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The Original Magic Wand

Vibratex | Magic Wand

The Original Magic Wand

  • The Original Magic Wand
  • The Original Magic Wand
  • The Original Magic Wand
  • The Original Magic Wand
  • The Original Magic Wand
  • The Original Magic Wand

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The Original Magic Wand

Vibratex | Magic Wand

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Powerful!!! (Anonymous)

This is the most powerful toy I ever tried!

Just Buy it! (Anonymous)

Mind-blowing, Intense, fantastic, perfect and theres a reason why this idem is so popular. I love it, he loves it. The cord is quite long and its just a must have!

does the job! (Anonymous)

Very happy with its functionality

Product Description

There's absolutely nothing like the real thing, and this fantastically popular, mind-bendingly powerful orgasm machine is where it all began! The Original Magic Wand is unquestionably one of, if not the ultimate best-loved vibrator in history, it's been called a marriage saver, is often recommended by sexual health care providers for women who have difficulty climaxing, and, as countless reviews testify, it's quite simply the only vibe you, or you and playmate, will ever need.

The classic Wand was originally developed as a body massager, working wonders on stiff muscles, but not much time passed before a whole new use surfaced- pure pleasure. The extreme power of this vibe is unparalleled thanks to a Japanese designed motor that's dependent on reliable electricity instead of batteries. Extraordinary in its ability to bring on near-instant arousal and consistent, multiple orgasms, the Wand boasts two speeds, a low and a high setting (5,000 and 6,000 vibrations per minute, respectively), allowing for customization over the intensity (though the low setting is often absolutely perfect for most purposes). Deep, penetrating vibrations focus on whichever body part is lucky enough to be the recipient of the Wand's ministrations, and since it's broad, plush and softly rounded at the head, the shape easily nestles against the clitoris, the erogenous zone most often targeted by orgasm-seeking women.

An extremely manageable shape consists of a sleek, elongated base for perfect control and lots of reach, while the softer head flexes impressively on a neck designed for perfect placement. There are a number of attachments available for use with the Magic Wand to even more precisely target chosen areas like the g-spot, these (sold separately) slip over the head to allow for penetration or penile stimulation. Use a good water based lube if needed with the Wand. NOT for use in or around water.

  • Length: 12.25"
  • Girth: 7.5" at largest point
  • Width: 2.25" at largest point
  • Materials: ABS Plastic, Jelly Rubber (TPR)
  • Special Features: Multi-Speed, Non-Phallic
  • Color: White

Product Code: HV-260
UPC Code: 896909001916


Customer Reviews

It's the stongest viberator I have had (Tyler)

I purchase as a gift and it was very loved

Amazing new toy (Anonymous)

I'm very happy with my new device. My husband and I love experimenting with this new toy

Magic Wand works magic (Anonymous)

Holy moly. This thing is powerful and effective. A good purchase that will be used by both the misses and the mister.

Wowza (Megan)

I'm the type of girl who it's really hard for me to climax. But that is not the case with this one. In fact I lost count after about 12 orgasms in about a 15 to 20 minute period. I used it in conjunction with the Deep Glide G Spot attachment and some ID Glide Lube. I would highly recommend all three of these products. Also, you should know tons of the Hitachi wands out there use sub-par motors that are not the genuine thing but they claim to be. This is one of the only sites that is legit and sells the real deal.

you need this! (Anonymous)

Ladies if you don't have this in your life, you need it now! I use mine every time we have sex. It's amazing.

Best purchase ever (Grim)

Best toy ever. Makes you come multiple times in minutes.
Pros - powerful, always works
Cons - loud (both me and the toy)

Hold on and don't chip a tooth! (Anonymous)

I acknowledge that I may have bought into the hype a bit. Yes, my head blew clean off from the sheer force of the vibration. Big O, for sure, hands down, no argument. But if I keep using this thing, my clit will become so woefully desensitized that no man, woman or device will ever be able to compete.
With only two speeds to choose from (jack hammer or tooth chipper/head shaker), both noisy as hell, be prepared for all your neighbours to know exactly what you're up to. For once in a while, it is great fun. For all the time, prepare for some crotch numbness!

HOLY F*CK (Anonymous)

The best thing we have ever bought. The wife LOVES it she wants to get it out every time and will not put it down. This is a must have in your toy collection.


My wife has difficulty having orgasms and we previously used the pricey but effective Erocillator. Bought my wife the Wand as a change of pace. Now 10-12 orgasms is the norm and that's on low! Powerful and a little noisey but worth it and at half the cost. My wife LOVES it. Start with a body massage and finish with orgasms. On the downside......I can't compete with this monster and I hate sitting on the sidelines but the wife is thoroughly satisfied.

The Best (Anonymous)

This is the best and only vibrator you'll ever need to buy. Powerful, lasts through multiple orgasms, and no dead batteries.

It's strong. (Anonymous)

Was actually too powerful for the Mrs. and I wish there were more than 2 settings.

Works for men too (Nope)

I thought I'd need some attachments as a man to truly enjoy this toy, but it works with my other toys simply through contact and really brings them alive. I have to remember to be more gentle as I've done some slight cosmetic damage to the wand head by pressing it too hard against a toy in the heat of the moment. But yes, great toy. The only downside is that it's wired and a bit more hefty than it looks. There is a wireless model but I chose this wired model as it's cheaper and I won't have to worry about the cost of replacing the battery on the wireless one. However, the wire length is long enough for my own use.

