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Pure Wand

Pure Wand

  • Pure Wand
  • Pure Wand
  • Pure Wand
  • Pure Wand
  • Pure Wand
  • Pure Wand

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Pure Wand

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Hot hot hot! (j)

Love the weight. Love the 2 size options. Great for vaginal and anal play. Love how the metal heats up and cools down so well!

For him and for her (HerToyBuyer)

Wow, her favorite G toy ... and an awesome P toy. Everyone's happy.

Another gushing review! (Pixel)

The Pure Wand is my Holy Grail when it comes to G-spot play. It was the first toy to make me squirt, and it hits the spot every time. I've found it is great for use with my boyfriend, and he also loves having it used on him!
This is a must have toy for anyone who like g or p spot play!

Product Description

A top seller from day one, njoy's Pure Wand has inspired hundreds of glowing reviews and top recommendations from fellow g-spot seekers. Polished to a mirror finish, the Pure Wand was created to provide a direct and ergonomically angled connection to the female g-spot or male prostate.

Sinfully curved into a smooth arc, the Pure features two distinct points of contact, one at either end. Though both are perfectly spherical, one is noticeably larger than the other (1"/25mm vs 1.5" 38mm), a feature that provides players with an easily customizable experience.

Allowing for firm, controlled massage with a firm grip on the end not in use, the Pure Wand's fairly intense weight naturally applies pressure to the g-spot or prostate. Very little movement will generally be required for massage- the shape and curve really does do almost all of the work.

njoy's 316 medical grade corrosion proof stainless steel material is absolutely non-porous, and can be cleaned and/or sterilized easily. Stainless steel in ultra receptive to temperature, so although the Pure Wand will be initially cold to the touch, it will warm quickly to meet body heat. Of course if you’re partial to temperature/sensation play, a few minutes in the fridge (avoid the freezer please!) will provide a more chilly experience; and likewise a quick dip in warm water will yield a warm and sensual toy for your pleasure. About the only thing you can do to damage your lovely njoy toy is to use an abrasive to clean them, so please don’t. Compatible with all lubricant types.

* The Pure Wand weighs 1.5lbs (680g).

  • Length: 8"
  • Insertable Length: 7"
  • Girth: 5" at largest point
  • Width: 1.5" at largest point
  • Materials: Steel
  • Special Features: Hypoallergenic, Phthalate-Free, Smooth Surface, Waterproof

Product Code: nj-001
UPC Code: 823259900019
ITEM: NJ-001


Customer Reviews

Perfect Toy (annonymous)

My wife was very skeptical of this or any other toy that I have purchased in the past. The wand, however, has unlocked all inhibitions and now she is willing to explore.
Upon using it the first time she was disinterested. But the next time she tried she was able to achieve a G orgasm. I now get regular messages when on business trips that she is going to play with the Wand!

Great for G-Spot! (annonymous)

I know that can look a little intimidating for newbies when you first get it - but we really love this toy. It has never disappointed. It has a nice weight and feel. With this in hand, my husband is able to hit my g-spot for a deep intense orgasm every time.
It is also extremely easy to clean and we don't have to worry about babying this thing - unlike some of the other toys in the box.

Mind Blowing (DarkChild)

All I have to say is i just got the Pure Wand today and i tryed it for the first time and i am love with it and i am now looking at getting the 11 but the Pure Wand hit all the right spots and the weight of it makes it feel like no other toy i have ever used it fulls the feeling is enjoyable i would and will recommend this toy to all my friends

The Best (Annonymous)

Honestly, this is the only toy I reach for anymore. Its easy to use and because its metal and can be heated or chilled, it brings a whole other level of sensation. Also its very easy to insert. A bit of lube makes it even nicer. Its a *great* Kegel work-out. My husband has certainly noticed a difference. Ive had it for about 2 or 3 months and use it several times a week and Ive never had such intense orgasms. Im a beginner with sex toys and so if you are too, dont be afraid of the Pure Wand!

