Forta for Men Enhancing Supplement 2 Pack

Based On 59 Reviews

Forta for Men Enhancing Supplement 2 Pack

4.61 Based On 59 Reviews

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Works for me (steve)

Took two pills and in a half hour it worked for me. Bought more and it does seem to last for a couple of days

Great stuff (Steve)

Take two on an empty stomach and away you go. Will last a couple of days. Fast and strong erections.

Really works! (Anonymous)

Bought the product, it works great, with absolutely no side effects. I followed the instructions on the package, and I actually started to feel the effects in about 20 minutes. The best part is, that it actually seemed to stay with me for the next 3 days as well.

Product description

Increasing energy and libido, improving blood flow for a stronger, lasting erection and assisting with duration and stamina, Forta's For Men contains a potent blend of traditional herbs and extracts that can assist with all areas of a man's sexual experience.

Aside from these obvious benefits, For Men also boosts general physical wellness, which, along with the fatigue-banishing properties, could certainly have a very positive impact on sexual doings, not to  mention desire.

Take 1-2 capsules daily with warm water on an empty stomach, if possible. As with any supplement, talk to your doctor if you have medical or physical issues before beginning a regimen. 2 Pack. DIN#80045132

SKU: FORT-000014 | UPC: 805974000014 | MPN: FTM2 (1288)

SKU: FORT-000014 | UPC: 805974000014 | MPN: FTM2 (1288)

Ratings / Reviews

Works (Anonymous)

Seems to work great but wife can't keep her hands off either way

Endurance (Anonymous)

Took 1 pill the first night, decent results, session was longer but not by a lot. Second night took another, then they must have kicked in with both barrels. The wife definitely had a smile on her face this morning. No side effects so I would recommend them for a pick me up.

an OK supplement (Anonymous)

bought it to fill out my order. Mildly happy with it. Would not buy it again but can't diss it either.

Forta en pronto (Bud)

Works great! No side effects

Amazing (StrangerBob)


Wow (Anonymous)

Didn’t thought it was going to work but hubby was harder than usual the whole time.
Will be buying more occasionally.
No side effects, so that’s a big win.

Amazing (Analnonymous)

Nuff said!

Not for me... (Doug)

Just didn't do much for me unfortunately, a little extra tingle on the end of my penis after ejaculation, but no disernable extra stiffness.

Boners with Molly (Molly)

It works. Take 2. Get rolling. Stay hard.

Good product (Anonymous)

Works great

Works for real (Anonymous)

You have to try this.

Additional power (Anonymous)

I bought Forta for men because I wanted to last longer than 2 hours for my wife. I took the 2 pills 2 hours before our love making. We both were impressed. I lasted almost 6 hours and I was able to leave my wife fully satisfied and totally exhausted. The pill keeps you fully extended even after ejaculating up to 4 times. Love it. Will definitely be purchasing more in the future.

It sure works!!! (Anonymous)

No ED problems here, but I ran across this product and decided to give it a shot.
I was curious to see if it would give me just a bit of a "kick" for those weekend getaway "marathons"......
And yes! The difference was noticeable. An amazing feeling of increased intensity and stamina.... But the most obvious difference was the "recovery" time. Back "on line" in almost no time!
I definitely recommend the product.
And yes.... Pop 2 of them.

It works great (Travis)

Literally within 10 minutes I was super horny, my erection was harder than ever! Made me last twice as long as I normally do during sex, this stuff is great! Only downside is the price

Great product! (Anonymous)

I don't have any sexual dysfunctions, but I decided to give this a try for the hell of it, and let's just say she noticed something was different! I finished sooo hard and it was sooo good! I recommend at least giving this a try!
Note: it doesn't say this on the packaging, but the official website says to take 2 capsules if you are a first timer in order to feel the full effects.

Works (Mike)

Works for me keeps me hard and horny

This is gold (Anonymous)

This tablet works great magic, makes you rock hard and last long. I would buy it again n again.


This stuff is great works fast 30 min ish I found and man did it make me ready to rock! Will buy again for our next night away!

