugs from the Dominant Submissive Collection is absolutely perfect for sharing, and brings to mind all kinds of sexy scenarios.

Two distinct shapes can be used by either him or her, the classic plug is gently tapered and has a wide, super-safe base, while the curvy massager pinpoints either g-spot or prostate. Both are firm, velvety and pliable, and thanks to one of silicone's fantastic features, will warm quickly to match body heat as you play. Use a good water based lube with both of these toys, and lots of it, any anal connoisseur will affirm that plenty of lube is the key to pleasure. Silicone based lubes should be avoided.

A definite must have feature of any anal toy, the Plugs are extremely hygienic and can be sterilized worry-free, you'll be able to use soap and water or a good toy cleaner for quick clean-up, but for a more thorough sterilization, simply pop them in boiling water for a few minutes, or place in the top rack of the dishwasher. Always use a good water based lubricant with these toys to keep the velvety, hypoallergenic silicone material at it's very best.

  • Length: 4"
  • Insertable Length: 3.9"
  • Girth: 4" at largest point
  • Width: 1.1" at largest point
  • Color: Black

SKU: NASS-2370 | UPC: 782631237009 | MPN: 2370 (49)

SKU: NASS-2370 | UPC: 782631237009 | MPN: 2370 (49)

Ratings / Reviews

great for long period use

Feels great not to big for get inner use. Stays in can wear anywear


Perfect pair!

Seriously such a great pair, so pleasurable for both parties. Perfect size for couples just starting out. Great quality for the price.


Great Deal Can't Go Wrong!

Best bang for your buck!


A little small, but work wonders

They were a bit smaller than I was expecting, but I couldn't care less because they fit so comfortably.


Great first plugs

This was our first time buying plugs and my wife was a little iffy about them but it turned out great! Not only did she quickly warm up them during play but she finds them comfortable and wears them throughout the day. I bought them with the intention of using them on her mostly but the prostate stimulation was great and it felt comfortable and stays in place during heavy play sessions


Good product

This is nice product.


Feels great

These are cute lol they are a nice quality and feel great, my only downside is they are smaller than expected. Overall nice product


So far so good...

Two plugs for the price of an 'average' plug, which may be too big/small for you & yours.

The silicone is a smooth touch, and is flexible enough to feel comfortable, but solid enough to not worry about durability.


Great little set

The traditionally shaped plug is great for training, and the curved plug is quite challenging to insert. Both feel excellent once in place, and don't budge once inserted.


so tinny

I decided to give it a try even if many reviews do mention that these are small. Well, small they are, would give 5* if these would have a bit of a bigger size, the design is great and so is the material. I would say maybe for a first butt insertion experience these could be awesome. They should really consider making the same set in bigger sizes. They really are "finger" size.


Great Value And Awesome Products

To be honest, originally I bought this to be used anally for my girlfriend while I have sex with her to simulate double penetration.
I was going to use the prostate one on her since the "base" is only one sided so it won't block my penis.
But she find the size scary so we end up using the straight one, and it still did an awesome job and the base turn out to be not intrusive.
We're not big by any means (5'5") and I feel that this is a good size for us.
Though I find even though the curved big one has bigger size at the widest area, but the smaller straight one actually provide more stimulation since it has a wider area through out more of it's body.
Having 2 for the price of 1 is a huge plus too.
Very satisfied with the product.


Pleasantly surprised

I should have looked a little more closely at the photos, these are a pair of very small plugs (and I am not a small man with a small ass).

But they are very nice. Completely scentless silicone with excellent production. Didn't even notice the blindfold on the packaging or ad copy, which is a cute bonus and goes in the box of other blindfolds.

The small size and excellent quality material does make it so these are truly excellent all-day-wear anal toys.

Woulds definitely recommend to anyone getting into anal play or into all-day-play.


Excellent value

If you're looking for a smaller plug, this set is pretty much the one to get.

All silicone and well shaped at an exceptional price.



I bought this set for both me to have a prostate massager and my wife to have a comfortable plug. This set is a complete winner; the plugs are very good quality and are well designed to be able to insert easily and they naturally get sucked into proper position once insertion starts. The prostate massager works fantastic and the plug is great to for tightening the vaginal cavity during intercourse. A must have and great buy!



This is the best deal in butt plugs.

- They're all-silicone, so you can sanitize them.
- The price is insane.
- The shape of both of them is ingenious. The small tapered one is held by the inner sphincter right at where it's slanting, so that when the sphincter contracts, it pulls the plug deeper into your ass and tickles your butt at the same time. The bigger one presses nicely against the prostate.
- Both have shallow-enough bases that you can wear them under clothing.
- Size is overrated. Not everyone can handle a big plug. Truth is, the parts that feel good with anal toys are mainly the anus itself, and the prostate, not the rectum. These stimulate those perfectly.

BUY THIS. You won't regret it. These are my TWO FAVOURITE non-vibrating anal toys, and I paid less for them than for any of the others.


Awesome value and great to wear everywhere

First things first, yes, the "dominant submissive" thing is a gimmick and the free blindfold is one of those cheap things that you already have plenty of from novelty stores or flying British Airways.
I'd thought that I'd only be interested in the big curvy one since I'm a big-time G-spot girl, as well as to use on my male partners for their prostates. The other one, being conventionally shaped, seemed redundant. But I figured, "Hey, it's silicone, it's a great deal, the other one will just get added to the collection."
Yes, the big one IS perfectly proportioned for both these uses... but to my surprise, the small straight plug's sleek conic form and more gradual taper back down created delightful sensations at the anal sphincter. And while it looks like it has a flat base that would get in the way of the butt cheeks, it is actually small enough to wear around. When you leave it in, the tapered bit tugs gently on the inner part of the sphincter in a teasing way.

Guys and gals, new to anal or experienced, you'll get plenty of use out of both of these.