Beaded Nipple Clamps in Silver

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Beaded Nipple Clamps in Silver

4.47 Based On 36 Reviews

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Great little addition to the "toy box". (Bigray362)

My fiancee absolutely LOVES these. Great addition to the toy box. Drives her wild!

Awesome (Anonymous)

They are amazing. The adjustable screws work great for the right squeeze.

sturdy product (Christina)

I was pleasantly surprised the quality for the price. Clamps are adjustable for the pressure intensity, and the chain is a very good length.

Product description

Tugging and teasing sensitive flesh while dazzling with silvery beaded styling, this classic chained clamp set from applies pleasurable pressure to nipples and beyond, keeping up an unrelenting pinch for long drawn out stimulation.

Simple alligator style closures tipped in plushy black pads grip from two sides once positioned- twist the dial on each to customize pressure and fit. Dangling below, subtly weighted beads and a connector chain tug and tantalize as they rock and jiggle with movement. The total length of the clamps from one end to the other is just over 19 inches.

SKU: CE-2610-10-2 | UPC: 716770033710 | MPN: SE-2610-10-2 (17)

SKU: CE-2610-10-2 | UPC: 716770033710 | MPN: SE-2610-10-2 (17)

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Love it! (Anonymous)

Love this product! It's fully adjustable to fit everyone's needs. I totally recommend this product to everyone, beginners or advanced!

Great (Jon)

These are great little clamps. We have used these on both of us and we are both pleased with the quality, adjust-ability, and price. You can't go wrong with these!

Not for REALLY large nipples (Heather)

My nipples are very wide (3/4" across) and even when adjusted as far out as they would go, these clamps do not fit on my nipples.

Look Nice, but fall off (Kat)

These look sexy but fall off super easily, even when we tighten the clamps.

Big nipples (Matt)

These work great on my wife as she has nipples that stick out. However she can't use them on me because I don't. Not really the products fault but still. We love them.

Nipple Workout (Debbie)

Because my nipples are smaller than average, (like the rest of me!), I wasn't sure that I would keep the clamps attached. They were great, because there is enough adjustability. Once adjusted, not only did they stay on through our sex play, the pleasure/pain was incredible! I always get aroused when my partners suck and play with my nipples, but this was well beyond that. After frequent use, my nipples have become a bit more sensitized, meaning that the arousal factor is much greater. I love them!!

Awesome (Dee30528)

I ordered this last week and I love it!!! Adjustable clamps are wonderful!! Some people complain about them falling off but I found if you tighten them down a little its better and they wont fall off. Clip them on,,,,give a little tug and you are instantly turned on. They are great looking on and the hubby likes them on me too. Turns us both on!!!

Great buy (Kellie)

Great!! Loved these and you can easily adjust the clamps.

Delicious pain (Alwayssinful)

I ordered two different clamps but these ones specifically cause I thought the beads were pretty and would look in photos (and it does). They have screws so you can adjust the pain and how much they pinch. Overall, i love them but even if I unscrew the safety screws all the way they aren't hard enough for me. That said, that is probably just a more me thing and I probably need to invest in a more advanced set. These are great for beginners though or if you have a lower pain tolerance.

Drives her wild! (Bigray362)

My fiancee absolutely LOVES these! She already has very sensitive breasts and nipples to begin with, so with the addition of the clamps, I can make her orgasm twice as easy. Great addition to her "toy box".

Great! (Anonymous)

Love these but wish they went tighter!

Great for the price (Rachel)

These are very high quality for the price when you compare other clamps at the same price point.
They go on and adjust very easily though once you start to tug they do come off pretty fast.
I wish the chain was a little longer so they'd fit in my mouth or through a collar without coming off.

Great buy! (Alex)

Adjustable pressure makes this a great item for beginners up to the more pain savvy people.

Good Show (Jessica)

Feel good going on but without motion or friction loses the desired effect. Quite an attraction to the observer, however.

Love the feel (Anonymous)

great starter nipple clamps for those who want to give nipple play a try

great clamps (laura)

comfortable for me, even on pierced nipples

Wonderful (Jennifer)

Great for beginners

Very sexy toy (SKcuck)

My wife had to have these after using them with one of her boyfriends, she really enjoys them and I think they are super sexy!

Great if your just starting (Anonymous)

the adjustable clamps are great. you can put more or less pressure on your nipples, and the chain is a great length for a little pulling.

Fairly Decent (John)

Good for those folks who don't want too much pressure. Adjustable clamps make getting it right really easy. Chain has a good weight too but the clamps will slip off if too much is added. Although, the sudden release of the clips can be a good thing too if it happens at the right time.

:-/ (Anonymous)

Haven't had the opportunity to try this but am going to tonight :-)

Great (Anonymous)

I thoughgt this product was great because for those with really sensative nipples you can adjust it to whatever you like.

Instant Turn On!! (BF)

I love that these are adjustable! I've had clamps before that weren't and they either fell off or were way too painful. I can control how much pain I have with these. Wonderful!!

good (Anonymous)

good for beginners

Decent Clamps (A Goulding)

They are fairly decent. They are adjustable which is nice, but as a person with small nipples a little more oomph (i.e. harder) would have been nice. The plastic and cheap metal material isn't ideal, but the price was good.

nice for big tit (Sylvain)

My wife got some small nipple that does not came out easily.
Once they get out ... wow ... have some fun :)

Pretty good! (Rick)

adjustable, and nice covers on the clamps to not leave marks. seem to fall off a little when they are not tight enough, so have to watch for a trade off between pain and falling off.

ouch! yay! (Anonymous)

the chain isnt quite long enough to attach through a collar but with adjustable tension they really feel great on the nipples

Great for novice (Anonymous)

I was concerned that these might be too strong but the adjustment gives a wide range of intensities. The rubber grips hold the clamps in place well.

50 shades of awesome sex! (Adriano)

Since I saw the movie I haven't been able to get over my fascincation with BDSM! This toy allowed me to take advantage of my fantasy in new and adventurous ways!