Entice Accessories Triple Intimate Clamps

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Product Description
Very playfully designed with adventurous nipple (and clitoris!) stimulation connoisseur(s) in mind, CalExotics' Entice collection presents the Triple Intimate Clamps to your pinch-happy pleasure. 

Completely customizable tension-wise, each of three simple rubber-tipped clamp tightens and releases with a twist of a screw for easy adjustment at any point during play. Between the two chained nipple clamps, a long rose-gold center chain drops down to reach your/their nether regions. Just to clarify, yes, the word 'clit' is in the title, but the matching adjustable clamp tipping that downward-facing chain is definitely not limited to clitorises. Position it anywhere that feels good, and play away!

In nickel free iron and phthalate free PVC (clamp tips), the Adjustable Nipple Clips with Clit Clamp are body safe and extra hygienic. Spot clean as needed. 

* The Triple Intimate Clamps are 25.5"/64.75cm in overall length

SKU: CE-2720-20-3 | UPC: 716770078780 | MPN: SE-2720-20-3 (13)


SKU: CE-2720-20-3 | UPC: 716770078780 | MPN: SE-2720-20-3 (13)

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