Excellent product (Anonymous)

Gf loves the power and speed! I love the look on her face!

Wow (Bella)

Was a bit uncertain but wow this is amazing. I've also tried a few of the attachments with it and with out without it is one amazing ride.

Favourite (Anonymous)

This is my absolute favourite toy in the world. It's a bit loud but for how powerful it is you can't really expect anything else. I noticed some people saying it's too strong - try putting something between, like your underwear or even a jelly covering maybe for the wand.

Fricken AWESOME!! (Jez)

LOVE LOVE LOVE this toy. Bought it because I lost mine in the divorce.... (don't ask) and when I tried to buy locally they not only were DOUBLE the price they refused to even offer a discount.
I'll never shop there.
BUT! This site shipped out the next day, and I got it within 3 days. Awesome service, awesome price points and I love love love this!! (did I mention I love it?)

Wow (Anonymous)

It doesn't take much to get the job done! It is quite loud so if that's a concern for you, probably best to not use it when others are in the next room. It's great as a back/body massager as well. Overall worth the money!

The Best Wand out there (Anonymous)

This wand is a must have for your wife, earthshaking orgasms all around! Highly recommended :)

Absolutely Best Ever (Anonymous)

Best ever orgasm, Squirt every time !!!! Great solo or with your man, worth every penny !

surface area (Derrick )

Needs to more body conforming. And wish it was a little lighter but all in all. Me and my gf have lots of fun with this. Now we know what all the hype is about.

the best. the very best. (juniper)

This wand left me speechless the first time I tried it. That's hard to do. I have never had orgasms as hard or long as I have experienced with this. The long cord is AWESOME, and the durability of this beast is unparalleled. If this broke, I would replace it faster than the speed of light. I LOVE IT.

amazing (Patricia)

I have now bought this product 3 times in last few year. They each have lasted me just over a year each. The only think I wish is if i could find a sleeve for it to make it water resistant.

Best vibe ever. (Nixie)

This is the 3rd massager style vibe I have ever bought and BY FAR the best. I wish I had just bought this one first. Highly recommended. Not crazy about TPR as a material but it is very well made. Has a strong motor and is much heavier in your hand than vibes with less strong motors. Nothing about it comes off as cheaply made. This is a product that actually deserves the high praise it has. If you only have the money to invest in one sex toy, invest in this one.

Feeling the Magic (Proudest Monkey)

Some times the old things are the best things. This original magic wand definitely packs a pleasing punch. For someone looking for a serious shake up... this vibe is for you. And, it actually is pretty decent on tense back muscles too.

Fantastic (Nancy)

There is not much that can compare with this. It can be mind blowing as it brings on orgasms so fast.

Original wand review (Ayman)

Not what they made it seem like. Even as a back massager doesn't work well at all. Not worth the money.

OMG (Anonymous)

This is so intense I love it.. Well worth the money

OMG LOVE IT (Anonymous)

The best

A needed toy (Allan and Maureen)

We have always kept a spare around Use them all the time during play time

PERFECT (Anonymous)


Great Purchase! (A Girls Best Friend)

Wife always wanted one of these. After we picked one up, she doesn't know why she waited this long! Not as concealable or portable, but the results are worth it, and I get to watch!

Wow (Mr. Enthusiastic )

Seen way too many of these not to try it and get one for my Sub

Need to buy (Anonymous)

My girl was nervous about the size . We have other toys and vibes but this blows them away .. No dead battery's, and the power is awesome. Little noisy but her screams drowned it out after a minute .wore her out ,not easy to do..


Intense, amazing orgasms! Literally the best product ever made. Will always be my best friend. True love.

Holy Sh*t (Anonymous)

This thing is AMAZING. Not only the best orgasm I've ever had but I also ended up 'squirting' which I've never done before and had no idea I could do.... literally insane. Love love love.

WOW. (Anonymous)

Amazing. AMAZING. I have other clit stimulators but this BLEW ME away. Me & my girlfriend used it, she was sitting in the chair and I was sitting faced her. We both came MULTIPLE times. If your thinking about getting this toy...JUST DO IT!

The Real McCoy!! (PO)

It is all as advertised if not better!! WooHoo!!

Wow! (Anonymous)

This thing is unreal! I've never had an orgasm before like the ones I have with the wand. It really stands up to the reviews other people have given this over the years. Nice to use on both myself and my girlfriend for some more fun in bed. The cord is plenty long enough as long as you are somewhat close to an outlet. Definitely worth the money and more.

Number 1 Vibratory (Anonymous)

Best hand Vibratory in the world.
Amazing quality.

Too big? (Marge)

This is definitely a powerful vibrator. My complaint is that it is too big. I wanted it for clitoral stimulation but my clit is an "inie" not an "outie" so it was difficult to put it exactly where I wanted it.

Great for the price! (S.V.)

This is perfect for REAL massages as well! But my gf and I absolutely love it. She's never said "Nah, not the Magic Wand tonight". *wink wink*
If you get a 25% discount coupon on top of that, you can't pass on this one!

Everybody should have one (Thomas)

I finally bought a magic wand and *wow*, I shouldn't have waited this long. At first I was unsure, the feeling was good but not very strong. After moving it around a little I got slammed with the sensations, brought it back to the first spot and got hit with a hands free orgasm. This thing WILL take you from zero to climax in less than a minute. Highly recommend. Six stars.

The Best (Anonymous)

Best vibrator ever!

