Sex & Mischief Please Crop

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Squealing and giggling as she tried crawling over the furniture, clad only in her bra and panties, I reach out with my crop and with a quick snap, leave perfect little impressions all over her well-shaped butt. We've played this game many time in the past and I've never lost. 

Featuring sexy stinging smoothness and a classic folded tip that cracks with intimidation, Sex & Mischief's Please Crop delivers distinct sensation to a well-deserved spanking.

Long and firm, a sturdy handle gracing the base,  the Please is secure and stable in hand- loop the oversized wrist strap over the hand for maximum control. In deep black vegan leather with nickel free metallic accents, the Tease Crop wipes clean in a flash.

* The Please Crop measures approximately 23.25" (59cm) in length and 1.5" (3.8cm)

SKU: SS-770198 | UPC: 646709770198 | MPN: SS77019 (0)


SKU: SS-770198 | UPC: 646709770198 | MPN: SS77019 (0)

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Based On 7 Reviews
Sex & Mischief Please Crop


This has brought a lot of fun for me and the hubby. Great to tease each other with. Very nicely made and has a wonderful " crack" sound when striking without leaving marks.

Sex & Mischief Please Crop

my Mistress adores crops

my Mistress especially enjoys using this particular crop from Her selection as it s strong. She uses it to administer extreme judicial punishment, as when She delivers each deliberate stroke with full force, it s very painful, leaving heavy lasting marks.

Sex & Mischief Please Crop

Good quality

First for us on this kind, we love it.

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