Fetish Fantasy Curved Douche / Enema

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Fetish Fantasy Curved Douche / Enema

4.2 Based On 15 Reviews

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Good (Anonymous)


Amazing clean (Onyx)

Not painful and really does the job

Gets the job done (Anonymous)

Good product. Gets the job done!

Product description

A simple cleansing system with a body-conscious contoured applicator perfect for both men and women, Fetish Fantasy's Curved Douche/Enema is an easy, comfortable, perfectly manageable way to cleanse hard to reach areas.

A large, supple bulb at the end controls suction within the curvy applicator, just place the tip in your chosen fluid while compressing the bulb to fill the reservoir, (or fill the bulb before attaching the applicator), and squeeze again to release. The applicator is evenly perforated at the tip, distributing evenly once inside, it's nice and firm for exact, comfortable placement, and screws quickly off the bulb portion for impeccably thorough cleaning. The Curved is 10 inches long when assembled, with 5 inches available for insertion. Holds up to 10.14oz (300 ml).

SKU: PD-3921-23 | UPC: 603912323641 | MPN: PD392123 (24)

SKU: PD-3921-23 | UPC: 603912323641 | MPN: PD392123 (24)

Ratings / Reviews

Better than expected (Vanessa)

I like how you can take the bubble and the nozzle apart to clean and fill it easily. Its very smooth and comfortable to slide in if you're using it anally. It also doesn't leak. There's really nothing to complain about here. The curved nozzle helps if you like to set the douche on the ground to 'sit' on it. Have no complaints ^-^

Works great (Anonymous)

First time using one of these. Cleans it out great for anal play. Doesn't cause any discomfort either.

good for travel (Anonymous)

Great for travel. The seal on it isn't too great. Sometimes the water spills out of the bulb, but over all it does the job.

daddy (Anonymous)

Works well a couple bottles full of warm water and she's clean as a whistle.

Not bad (Anonymous)

I love the size of the bulb, it holds a lot of water which makes things easy. ....what I am not super impressed with is the screw top. You must grip tightly to get everything apart and back together. If it is not tightened on just right, a lot of water leaks out.

That being said, the size of the bulb truly is a wonderful thing. With my last kit, I had to fill the bulb three times instead of just once.

Wow! (Steve)

Male. Not gay. Just like stimulation back there. This thing cleans it up perfectly. Its a neat, different and satisfying experience. Squat all the way down it will slide right it with no discomfort. Lubed up of course.

Needed this for a long time :) (Taylor)

I have always had an interest in anal play with my partner (both ways ^_^) and now I can finally feel secure. This product does the job well. I gave it four stars because it does leak, but the water reservoir is large enough that the amount of water leaking out is not sufficent enough to hinder its usage. This product is great for travel, as I've took it on the go many times. It also came with a nice surprise blindfold!

Does the trick! and well! (Canada vers-btm)

Great option quality/price!

Does the job a douche should do and is comfortable.

Great (Anonymous)

Great product, holds a lot of water and reaches far inside. Great at what it does maybe too much! Haha
Pros : black, holds a lot, good curve, holes on the sides to wash properly, easy to assemble and wash.
Cons: there are hollow lines on the tip of it that makes it hard to hold water when pushing it on. The screw part tends to pop up when pressing because of the pressure so it might leak.

Works as intended (Jay)

Very simple device and highly effective. Does seem to leak when squeezed but doesn't hinder performance

Works Great (Anonymous)

Great product. Nothing else to say.

So So (Anonymous)

Tends to leak. Very hard to get the nozzle securely attached, so make sure you are prepared for that. Otherwise an OK tool