The real magic wand (Anonymous)

This the real magic wand... the model number is cv-260... My wife absolutely love it... her last one the 250 model lasted 6 years. buy this for hours of orgasmic fun

!! OMG !! :):) (Brigette)

Most amazing orgasm ever ! LOVE LOVE LOVE it .... cant wait to use it everyday .. lol better when used with partner.

Just being truthful (Amanda )

So it's really intense, and feels really good brings on orgasom very fast, but it's to strong for me. But I'm still glad I bought it. I really wanted to know what the best known sex toy was all about!

Noisy (Anonymous)

Well it definitely can get you off but it is really big and very noisy. I think if the head size was brought down it would be a lot more beneficial. Also if you expect people not to hear it you are very wrong. It is super noisy I can see where it was originally a muscle massager because is pretty dang big. With a good lubricant though it does the job with no problems at all as long as you are alone or not embarrassed about people hearing

Where do I begin? (Lillian)

As a single mother , I love it for both its Original purpose ( it is great for your back! Defiantly works in your muscles ) & love it even more for its sexual use. It's a 2 in one I must say. I recommend it to everyone. It's an amazing product , no wonder it's so popular. This is my first time owning one & using one , no clue why I waited so long to do so!

Overhyped. Average. (Tyra)

After reading all of the positive articles and reviews I thought I'd give it a try...
Build: Curvy (chubby)
It ranges from "Eh" to "Nope".
1. The actual size of the wand, I read the measurements, but still seems bulkier than expected. Has an uncomfortable weight to it. Did not work well trying to use it during Doggy Style.
2. The head of the wand is so large and stiff (plastic with a faux-leather-like texture). I personally like jelly-rubbery things
3. Vibration settings range from "uncomfortably strong" to "okay, get that thing off please! :c ". Perhaps if it had a third setting, you could actually work up to it instead of diving in. Can cause weird throbbing/itching sensations if applied too hard for extended periods of time.
4. Overall the device works as intended- a massager. Orgasm can be achieved, and I understand everyone's body is different, but it can take a bit of time to achieve said climax since vibrations can cause numbness.
5. It buzzes and hums but shouldn't be heard by anyone unless your walls are paper thin and everyone is sleeping. Softer than an electric toothbrush rattling?
Overall, it's 'aight'. Would recommend looking at other ones first though, an only this as a last resort. The only real perk I see with it, is that it plugs into the wall. No need to keep buying batteries- and since I'm not doing anything crazy with it, all I need to clean is a damp cloth to clean it afterwards.

Came Hard (meganivy)

I first saw this on Sex and the City and thought it was a joke, oh hell no.
I need intense strong clitoral stimulation nd this vibrator delivers. It's bulky and only has a low or high setting but the low gets me off every time. Very intense and a fantastic vibrator.

Wow (Anonymous)

my legs were quivering after no time, and I was trying to catch my breath, all in less than a minute

Perfect Toy (Amanda )

I have never had a toy with so much power! It was Amazing and I've already been recommending it to all my friends!

It is the genuine article (Anonymous)

For those like us who had a lot of concerns about the fakes and replicas out there, this is the genuine article. Can't say "the original" because it is not, it has changed, but it has the power and feel of the original that we all grew to know and love.

Best gift ever ! (Chaton)

Quand mon nounours me l'a fait essayé pour la première fois, j'en suis tombée amoureuse. J'en voulais un. Très utile, non seulement pour les parties intimes mais pour tout le corps. Je le recommande à tous, sans exceptions. Pour ceux qui aiment les sensations fortes ou qui veulent s'entendre crier c'est ce qu'il vous faut
Meilleur cadeau qu'on m'a offert.
Note : Attendez-vous à ce que cela fasse du bruit.

Wow (Aj)

Bought this because the reviews are great. Didn't really know what to expect and used it the first time with no expectations. I know everyone talks about how great this is and mind blowing and all that - but it really was fantastic! I can't really add anything to what's been said, but I can suggest that every positive review is spot on. It's powerful yet comfortable to use over and over. Works great for both men and women too which is really fun for us as a couple. Frankly this is probably the smartest buy I have done in years.

Insta-O (Dani)

Orgasms....orgasms everywhere.
Intense vibe and squirting orgasms.
This this is amazing. Loud, but a duvet muffles the sound fairly well.
This is intense clitoral stimulation but it leads to the best Orgasms. I like to use a toy inside me with this on the clit, or with a butt plug in.
Can make me cum in seconds.

powerful (cory)

Lots to like about this lots of power and works very well unfortunately I am on my second one in 2 years 1 one lasted a year I haven't seen any one els have a problem

Magic Wand (Anonymous)

This is my second wand. I love this item, whether using it as a sex toy or as a massager. My man is sold on it too!

!!!! BEST EVER!!! (YK )

We both are using it and there is no regret. The best toy ever and takes 15 sec to come. Will advise to try.... :)

Now You're Playing with Power! (J)

What can I can that hasn't been said before? This is the classic Magic Wand Vibe, the "Cadillac of Vibrators" and it definitely lives up to it's name!
Comes in 2 speeds, "whoa" and "jackhammer"; and very few people will ever need the 2nd. Often even the first speed is better with a shirt or panties between you and the vibe.
Took off a star because it can be a bit overwhelming and isn't something you'll want to use every time. It's fun and intense but a little overkill depending on your mood.
If you don't have a wand-type vibe, it's for sure different than anything else and it's a great addition to any adult toy chest. 4/5.

