Fetish Fantasy Series Sensual Hot Wax Candles

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Very Exciting

Love this it really ads to the pleasure of it all, We're going to be ordering some more soon!


So thrilling

These were so exciting, not too hot (temperature wise) but super hot for the bedroom ;)



Haven't used yet, but the candles were larger than I had assumed they would be! Great bang for your buck!

Product description

Turn up the heat on playtime with a Sensual Hot Wax Set. This little kit from the Fetish Fantasy Series includes 4 white, unscented hot wax candles that you can light up and drip slowly on your lover once you've blindfolded them with the included mask. The combination of heat and the unexpected adds lots of excitement to foreplay. As with any candle, use with care.

SKU: PD-2109-00 | UPC: 603912107722 | MPN: 2109-00 (213)

SKU: PD-2109-00 | UPC: 603912107722 | MPN: 2109-00 (213)

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I like these a lot. They are great for just starting out with hot wax. Not too hot.


Pour that wax

Wax play is so sensual. As a submissive, my idea of fun is to watch my sexual partner pour the wax as the sting hits my skin. Would recommend any kink-interested and BDSM enthusiasts to try, because it is really worth it.


just buy it

these are the best product Ive ever purchased online. each drop make me crazy. absolute pleasure.Thanks for quick delivery.


Just staring

This was an awesome way to start wax play! loves that it comes with a blind fold!


Warm Wonders

I wanted to try wax play so badly! So I read up on it and needed to find actual candles I could use, luckily here it didn't cost me an arm and a leg so I bought some! It was worth it!! The price is right, the color of the candle is perfect, I would say the other ones would get really hot especially a black one so the white for me is a win, I like it most on my legs a sting of wax cooled by some ice, trying it with a blindfold is a must and if the heat gets to much just ask your partner to lift it a bit higher, totally a nice risk and add to your fun times.



Great addition to any tickle trunk


So worth a try

Great for beginner wax play. Very glad to find candles that are unscented, although unscented colors would've been great.


Hot, hot, hot!

Little hot at the beginning but really enjoyed the feeling in the end. My boyfriend would drip the wax all over my body while I was blindfolded, let me tell you it turned me on alot more then I ever thought. I can't wait to use them again!



Not much needs to be said except that if you've never tried wax before add this bad boy to your cart, worth the money to try



Great product and very fast delivery!


Turn up the heat!

My partner really was excited to try these. Comes with a blindfold. It was such a turn on for her. It paid off for me. ;)


Lots of Fun

I agree with another review I saw that colours would be fantastic, but these are great for starting out.

They are narrow, so you can't build up too much wax, and they are a tad hot (but that can be counteracted by increasing the distance between the candle and your partner's skin).

Either way, it's lots of fun.


ouch....but do it again.....

we found it a little hot for a beginner....colors would be a little fun to add. if u find it a little too hot try holding it really high to get use to it. also u can create a valley in the side of the candle starting from the top to the bottom that will allow it to cool a bit before hitting the skin