The best toy in my collection. Period. (DangerousLilly)

Im spoiled...this is it, this is the Holy Grail. The larger ball is what I use for G-spot, its 1.5 wide and heavier on that end. Its medical grade stainless steel, easy to clean and sanitize, easy to share. It starts off chilly for me right now, due to it being winter, but it gets warm/hot pretty quickly once its been in me. Retains warmth very well, too. Its heavy, 1.5 pounds. Dont be intimidated by it, its the best thing ever. With this toy I have squirted for the first time ever, and have had my first true multiple orgasms. It can also be used as a weapon, so please be careful when you use it....and dont manage to bonk yourself in the head.

Holy crap (Jojo)

This is by far the best toy I have purchased for my Lady, the first time we used it, she came just by inserting it... then I proceeded to make her cum three times, she squirted more than she ever has, and made noises I have never heard her make. The amazing thing is she usually likes a hard fuck with a dildo, but with this one just slowly moving it in and out drives her crazy!!

All I can say is WOW! (NAR)

I am not into toys- nor would I usually spend so much money on a toy- but my husband brought this home and while I cant say I was eager to try it- when we did try it I was amazed!!! This brings a whole new level of pleasure and is worth every penny!!

best money i have spent (cowboy)

my girlfriend spotted this and said lets try it boy was she happy she came and came the sheets were soaked and she was so tired, you would not want to play too rough with this but just pressure and balance and whoopee

Awesome for prostate stimulation (Kinsey 1.5)

I have enjoyed prostate stimulation for years. I have a lot of prostate toys - Aneros, prostate cradle, Lelo Bob etc. All are good, each good for their own purposes. But the Pure Wand is magical for really deep, full bodied prostate massage or prostate milking. I use the small end - just the right size for me.

Super high quality product (Mr. 24)

I was lucky enough to win this toy - it feels like winning the lottery with such a great prize! When this thing arrived, it was immediately apparent that this wasn't like all the other toys me and my partner have bought. For starters it was super heavy. Then after opening the pink velvet lined box, and seeing the mirrored finish perfectly cradled in it, our jaws just dropped. If your girl likes pretty things an gift wrapping, then you wont be disappointed. At first she was a little intimidated by the overall look and feel of it, especially the big end, because she thought it might be uncomfortably big. But, after comparing it to her current favorite, the Lelo Ina, we found the girth to be identical at the widest points. Using the wonderfully weighty curve was fun and easy for both of us, and gave her a feeling unlike any toy shes tried before. Well be putting away our other toys for a while to really get a feel for how best to use this one. Except for the hitachi magic wand, of course...

The ultimate experience! (DJM)

Well worth the money and then some. Its by far the best toy Ive ever used, I might as well throw the others away. Within seconds I'm squirting and having the best and most intense orgasms of my life.

uh-mazing. wow. (Tabbyk)

this thing really is all the toy you need, especially if you're into g-spot play. being somewhat of a newcomer to anything g-spot related, i have to say, the Wand finds it, hits it, and that's it. the big end is a little intimidating, but once you're worked up, it goes in smoothly and wow. The way this is shaped, there's no way it WONT feel amazing. Its heavy, but in a good way, and the feel of the steel is like nothing else. better than glass, which im a huge fan of. get it, get it, get it! ps. the boy loved the small end in his butt.

New Favorite Toy (annonymous)

The Pure Wand is the most fantastic toy I have ever used. As far as butt toys go it is amazing. It is curved just right for me to use it on my own or with my gal. The small end hit the spot perfectly! As far as g-spot toys go...she loved the big end. It hits the g-spot easily and i was even able to make her squirt a little for the first time. It is easy to clean and a little lube really does go a long way. There was a lot of hype over this line of toys and so far the Pure Wand has lived up to the hype. I cant wait to get more of them for me and for her. If you are thinking about buying one of these incredible toys, the Pure Wand is the perfect place to start. Njoy, folks!

Pretty super not gonna lie (Truely)

This is a perennial favourite for my lady. She just loves having two sizes of ball. One end for warm ups and the other to finish things off. And she always seems to have great success!

Amazing! (Ryan)

Both my wife and I love it! Both solo and together.

Legendary. (Clandestine)

The Njoy Pure Wand has a reputation that precedes it, and I feel like it has lived up to (and fully exceeded) my expectations with its ingenious design and exceptional material. While it has a learning curve and a higher price tag, I feel it is worth the investment of both time and money.

Wow (Aimee)

This toy feels amazing. The coolness that warms up. The smooth and heaviness. When the large end hits the G spot it is WOW, awesome. Put the towels down cuz things get wet! Also great in the ass. Cleans up nicely.

