Fetish Fantasy Incredible Sex Stool

Based On 11 Reviews

Fetish Fantasy Incredible Sex Stool

Based On 11 Reviews

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Best thing since sliced bread (Christine)

This bench is now the most valuable thing in our sex toy department. I can ride my husband forever on this thing. I can sit above his face and squirt in his mouth. We rate this higher than our wedge and swing. A must for all those who love sex.

Love it! (Amy)

So far, girl on top and doggy are so much easier on me. When you don't have to put as much energy into it, you can focus more on the pleasure. We both love this and would recommend it to anyone! A must have!

Great rim stool (HC)

Bought this as a rim stool and it was perfect for the job (gay male here). It's a little high off the floor, so it's best used on a mattress to sink in nicely above your man's face.

Also, when not in use, it can be perfectly disguised as a hotel luggage holder for your backpack, bags, whatever. And only you will be the wiser ;)

Product description

Get into the most adventurous of positions with some help from the Incredible Sex Stool. This sturdy stool lets you experience nearly weightless sex, with the pressure off the tighs, hips and back. It's designed to play hard, with a heavy duty tubular steel frame that holds up to 300 pounds. Flexible, wide plastic straps in the seat cradle you securely, and are adjustable. Assembling the Stool is easy and quick, and it can pass for a regular old stool, so you can keep it in plain sight for lots of use.

SKU: PD-2198-00 | UPC: 603912247411 | MPN: PD219800 (11)

SKU: PD-2198-00 | UPC: 603912247411 | MPN: PD219800 (11)

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Great Fit (Debbie)

I was concerned about the height of the stool, but it has worked very well for all of us. If the man isn't quite long enough in positions where he lays on the floor, a pillow or two fixes that. It is sturdy. We love it.

Fetish Fantasy Sex Stool (Belle)

This extremely lightweight stool is much sturdier than we expected. It goes together very quickly with no tools necessary. The height was perfect for us for doggie style and pegging. The two plastic straps were slightly adjustable, which allowed us to adjust it for comfort. My only complaint about the stool is that it does not fold up in any way. It is discrete looking so it could be left out in a bedroom, but if you are lacking space like we are it would have been nice if it could be folded up and put under the bed.

Sex stool (Anonymous)

Wasn’t sure if it would be worth the $, but we love it! Look forward to trying new fun ways to play!!

Tantalizing! (JD)

We decided together on ordering this sex chair. We both work at keeping things fresh and interesting because we both love sex, so it was a no brainer. We have a door swing and a soft bondage kit but they take time to set up and you have to plan. This is spontaneous!
The seat arrived after its long cold journey five days after ordering. We got the parts out to acclimatize and warm up before assembly. After putting it together we let it sit some more. Later that evening we couldn’t wait to get on the chair and get busy. My wife really found it comfortable and fun to try different positions on. This chair will now be a fixture in our sex play and lovemaking going forward.

one of my faves (Anonymous)

Had a heck of a time fitting this thing together. It took a lot of force, some vaseline, and plenty of swearing. Now that the hard part is over, we both love this thing. Before we got this, reverse cowgirl was out of the question because of her bad knees, but thanks to this, she's back in saddle! Yee-haw!

Good but... (Anonymous)

I think this is a great item. Looking forward to putting it to more use.
I will point out a few things to be careful of though...
On bare floors or beds, careful of the tippiness.
Use on a stable surface is best and carpet or something rather than a bare floor that provides zero traction.
The other is that I had such a difficult time putting it together. (What lost that fifth star was the difficulty I had with assembly and the final product)

LadyWu (Anonymous)

It was a bit of a struggle for me to put together by myself, but I'm happy with the end result!

love it! (Anonymous)

Having a mobility impairment this stool allows me to be on top with a lot of ease. The only thing that my husband had issue with was the bolts. Depending on how he is laying they dig into his legs.