Amazing (Anonymous)

I have many clit stimulators in my box of toys and this is by far the best. I want to use it every night and often find myself thinking about using it several times a day. It is a bit loud so those with thin walls beware. It is so discreet though looks like a back massager! This will be a well used purchase ;)

AMAZING! (Anonymous)

Was a but hesitant in purchasing this because i was afraid it would be too strong for me, but i found that the vibrations were just right! and if i wanted to really kick it up a notch i would put it on high. Works it's magic within minutes and is possible to have multiple orgasms with it.!

5/5 (Anonymous)

Must have

10 star (austin)

I'd give it 10 stars if I could. My wife loves this toy and we use it every chance we get

Amazing (Anonymous)

So this toy is one of my favs, it works amazing, sometimes way to stimulating and I feel like I can't take anymore but it does the job quickly, effectively and it works for other things too! The Other reviews r correct in the sense it is loud as hell and it sucks that there is only 2 settings, they basically are intense and super intense! And also the cord sucks it should be cordless

Line em up, magic wand knock em all down (Nick)

Everyone loves it, a little strong for the overly sensitive (try the cordless version), but I am yet to meet anyone who doesn't LOVE the wand. Awesome for the girls but guys don't think that it's just for her. I've had quite a bit of fun with the wand, with or without a partner.

Holy crap balls ! (Deb)

Toes were curled ,eyes were rolled back and screams were screamed !

If you're unable before you'll be able now! (Anonymous)

When I ordered this I was skeptical. It came in the mail quickly and was able to test it pronto. The vibes are amazing might be too sensitive for some but try with clothing on and you'll be good to go. The one thing I DID NOT like about it is that there is only two settings 1 and 2. If there was an inbetween that'd be amazing but it still gets you where you need to go regardless!

Bring on the sensations.....this is an essential power tool! (Anonymous)

Our passions to get naughty have become uncontrolled desires since using it . We call it the "Big Monster". My partner and I use it together and I have used it alone. I love the sensation it gives me and how my partner becomes "one" in the excitement. We rarely let playtime go by without it. It leaves us craving and wanting more. This is a MUST HAVE power tool for every passionate lovemaking couple. Well worth the investment.

Squirters beware (Anonymous)

I love this magic wand. It is by far the best vibrator I have ever used, nothing else compares. HOWEVER, one of us is a squirter and things can get a little hairy. Let's just say this is the 3rd time we've bought this device. Last time, we both ended up getting electrocuted and my lady bits swelled to about 5X their normal size.

Nothing better (Anonymous)

I dont know what it is, we've tried others but nothing compares to the magic wand! My partner loves to use it on me and I always happy to oblige!

Amazing (Anonymous)

Wooaaa orgasmic

omg (kim)

oh my god,, luv it.. fantastic item for both partners, great with attachments as well .will literally knock your socks off

Great purchase (Briefs)

My wife absolutely loves this wand, and I really enjoy using it with her to, makes for a fun time in the bed!

It's true: all of it (Anonymous)

While I typically don't find many products that live up the all the hype/marketing surrounding them, Vibratex (formerly Hitachi for those looking at their first wand. Vibratex is the one and only now), or should I say the Vibratex wand lived up to everything I had heard and more. Crazy powerful, reasonably loud but discreet enough under covers, and mind blowing!

Hallelujah (E. C.)

This is a godsend.
I have never in my life had orgasms like the ones this magical vibrator gives me. It's intense. I can cum in less than a minute if I want a "quickie" or I can take my time. But lets be real; it's hard to deny yourself a practically instant orgasm. I have a tiny clit that's always under the hood, and I don't like direct contact so the strength of this vibrator is perfect for me, especially when used through clothing. If you are very sensitive or have a naturally "exposed" clitoris, this might not be for you. Extra fun when you involve a partner. Loud, but some music can dull the sound if you are worried about people hearing it. A+++

Favorite Toy to Date (Anonymous)

This is my go to. It works so well that I don't even care how loud it is!

3 minutes (Anonymous)

That's about how long it took the first time she used it. It's apparently faster than me, so wife loves it :-).
Good quality item for the price.

Wowzers (Tlm)

Fantastic purchase!

awesome (Anonymous)

this works very well and the extra plus is that it is sturdy, well made and top quality. Probably will last for many years... I don't know yet, but I'm betting it's the only one I'll ever have to buy :)

All the reviews are true (SimoneR.)

Have always wanted a Magic Wand.... finally purchased one after many other toys. All the positive reviews are true! This is truly one amazing purchase!!

magic as advertised (Anonymous)

This is the original and excellent - my girl couldn't believe the intensity!

Very Powerful (Anonymous)

This is a great and very intense tool for a woman's physical needs. In addition, the attachments make it extremely adaptable for your particular pleasure purposes. A must.

Amazing! (Wanda)

I bought this for my wife and she absolutely loves it, makes her shudder with pleasure. She uses it on me as well. Great price and fast, discreet shipping. Couldn't be happier with the purchase and product!

Wow...I mean seriously, wow! (Lulu)

As with the other reviews this massager blows the rest away. Stop wasting money on regular vibrators in the hopes that they will be strong enough. Nothing compares to the Magic Wand. It is a bit loud but not too over the top and the vibes are well worth it. The two settings are enough and get the job done in record time. Absolutely no regrets with this purchase.

Awesome (Anonymous)

Best ever!!

Awesome! (Magic Addict)

If you have only one toy to buy: this is the one.

