Silk Hybrid Lubricant in 8.5oz/255ml

Based On 25 Reviews

Silk Hybrid Lubricant in 8.5oz/255ml

4.96 Based On 25 Reviews

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Great for lengthy sessions (D)

I've been using this lube exclusively for anal play and I haven't come across any other brand that lasts as long without getting sticky or drying up. It stays slick and definitely does the trick!

Best lube ever (Anonymous)

Best all-purpose lube I've ever used

Super slippery (Anonymous)

Long lasting slippery lube, great for solo or couples play. Great for anal, lasts a long time and doesn't dry out. And major bonus it doesn't stain.

Product description

Lending its incomparably silky, amazingly natural texture to sexual pursuits of all types, Silk represents an ingenious marriage between two Wet favorites. With the incredibly slippery, easy spreading glide of a water based lubricant and the long lasting smoothness silicone, Silk was created to feel just as natural as possible in and around the body.

Absolutely ideal for both vaginal and anal sex as well as masturbation, Silk is also perfect for toy play, effortlessly eliminating unwanted friction from glass, plastic, rubber and steel pleasure objects. A fantastic choice for massage as well, this hybrid lube contains real hydrolyzed silk for the most velvety texture imaginable. Silk cleans easily with warm water, and won't stain sheets or clothing. Though condom safe and compatible with most toy materials, Silk should not be used with silicone toys and gear.

  • Size: 8.5 oz
  • Flavor: Unflavored
  • Special Features: Anal Lube, Glycerin Free, Hypoallergenic, Masturbation Lube, Paraben Free, pH Balanced, Unscented, Vegan Friendly

SKU: SL-000197 | UPC: 894147000197 | MPN: 019 (137)

SKU: SL-000197 | UPC: 894147000197 | MPN: 019 (137)

Ratings / Reviews

Slick and Long (Ken)

So good, I actually might use the whole bottle without shopping for a replacement!

Alone or with a friend (Happy GF)

I tested out a new lube! I'm very particular to glycerin lubes but I was quite surprised with this silicone water base blend. It definitely glides and you don't need to reapply as often. Great for Bj's, playing alone or with a friend. No chafing as per BF. Does not become watery and I definitely will repurchase.

Very versatile (Martin)

It's so nice and long lasting, good for all sorts of play. I've bought this because my silicon lube was finished, and it is as good. It's good to know that it is all natural.

very nice for solo pleasure (Anonymous)

the best to use with a masturbator.

Slick & Long Lasting (T)

I had been using System JO H20 Anal lube, but the switch to the sliquid hybrid lube has been amazing. The lube is super slick and long lasting while looking like cum (if you're into that ;). We've used this for vaginal, anal and with silicone toys with great results.

The only brand (kim)

It maybe a bit more expensive, but it's worth it for peace of mind for your body and your toys! Silicone hybrids you usually don't pair with silicone toys but I've had zero problems with sliquid. Get this one, it doesn't dry out like the h2o one and works with whatever activity you're into

Best Lube of All Brands (Anonymous)

Best lube ever tried will not use anything else

Another A+ Sliquid Product (Julien)

Sliquid seems to have hit it out of the park yet again with Silk! An extra slippery version of their classic lube, perfect for lasting longer or for anal.
Doesn't get sticky, isn't smelly, doesn't leave your skin irritated or slimey - pretty much the perfect lube!

Good stuff (F)

Great, very slippery, without feeling greasy. I like that it's very organic as my skin can be a bit sensitive. Definitely recommend.

Excellent For Anal (Anonymous)

Finally found a long lasting lube that plays well with silicone toys. Most of mine are tantus. Do a apot spot test first. A small spray bottle of with water is great for reactivation. One small mist and your back in action.

The Best! (M)

I was using Sliquid Sassy for anal play but was tired of always having to reapply. After some research i decided to try this, and it is PERFECT! Dont have to reapply very often, and its compatible with all kinds of toys. This is great for short play sessions or also longer term plugging. Buy it!

My favorite lube (J)

This is a water-base lube with 12% silicone added, making it very slippery and a nice hybrid solution for those who don't want to buy something with lots of non-organic ingredients but don't want to have to reapply the lube every 5 minutes.
Although you're never supposed to use a silicone lube with a silicone toy, I've found that my high-quality silicone toys (i.e. from Tantus) fare just fine with this lube. I would spot test first on the base of your toy though before first use just to make sure.
Since I can use my silicone toys with a partner with this lube, and the lube itself lasts a long time, this is my favorite lube to date. It's also paraben-free and glycerin-free, both which are things you always want to avoid (parabens have been linked in some studies to cancer; glycerin is sugar and can cause vaginal yeast infections). Hope this helps!

Finally a lube we love (Anonymous)

Stop searching. This one is it. Great lubricant and doesn't get sticky.

Great switch (Anonymous)

Was looking for another option after using liquid silk, this is as good if not better

Great hybrid lube! (Phil)

Great lube for anal and toys that recommend water based lube. This hybrid outlast any fully water based three times over without using any harmful chemials. Also safe with some silicone toys, test a small area first and look for any changes on the surface of toy.

Great Lube! (Anonymous)

Great mix of natural feeling, non-drying, and pleasant smelling lube. The silicone mix isn't too slippery like most silicone lubes, and it still feels very natural like water based lubes without drying out as quickly. The best part, is that it doesn't bother my sensitive lady bits like other lubes have! Definitely recommend buying, and definitely will buy again!

Best. Lube. Ever, (Alexis)

Amazing lube. Because of the silicone it lasts extremely extremely long and its very slick aka feels AMAZING! but it also has the benefit of water aka won't turn wood floors into a skating rink won't stain and washes off with water. It also never feels tacky or gross or clumps up when it drys like other cheaper lubes.
I wouldn't say its an oral lube but it has Virtually no taste so it could be used that way in a pinch however it is amazing for any Vaginal sex ( I use it on all of my toys and dildos, including silicone toys with out any problems with the materials).
I honestly couldn't recommend this product enough.

Best lube on the market (tunnel of love)

I love this lube! long lasting, slick and, in my opinion, the best anal lube available.

Great Dupe For Liquid Silk (Kate Katz)

Liquid Silk is - for many - the absolute best in silicon lubes. However it can be hard to find and rather costly. This lube is an awesome dupe that is affordable, and much easier to find! Never gets sticky or tacky, never leaves me feeling greasy after washing it off. No matter what sort of play you enjoy, this lube should be along for the ride!

WOW (Anonymous)

Best purchase ever! Does not compare to drug store bands. Must try.

Best Anal Lube (J)

I've tried a bunch of other lubes, and this has got to be the best one I've purchased.

I can never go back to strictly water based again.

Our fav for anal. (Anonymous)

Different than any other lube we've tried. This one has the long lasting benefits of silicone, but feels nice and wet like water based.