Crazy (Jake)

Crazy crazy crazy, every man should use this atleast once, things get crazy crazy

It works (JTH)

I was impressed with the results. A stiff breeze will give me an erection with Forta. It does last 2-3 days. I ordered a 10 pack after trying the 2 pack because it worked so well. I found only using 1 pill is enough. The first time I used both pills in the 2 pack, it made me slightly jittery. I did have some drinks and had a very empty stomach, but the results were still fantastic.

excellent (Anonymous)


Re-ordered another 5 boxes! (S & K)

this is now the 3rd time ordering and get excited every time. Also had some time to experiment with the times taking Forta(and how many 1 vs 2) and have never had a negative experience. Only smiles all the way around. Also gave one box as a gift to a friend to try out and confirm results. After a night out with a girl his response said it all...."Oh yeah!". When I think of the cost/benefit of this product I'm blown away. It's sells for $12.99, and you'll soon find 1 capsule of 2 in a box is more than enough! This site often has 25% discounts on, which gets you a box for just under $10....that's roughly $5/capsule!! Literally the "best bang for your buck
I primarily seen this as a great enhancer for me and my wife, but after experiencing the "hard erection on command" for up to 3 days, I can say it is a great enhancer for any male single or attached. I can imagine the huge confidence any male would have going out on a Friday/Saturday and what his potential partner would encounter! "Whisky dick" will not be a factor...just that added boost from Forta and the fun times that will come with it.
In all, take one capsule at any point in the late afternoon. I recommend an hour or so prior to a night out. That's all I've found you'll need, but if sex becomes imminent and you want to go crazy, take the second! And that will cover you for great morning sex the following day, and maybe like me, the day after that and then the next.
AMAZING! 10/10
**one note I will make, is you may/will experience some very hard "morning wood"...just be aware**

nice product (Anonymous)

Still looking for pack of ten which i never get on this site.try to get stock.

Best Product Out There! (Anonymous)

This product actually gives you results. Very satisfied to say the least!

Best product I have ever purchased! (Challenger)

Try or you will never find this level of product!

Surprisingly works (Anonymous)

I was skeptical about this stuff. I read about it on a forum and decided to give it a try. Well, it works. I do feel a difference when I use it and when I don't, more energy and quick response to go again. Only side effect I get is a stuffy nose the next day.

works well (steve)

Love this stuff 2 on an empty tummy and works for 2-3 days

so hard so aroused (Anonymous)

Never expected it can be this effective, got really hard and the effect lasted for a long time.

As advertised (Anonymous)

Works pretty great - GF loves it. Great if you pop

Amazing product! Can't recommend enough!!! (S & K)

After purchasing(and using), I can easily say this is the BEST product my wife and I have picked up on this site! I've never had an issue getting it up(other than the odd "performance issue" due to alcohol). But like many guys, as you age the degree of ones hard on, and also how quick it gets hard can vary from time to time.

I took my first pill around 3PM while my wife was still at work. Within an hour or so, I could sense something was going on. Along from making a certain area very sensitive, I was getting a very turned on sensation. A good "throbbing" type feeling. The best way I can describe it is when I was a teen in high school and any sexual thought would cause some swelling in the cock. This was no different with Forta! My wife wasn't going to be home until after six, and I can say my cock had several rock hard erections in that mean time. Worried that the effects may wear off by the time she could benefit, I took the second pill around 530. One pill is guaranteed amazing performance.....two will and did induce the hardest and biggest hard on's I've had in a long time! Forta truly does super charge your cock and sex drive. It's a very confident feeling knowing what's coming after you take Forta, and like most great sex, confidence is the most crucial aspect. And it rubs off on your partner, as he/she can't help get caught up in your super charged self. The effects are as pronounced as immediately after, but you will have a hyper sensitive cock for 2-3 days after. I've since then re-ordered 5 boxes because I'm so pleased.

I found, take one pill for a solid night with the best hard on you(and your partner) will mutually enjoy. Take two for a special night of wild sex! The best way I can describe Forta is "having the cock of your teens, with the mindset and mature sexual experience of an adult". Perfect