Unbelievable! (Anonymous)

Blew my wife's mind with this.
Earth shattering orgasms to say the least
Worth every penny!!

Good Item (N/A)

This item has worked wonders for the lady. Highly recommended. Very popular item all around.

Well worth it (Victor)

Buy this for your girlfriend and she'll love you forever

Juste la perfection (Martin)

Si vous voulez faire vivre des sensations fortes à votre conjointe et que vous voulez la voir jouir 3 fois en 15 min ce produit est pour vous.

Wasn't wowed (CJ)

I was really hyped about this. I tried it and found that it was sort of lacking. Maybe I wasn't getting that perfect spot to be blown away?
First try didn't really impress me. It is huge and sort of heavy. If you have limited reach it's good for that. The wand length is long.
Maybe I just need to get attachments? I'll try again and give it a go. Or I'll just use it as a muscle massager.

Powerful!!! (Anonymous)

This vibrator is marketed as a personal massager for a reason. It provides intense vibrations that may be too strong for some to use "as is" as a vibrator. This classic has only two speeds, and both are very powerful. Great dual purpose toy. Great quality and a great buy and price

Amazing (Anonymous)

Best you I own, super powerful, works several places, highly recommend

Wow. (Hope)

No wonder they call this the Magic Wand cuz omg it is truly an amazing vibe! So powerful and perfect for clitoral stimulation too!

Very Satisfied (Anonymous)

I have never found a toy that works this well. I was nervous buying it, not wanting to waste my money, but I made a great decision. If you're trying to decide whether you buy the Magic Wand or not, the answer is 100% YES!! I love it and I don't think I could find anything better!!

So nice we ordered it twice (Anonymous)

We love this so much we ordered a second one so we have it at both of our homes. Perfect for couples and solo play.

Worth every dollar! (KW)

I wasn't sure on how my wife would respond, or react, with this new toy but it made our weekend away totally awesome. You need to buy this you. Worth every penny.

Incredible (Anonymous)

Are you ready for a jaw dropping, wet and wild good time? With the magic wand there is no ifs, ands, or buts! My husband used it on me for all of 5 seconds and I was SCREAMING in excitement!
Worth every penny!

Bliss...pure bliss (BDrysdale)

THIS!! My boy and I spent the entire day in bed when this came in. I came hard, and longer, than I ever have before. And if you are into bondage...this beauty will be your best friend and your worst enemy. It will make you cum hard...even when you are desperately begging not to cum again.

Most intense pleasure she has ever felt (Mr. E)

My wife and i was were both a little unsure about this toy. We had the perfect opportunity to try it out and let me tell you it was amazing!! . . let's just say it was a good thing that there was a mattress cover.
:-) Highly recommend this toy 10 out of 10.

wife loves it (Anonymous)

Wife says this is the best vibe she has ever owned.

great toy (Anonymous)

wife loves this toy. its going to be hard to compete with this! love watching her pleasure herself. best toy ever!

Good Value (WPGAL)

Excellent ... not only as a sex top but a fantastic massager for the rest of your body!

Amazing (mike)

Seems to be a quality well built product
with a very strong vibe.

Holy cow, this thing has kick to it! (Anonymous)

This is not your average vibrator. This thing kicked me in the pants!
This magic wand really has a lot of power behind it. I bought this thinking it would be fun for my husband to use it on me, but after trying it a few times I don't think I'd let him. I have to be very careful where I place it because it can be extreme!
It lives up to all of its reviews for sure! I was at a point where I assumed that I couldn't cum anymore just from clitoral stimulation, I thought I needed g-spot too, but after getting this thing I realized I was wrong!
I also enjoy pressing this against a dildo that's inside of me, it's so powerful that I can feel it all throughout my body!
I would definitely recommend buying one!

Excellent (Anonymous)

loooove this. Only criticism is that it is a bit loud, but can orgasm back to back with this!

Amazeballs (J)

Bought this for a friend after buying the wireless one for my girlfriend. She phoned me the day after I gave it to her ranting and raving about its ability! If you can get the wireless one do as its more convenient but if you're on a budget this is the same feeling if you don't mind being stuck to a cord.

Will make her squirt!!! (Anonymous)

No need to think twice, just buy it! Your wife/gf will love you for it! If you have never squirted before, this will do the trick!

the ultimate pleaser!!! (jeff)

Hits the spot evreytime! My wife loves this machine! The hype about this product is under rated lol love love love it!!! Pink cherry is the ultimate site for online shopping best selection and prompt shipping a def 10 outta 10

Great for Him and Her (Anonymous)

Very strong vibration but I got used to it very quickly making me cum quick and multiple times. He also enjoys the vibration and the fact that after messaging him, he then uses it on me or vice versa...truly magic.

Best (Dave)

This is the best ever!


i was shocked by the size of this thing. i really wasn't expecting it to be so big and clunky. i had to find a good place to hide it because my usual places were way too small. i love that you don't have to worry about batteries but it is a little loud so make sure you have pillows to muffle the sound. it sounds like a damn hair dryer.
otherwise - it's definitely the most powerful tool i've ever used and great for someone who has a hard time orgasming otherwise.

No beating the original (Nsmac)

Originally had a Hitachi magic wand that broke over years. We bought a new Hitachi but it's not the same as this fella. Nothing matches this original for power and penetration.
You will not be sorry with your purchase.

Under a minute! (Yaya)

In less than a minute, my wife orgasmed . . . HARD!

