Intimina Lily Cup Menstrual Cup in Size B

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Product Description
Neat, oh-so comfortable, and much more eco-conscious than some other options (looking at you, pads and tampons!), the Intimina Lily Cup Collapsible Menstrual Cup is a convenient, progressive period solution perfect for lives on the go.

In 100% body medical grade silicone, the thoughtfully angled and super-smooth Lily Cup is reliably body safe, washable and reusable. The flexible, silky shape rolls as thin as a tampon, making it easy for people with a higher cervix to position it just right. The no-spill rim provides a supreme seal, and there's a handy removal stem to grip when it's time to take your Cup out. 

If you've given birth vaginally, or have a weaker pelvic floor, the Size B Lily Cup option is ideal for you. It's also a great choice if your flow tends to be heavier. 

Your Intimina Lily Cup provides up to eight hours of hassle-free period protection, depending on your flow level. Covers lightest to heaviest flow. Storage pouch included.

SKU: LELO-276109 | UPC: 7350022276109 | MPN: 5433 (0)


SKU: LELO-276109 | UPC: 7350022276109 | MPN: 5433 (0)

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Based On 1 Reviews
Intimina Lily Cup Menstrual Cup


I received my Lily cup at the end of my last cycle so I only got to use it for one light flow day but I m quite happy so far. I ve been using a Diva Cup for 11 years and the Lily Cup is a huge upgrade! As someone with a high cervix, I really appreciate the long length. Taking it out is much easier than the Diva cup as I can more easily reach the base. However, if you have a low cervix this cup might not work for you. I love how silky smooth the silicone is, and that the ridge faces inside and doesn t protrude, making it very comfortable. When ordering, I thought it would be really flimsy but the ridge and base are reinforced and there is a spine inside to support the cup s structure.

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