Sean Michaels Love Ring

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Product Description
Slipping quickly over the base of the cock in question and adjusting perfectly to size, Sean Micheals Love Ring offers tons of secure placement possibilities to enhancement seekers of all experience levels.

Made of a super silky latex, the Stud keeps him snugly reigned in without sacrificing comfort. Simply slide the two wood beads upwards or down to customize size- the Love Ring adjusts to approximately 2.5 inches of stretchy diameter.

*Please note that this ring is comprised of a natural rubber latex, and should be avoided by those with latex allergies.

SKU: CE-1410-11-3 | UPC: 716770008305 | MPN: SE-1410-11-3 (0)


SKU: CE-1410-11-3 | UPC: 716770008305 | MPN: SE-1410-11-3 (0)

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Based On 3 Reviews
Sean Michaels Love Ring

Nice fit

Like how it is adjustable.. Also doesn't pull hair out like many cheaper ones do

Sean Michaels Love Ring

Super versitile cock ring, fits any way you weant, you just need to be careful to not pinch your skin

Super versatile cock ring, fits any way you want, you just need to be careful to not pinch your skin, the packaging is funnier in person, me and my girlfriend had a good laugh

Sean Michaels Love Ring

First try for a cock ring

I was interested in trying one out for those times when it just isn't behaving. I'd seen this one in Good Vibrations' catalog years ago, and the price was certainly right, so I ordered it up. I'm giving it a neutral rating not because I don't think it's a good product, rather because I don't think I like the way cock rings work. It kept me hard, but it was a bulging, veiny hard rather than what normally comes from within. That might be something one gets used to, but I didn't like the way it felt all that much. Also, as I was getting ready to come I realized I was pretty effectively clamped off and I'd have to undo it quickly before shooting, and trimming some hairs around the base would have helped with that. I'll probably give it a few more tries, and might even try a different one that has a quick-release of some sort, before making up my mind on these things.

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