Beyond. Wonderful (Anonymous)

I loved it! Usually it takes me forever to have an orgasm by toy. But omg! Love!!!! My fiance used it on both of us. Mind blowing orgasms:)

Honeybuny (Anonymous)

Fantastic so powerfull but its a little noisy and a longer cord would be nice.

Great purchase! (Anonymous)

My wife and I have been using the product ever since we purchased. I recommend this to everyone, it is a great product with strong vibrations!

Works on men as well (Anonymous)

This product works great for the wife. She loves it. it also works great for me to. Takes about 30 seconds and i am done. Just press down right below the head on the shaft and you off in no time. We have had one for years and no problems. bought this one for my brother in law so his wife didn't know about it.

squirting machine. (Anonymous)

This is our second one. She can't live without it.

Wow (Pamela)

This thing is an orgasm machine. Well made and well worth it.

Love!! (Ashley)

I love this product so much I have a spare just in case and a few friends got special gifts for Christmas! Always had trouble orgasming before - not now!! Too long and it overheats a little is the only downside

Power. (Anonymous)

Extremely multipurpose. Very strong for 'fun' uses, but needs something to buffer in between, but also very useful as an actual massager for stiff muscles. Wish it wasn't corded though, gets in the way.

True classic (SugarSugar)

The first one wore out. That isn't an indictment on quality. It saw a LOT of action.
And that is a testament to how great this thing is. Though I still don't know why it has a 'high speed' setting!

Industrial!!! (Terry)

Pros: Very very strong motor. Never have to replace batteries. Many different attachments available to customize.
Cons: Cord can get in the way. A little louder than our other toys so the kids hopefully are sleeping :)

Great buy!! (Anonymous)

I've wanted this for so long. And after finally convincing myself to take the plunge I did! I wanted a toy that wouldn't use batteries, and I figured this was the toy to get. It's awesome. Powerful, and really gets the job done. It makes me climax sometimes in 2 minutes. And my BF loves it too when we're together. Adds some extra fun to the bedroom. It is a tad loud, that's my only negative.
This is very powerful, so I wouldn't say this is a "first time toy" for people. Maybe work your way up to it. This is great and I would recommend to people. It has 2 settings high and higher. I'm glad I finally bit the bullet and bought it, very very happy with this purchase.

Amazing (Sue)

Nothing feels better or compares to this!

Fun times (Anonymous)

My wife seemed to love it on its first use.

On the fence (AJ)

Tried the product twice since it has arrived; alone and with my partner. Found the wand to be bulky, noisy however very powerful. It's definitely the most powerful toy I own. Wished it had more options for speed. If you want a toy where you don't need to replace batteries at a decent price, this is a toy to consider. I like the toy but prefer other toys such as my Lelo toys.

Anonymous (Anonymous)

I was surprised at the size! seemed a little large, but I was amazed at the vibrations of the 2 speeds.
I use it as a massager for sore muscles and for sexual stimulation and WOW it is amazing for both uses.
I love the bend of the head!
Thank You everyone for recommending this unit!

great (Anonymous)

Works everytime

Completely awesome (Anonymous)

My order arrived within 3 days, my wife was hesitant at first but once we tried it, she had multiple orgasms within minutes and begged me to stop, the noise level is not that loud. The g spot attachment is a great add on.

Can't walk after first time using this (Anonymous)

My boyfriend bought this for me because he had heard so many great reviews online. I definitely was not expecting what happened the first time I tried it. Make sure you do not try this for the first time if you have any plans for the rest of the day.
I had more orgasms in one sitting than I have ever had before. If you are considering this item and aren't sure, I am 100% confident that you will not be disappointed. This is the best sex toy I have ever had, and it is definitely worth it.

YES (Anonymous)

There is a reason this is still around. Seriously, what are you waiting for? Permission from your mom, your gran? Cuz they'll give you a knowing look, with that odd look like they're recalling things that maybe you just don't want to admit they do and they'll say YES GET IT.

100/10 I love it (Princess of everything )

I love my boyfriend but this is a close second in my heart. It gets you where you need to go and it's amazing.

Quality product (RJ)

Shipping only took 3 days to arrive, tried it out immediately on my sore back for only a few minutes, and it helped. I can't wait to try it out with the g-spot attachment on my wife.

BEST EVER On-line Shopping Experience (Deb)

Wow! What an awesome shopping experience! Great Website!! Product arrived super fast, in an absolutely discreet box - as this is an x-mas gift, you'll be sure to receive another fabulous product review from the recipient -who I know, really wanted this product! Thanks for making my x-mas shopping for perfect!

Peel you off the ceiling. (Anonymous)

A great toy, no batteries to worry about! Amazing vibration, it's almost too much. But kinda loud.

Great as a massager...and more (Anonymous)

Good quality massager with seriously strong vibrations. It's a bit noisy, but it's incredibly strong, so the noise was expected. There are two settings: strong and WAY stronger. I can only handle setting 2 on my achy muscles, but the low setting is quite pleasurable, although still a bit overwhelming! I'd recommend this.

Awesome wand (Rob)

The best wand ever I couldn't be happier with any other one for my partner

Open Letter to Anyone Who Doesn't Have This; (Kristen)

You see it in porn all the time and wonder if its really all that its cracked up to be. Well I thought the same thing until I bought one of these. Now I can't picture my life without it. Whether you're with a partner or on your own, this toy will for sure be a mind blower. Its worth every cent. Honestly my favourite toy. And if you get tired of the same ol' same ol' with this one (which I highly doubt will happen), there are so many attachments for it that your pleasure possibilities are endless! A true necessity for anyone starting or having a toy collection.

