Renegade Large Fantasy Extension in Clear

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When was the last time you looked at something under a magnifying glass? We're betting that for most of you (us included), it's been awhile. Magnifying glasses use a curved, or convex, for you science types - piece of glass to distort an object, making it look bigger to the eye. Okay, enough physics. You won't need to use a magnifying glass to make your or your partner look bigger with Renegade's Large Fantasy Extension. The crystal clear, naturally curvy nature of the soft jelly material will do the work for you, plus, the penis or strap-on in question will actually BE bigger. That's the magic of a really great extension sleeve, folks! 

Forget pumping, pills and complicated enlarger type devices - just slip on the Large Fantasy Extension to add extra length, more thickness and some exciting visuals to playtime.

Sliding into place with the help of a favourite water lube, the stretchy Large holds tight to your/their shaft. It's extra soft through the sleeve, but nice and firm up top, plus, it loops securely over the scrotum for a super-secure fit.  If you've got a penis, or are playing with one, the full coverage design helps with over-stimulation and could even delay orgasm. Win/win! 

The Renegade Large Fantasy Extension is skin safe and extra easy to clean. Use lots of warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam before and after use. Compatible with any favourite water-based lube. 

* The Large is approximately 9.25"/23.5cm in un-stretched length and 1.9"/4.8cm thick. Penetrable length is approximately 6"/15.2cm. Base ring stretches from about 1.5"/3.8cm

SKU: NSN-1115-91 | UPC: 657447102905 | MPN: NSN-1115-91 (0)

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SKU: NSN-1115-91 | UPC: 657447102905 | MPN: NSN-1115-91 (0)

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Based On 1 Reviews
Renegade Large Fantasy Extension


This is quite large. A little bigger than I expected for girth, but feels amazing!

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