Extreme Silicone O Ring Gag

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I got this as my first gag and couldn't be happier.


Best gag ever!!

Thanks to the fact it's made of silicone, it's most likely the most comfortable gag out there. And being an o-ring I fkd that mouth like never before.



This was our first o-ring gag but not our first gag. I picked this one because I was worried that bare metal on teeth would eventually result in a trip to the dentist.

The silicone is great, easy to clean, and has no taste or smell. It's very comfortable once on and doesn't dig in anywhere. I would definitely recommend this gag to anyone wanting to buy an O-Ring gag.

Product description

A sexy, high end alternative for bondage and fetish enthusiasts, the Silicone O-Ring Gag is a luxurious version of a classic play tool that very effectively keeps the submissive partner quiet and cooperative by filling the mouth, keeping the tongue in check and mouth open wide.

Comprised entirely of odorless, tasteless medical grade 100% silicone, right down the the straps,  the Gag is wonderfully supple where it counts, but certainly firm enough to keep the wearer in line. The soft, stretchy silicone straps allow for the most precise positioning and an ideal amount of oral tension.

As the O-ring keeps the mouth open and accessible, the incomparably smooth material will warm and conform to the curves of the face, as mentioned, there's no taste or odor to silicone, just perfect, pleasurable constriction. Silicone can be boiled or bleached for total sterilization, so the Gag is well suited to sharing, for everyday cleanup, warm soapy water or a good toy cleaner will do the trick.

The ring portion of the O-Ring Gag is a manageable 1.5 inches (3.8cm).

SKU: PD-3699-23 | UPC: 603912327816 | MPN: PD369923 (11)

SKU: PD-3699-23 | UPC: 603912327816 | MPN: PD369923 (11)

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Great quality product. Some said they found it too big we found it perfect for us. He was supper excited to try this and was not disappointed and I wasn t disappointed with the fit and how comfortable it was to wear. For anyone interested in buying one I highly recommend this one, NOT a metal ring. Metal is sooo bad for your teeth and will break them down over time. The price was amazing next to any sex shop or other online retailers. Item was EXACTLY as described.


Soft, comfortable though small ring

We purchased this type of gag for my Mistress to use on me to provide oral services. The o-ring is made of silicone, making it very comfortable to wear. It s effective in keeping my mouth open, to accept whatever my Mistress requires me to take. The o-ring inner diameter is on the small size however, which limits who my Mistress can select for me to service orally.


O ring inner circumference too small

Overall good quality and comfortable product. Unfortunately the O ring inner circumference is too small at 1 1/2 to accommodate a modest toy or average sized man.


Not as squishy as we'd hoped

Still a fairly large o-ring, and not as squishy as we'd hoped. Slides out of place when trying to use with fellatio. Otherwise excellent quality; YMMV.


comfortable and great

the ring was the perfect size, didn't leave a bad taste in your mouth and worked out great. My partner seemed to really enjoy which made it that much better!



The gag was comfortable.


Great though small

This open mouth gag has a great feel when it's in my mouth so it's very confortable and leaves me no choice other than take what's offered in my mouth. Only issue is that O ring diameter is a little too small.



Very comfortable, but the inner diameter is a little small.


Great product

Comfortable, easily washable, and well sized for the user. Easily adjustable for a variety of head sizes.



Oh my... my mouth looks sexy with this in there! The silicone protects the teeth so that is a very good thing.
Initially hubby was scared he was being to rough...so he started gently at first.... but the sight, the sound, the feel... well it has him filling my throat in moments!
The only con to this is the size of the ring... hubby just fits... and well as how it sits in the mouth... I had to chomp down on it, the whole time he was assaulting my mouth, to keep it in place.

If it had 2 straps perhaps... one around the mouth and one to go higher up on the head it might stay in place better.


Great O Ring!!

This O Ring is comfortable and showed up faster than I expected.



Very pleased with this product! The silicone is easy to clean and more durable than any of the leather versions I've had.


No bad taste

And good fit. Circle is a little larger in diameter than expected but that's not always a bad thing.


Great material, may be too large for some

Comfortable and easy to wear - no 'digging in' to the skin over extended wear, and the closure has a ring for a small padlock if interested :)

O ring is large enough to fit even well-endowed individuals :)


Great Chioce for first O-Ring gag

We selected this gag as it had a silicone coating. When received it was a little bit to big but he metal core is easily reshaped with a firm grip to adjust it permanently. With a couple minutes of work it fit comfortably while still leaving full access


Bigger than expected...

It is rather large and my wife can only wear it for a short amount of time before she gets sore... But she's a smaller girl. It works and looks great...


Best one we've tried

This is our third gag and by far the best. The ball gag we have cuts the corners of your mouth and makes is very uncomfortable to wear. This one is silicone covered where it needs to be and is quite comfortable. The o-ring design allows for other things to enter where a ball gag wouldn't allow.


Better than conventional

There are cheaper and more expensive o-ring gags, but this is one of the few silicone o-ring gags and that's important.

Faux leather and other fabrics are going to fall apart, fall apart fast. Actual leather has issues with moisture, and even though it's fairly tough, isn't as tough as silicone.

Silicone is wear resistant. It's tough, smooth, and flexible. It's easy to clean. It's comfortable to wear. It will last.


Too big :(

Silicone feels amazing however the o-ring was too big for my mouth :(
I'm not a stranger to ball gags so it was a shock when Master and I learned that it was too big for my mouth