A Girl's Best Friend (Anonymous)

I don't know how I survived all these years without one. It truly is magic, and never disappoints. Most definitely my favorite toy!

Too powerful (Anonymous)

This toy is not for the sensitive girls out there. There are only two settings, and the lower setting is still much too powerful for me. I always get close to having an orgasm but the intensity is just too much and I have to pull away. If you need the power though, I can definitely see this wand working wonders for you!

Orgasm in a Wand. (Zoe)

All you need are the two speeds. The power is amazing me and my boyfriend both have one now. I don't think I could every live without mine.

It's a big one! (Anonymous)

Bought this online for my girl and had it shipped to her home. Her old favourite toy broke and we needed a replacement ASAP. While this wand's head is considerably bigger than her old toy, and required a little ingenuity to find the best way to use it, she now loves it. The quality is high and the power is exceptional.

Wow (Anonymous)

This product never fails to reach a climax my wife's favorite toy ever only down side they don't last very long we re on our second one.

Breathless (Rick)

I was away when this toy arrived on the steps of my apartment building. My girlfriend went to retrieve the present. Turns out, she pulled off her pants and plugged it into the first electrical outlet she could find, which was in the kitchen. Following are the text messages.
It's a magic wand!!!!It's your magic wand!
Tell me if it's magic? It is fucking magic. Omg
Lol So...you like your present! ?!
I am trying to breath. Best present ever!!!!
We’ve since used it together; and solo or together, it is a brilliant asset in the “sex toy” arsenal.

AMAZING (TCourage)

Such an awesome toy .....a must buy !!!

Best toy (Anonymous)

Literally the best toy. But it's pretty powerful, so I'd suggest working your way up to it. Both my wife and I love it.

Awesome (Anonymous)

Must have!!!

Wow... (Anonymous)

A direct quote from my wife upon receipt of this item - "now this is my kind of power tool!" I think she would divorce me and legally marry this if she had the opportunity.

Magic wand is pretty magic (Anonymous)

I ordered this product because of all the great reviews. Gotta admit I was a bit thrown by the size and volume of this thing but it is quite delightful for both sore muscles and achieving orgasm. Two thumbs up.

100% satisfied!! (Ashley)

This product is absolutely amazing! My boyfriend and I LOVE it! Not only does it feel incredible for me (which we knew it would) but it feels really good for him too. We use it while having sex and it's the best experience. Also, totally worth the money. My boyfriend said he would have paid three times the amount for it!! I seriously recommend it to EVERYONE!!

best toy (Anonymous)

my girlfriend love too much, her best toy ;)

:) (audrey)

Is the best think you can't buy. Is not expensive with the promo code don't forgot to put ;). The vibration is very good in 5 min you gonna come

Repeat purchase for repeated orgasms (Anonymous)

This is my second wand, I finally broke the first after more than a year by holding it so there was an angle between the handle and the bulb. I didn't hesitate to repurchase as it comes out to fractions of a penny per orgasm.

It's the Cat's Meow! (Gerry)

If it ever came to a choice between me or the Magic Wand, I would start looking for a new place to live!

Powerful and Magical!! (Anonymous)

Love this thing! Really powerful and I find I occasionally need a buffer between it and myself... But other than that! Love it!

What's the buzz? (Anonymous)

Excellent product! Had my lady friend writhing in ecstasy!

Review (Anonymous)


Intense. (Starr)

My boyfriend and i have had some fun with this. Although it is very intense and maybe a bit too strong, we both love it and I'm sure it will get plenty of use!

Wow (Anonymous)

If you want multiple organs this is the toy for you! So much fun..... good for solo play but even better together!

I always heard good things but... (Anonymous)

How the hell did I go on living so long without owning one of these? My life will never be the same.

The best vibrating device for inside the home. (Anonymous)

The only devices that cause better vibration are jackhammers and machine guns. Those devices are not well suited for the bedroom.
The Original Magic Wand is the best vibrating device that will not destroy your home while being used.

One and done (Anonymous)

I did not totally believe the hype about the Magic Wand, but it is all justified. The one thing that keeps me from throwing out my other vibrator is that this one is so intense I can't see integrating it into sex-play with my husband. Still, no reason not to have two, right? This one is perfect for when I can't quite reach orgasm any other way. It works quickly and efficiently.

oldie but a goodie (Anonymous)

These are great

Super great (Bob)

We have both used this on each other and the feelings it gives are beyond description except to say " more please sir" . Don't over use it as things seem to lose some sensitivity if over used but under normal use fantastic.

Good For Another 15 Years! (Anonymous)

My wife has used vibrator/masssagers for forty years, and is still going strong at age 88. She's tried them all! Most were too weak, but she managed. Then one day, at least ten years ago, she discovered the Magic Wand and never looked back. After years of steady use, we finally replaced it last week with a new one from here. It's identical to her first one, and she loves it. She's good for another 10 or 15 years now!

Not just for vaginas! (Ness)

I recently ended a 2 year long relationship and got this toy as a mechanical surrogate boyfriend. Besides it's fantastic vibratory excellency, I also have a genetic condition called Ehlers Danlos which puts my body in chronic pain.
I was in aforementioned pain and had already met my orgasmic quota of the day, when it suddenly dawned on me... "Personal massager" ... this thing was actually designed to massage muscles!!! And thus, I can conclude that it is a multitool that does it all. A welcome addition to my arsenal of clitoral stimulating and body pain reducing supplies.