Perfect for G-spot! LOVE it! (Anonymous)

This is by far our favourite. It might look a little intimidating when you first pick it up - but that weight, shape and material will give the most intense and satisfying orgasms. The large end is perfect for hitting the g spot - some firm pressure and massaging motions are the key. Another plus is that it is easy to care for and hygenic. If I could only have one toy - this would be the one I would pick.

First Squirt= awesome (Stella)

I purchased this due to all the awesome reviews from multiple sites. The price made me skeptical that it would live up to the claims but I've used it twice now and IT'S WORTH EVERY CENT. The first time was one of the speediest orgasms I've had. I have a really hard time getting off(usually takes between 40min-hour) but first time took 20 minutes, with little other stimulation. Second use, I looked down after a fantastic orgasm and there was a huge puddle. I am officially a squirter!
Don't let the price tag dissuade you. It's a fantastic investment that will NEVER need to be replaced.

Another gushing review! (Pixel)

The Pure Wand is my Holy Grail when it comes to G-spot play. It was the first toy to make me squirt, and it hits the spot every time. I've found it is great for use with my boyfriend, and he also loves having it used on him!
This is a must have toy for anyone who like g or p spot play!

Hot hot hot! (j)

Love the weight. Love the 2 size options. Great for vaginal and anal play. Love how the metal heats up and cools down so well!

For him and for her (HerToyBuyer)

Wow, her favorite G toy ... and an awesome P toy. Everyone's happy.

Excellent Quality (Anonymous)

Great weight and smooth feel. Easy clean up and great temperature control qualities. The shape will reach the P spot everytime and the two sized balls will fit almost everyone. Well worth the money

I would DEFINITELY recommend this! (Peter)

I bought this toy as a G spot massager for my gf, and a P spot massager for myself. The design and craftsmanship are superb, the choice of material makes temperature play and clean-up a breeze. I will be purchasing other NJoy products!

Worth the price of admission (Darren)

This wand is the perfect size and shape for learning how to please a woman's G-Spot.
If you've ever been curious about G-Spot Orgasms, this is the tool you need! She'll thank you. Over and over and over again.

Simply Amazing here folks, esp for men (anaughtymouse)

so I've been using aneros prostate massagers for about 2 years or so on and off and have had everything from ok to AMAZING results which had come from some experimenting not only with their various products and also various lubes. I had been reading reviews for this thing for some time..and let me tell you as a straight man who likes to try new things, this is simply amazing. I reccomend either start with a smaller toy to warm up, or your finger(s)/partner(s) finger(s). I cannot reccomend this toy to enough, yes its expensive compared to most, and yes it is heavy, but if using this over and over and working out my kegel muscles and getting better overall sexual health from it and general well-being, and having mind shattering orgasms, or even potentially with a partner is the end result from a one time investment for a life time of fun and pleasure, then I should have bought this a while back. I think I'm gonna retire all my other toys now.

A treat for your g-spot!! (R.M)

My favorite toy so far!! I find it works best with a vibe on the clit while you use. It can become a little heavy during play but its well worth it. Do your g-spot a favor and add the pure wand to your collection!

Yes! (HCC)

Just got mine last week and knew it was keeper after the first go. Never paid much attention to my g spot since sex has always been great. I always had a serious predilection for penetration during sex, and now I know why - the g spot rules!
This toy is the first solo experience that gets me as high as a good, long shag. Stick it in and literally stir up endorphins. The orgasms, alone or w/clit stim, are from another realm and leave you blissed out for hours.
Can't recommend it highly enough. Must teach my sweetie how to use it on me (and I hear some guys love it for p spot play). Go to it, everyone!

Yes, she said! Yes! (HCC)

Whether you're a beginner looking to fire up your G-spot or a squirt queen, this toy's your baby. The delicious sensations from the Pure Wand are addicting, the only thing that will pleasure your pussy better is another human. I have many toys, but this one is in my top 5 faves. Do yourself a favor and get one now!

WOWZA (LadyAnon)

This was the first toy I had ever bought and I was a little clumsy with it for the first few minutes, but soon it was easy to use. This got me squirting for the first time, and I can't wait to try it again and again and again!

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