Nipple Bull Rings in Silver

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A classically sexy pair of Nipple Bull Rings from Pipedream, these big, non-piercing loops look fantastic on, while doing double duty as nipple clamps, providing a sexy pinch that holds tight through almost any sexual escapade.

Clinging securely to the tips of the nipples thanks to natural tension, simply pull the rings apart to attach and remove- perfectly spherical balls on the tips eliminate edges and discomfort.

SKU: PD-3603-26 | UPC: 603912138184 | MPN: PD360326 (0)


SKU: PD-3603-26 | UPC: 603912138184 | MPN: PD360326 (0)

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Based On 47 Reviews
Nipple Bull Rings


Hard to believe the quality you get for such a low price. Yes, as other reviews mention, they are VERY VERY VERY pinchy and you WILL need to use your fingers to stretch them open so they'll fit comfortably, but they are pretty easy to adjust. After working them with my fingers for a few minutes and figuring out how far I could open/bend them (a lot, they are super sturdy) I left them clamped onto a tin of Pink Cherry Arousal Balm. It's the perfect size to stretch out the rings without messing up the curve or risking making them crooked. I really am amazed at how adjustable these are. You can adjust them to pinch hard or just a little and you can set them anywhere on your nipple, closer to the tip or way back so you can tug the rings and they won't come off. A great choice for folks who aren't sure about nipple clamps but don't want to spend $30 on a fancy adjustable pair just to find out if they like it or not.

Nipple Bull Rings

A little tight, a little painful but isn't that the point? ;)

Love them. So hot.

Nipple Bull Rings


I love these...they were a little tight when I first got them, but I stretched them out a little and now they are the sensation they give me and they don't fall off like other ones I've tried.

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