Awesome (Anonymous)

This product is fabulous, a must have in every relationship

W O W (Anonymous)

Hands down the best purchase I've made this year, seriously. A have a problem getting off from guys (oops?) so this is AMAZING for me. I would definitely recommend it!

Amazing (Anonymous)

Best toy a girl could ask for. Vibrations are amazing. Every lady should own one of these!

Wow (Anonymous)

I thought I could handle intense until now. Have to use the low setting over the underwear to be able to handle it at first. Builds you up over and over again. Can't wait to get used to it so my husband can try it on me ;)

Fantastic (James)

Best purchase yet for the gf!!

Awesome! (Anonymous)

Very strong and intense. Worth every penny you wont be disappointed

BEST TOY EVER!!! (Anonymous)

If you have a not so great lover this toy makes up for it tenfold. I convinced my husband to get it for his "shoulder" issues but I secretly use it to have the best orgasms ever!!! Love it! Love it! Love it!

Good (Anonymous)

This will achieve the desired effect.

lady loves it (Anonymous)

lady loves it and that's nice.

Wow! ( Xxx)

My wife loves it!

Best toys I ever got (Anonymous)

It is well worth the money my girlfriend is in love with I have never see her cum so much would recommend it to anyone

Amazing (Anonymous)

This wand has so much power and hit that spot. My husband and I have played with it many times and each time I came so hard. I would recommend this wand to anyone that needs a good clit and other stimulant. Far out beats any bullet I've ever used.

awesome (Anonymous)

only vibrator that can make my wife squirt!

Lives up to reputation (Erin)

Long intense orgasm quickly with this this for. Strong consistent power and a long enough cord an extension hasn't been necessary...yet. A great reliable toy with tons of ways to play.

Oh dear GAWD!!! (Pirate & Mik)

This thing is amazing!! Tied her up and tied this thing between her legs and was humming over and over in minutes!! It gets used regularly in our play time!!

It's everything the hype makes it out to be (H)

Well I have thought about buying this for quite some time but never went through with it until now. I heard a lot about this over the years and now regret not getting one sooner. It is one powerful toy!

New Favorite (Bret)

I'm always playing with myself... and I've literately broken every toy I have so this was basically the best thing since sliced bread. It's great for all kinds of play too which is really nice.

Suburb (Peachtrees)

This this is absolutely amazing, sex has never been better... Or wetter

Happy camper (Anonymous)

First time buying anything like this.
Just as advertised. Strong vibrations & built to last.
Very satisfied customer.

BBFTB (Anonymous)

Best bang for the buck!!!!

Amazing (Happy wife)

Fantastic product. Low setting is perfect. Thank you for amazing price. Some charge double for same model.

:) (Anonymous)

This thing is awesome unlike the others that use batteries and die so fast. This has a plug and last but after a while it heats but it's normal just put it aside for a bit and it's good to go. Really worth it.

It's the best (Anonymous)

There's nothing better. Treat it well, and it can last much longer than some other reviews suggest. Consider getting a dimmer switch to go with it for more flexible settings!

Good toy (Anonymous)

Excellent. She love it.

Must have!! (A)

I was in the market for a new bullet but decided to get this because of all of the hype surrounding it, and let me tell you, it lives up to all of it!!

Must buy, rock me like a hurricane. (Jilloff)

This magic wand crushes it.

Powerful (Anonymous)

Love it

Sex crazed (Anonymous)

Wonderful toy loads of fun adds a bit of extra stimulation

Almost perfect (wanderlust)

I love it, but it is bulkier than I expected

The best for sure! (Happy Couple)

I was looking for the most powerful vibrator for my wife. This is the one!

It a must (Anonymous)

My wife have one and we use it as a couple and she use it alone. Very intense vibration, i would like to make a third speed, carefull because her clit can get abused with it... some accessories are not very usefull. GET IT

Love it! (waw)

It's awesome and I've never had a better orgasm or so many in my life. Definitely recommend.

Absolutely friggin amazing!!!! (S)

It was everything I was expecting. Dead honest. I've read other reviews and was aware on the rip offs. I have to say that either way, this is fantastic. I wouldn't change a thing. VERY well spent money.

wand (Anonymous)

A favourite of mine...

Awesome!! (Anonymous)

Sooooooo good!

Whoa! (Anonymous)

I only gave this 3 stars because it's too intense for me. I think I will have to build up to it. By the time I get to orgasm Im suuuuper sensitive.

New Favorite (Anonymous)

Surprised by girlfriend and she loved it, she came faster than with any other vibrator.

Couldn't be better (Anonymous)

Absolutely thrilling experience.

Good product (Anonymous)

This is a really good product. Nice to use with you couple.

Excellent (Marh)

Gf loves it

Magic Wand (Anonymous)

I love this massager. It has 2 speeds and is quite well made. The lower speed is enough to make me orgasm quite well. On the higher speed it drives me insane and I can only handle it for a short time before I squirt all over. This massager added to our all ready wonderful sex life is a great tool to get my motor running. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to add to their foreplay. My bf also likes the lower speed on his testicles. Sends him to the moon and back.
Worth every penny

New Favourite (Anonymous)

Very powerful and did the job quickly, I would give it 5 stars however its just a bit louder than I like.

Awesome! (Anonymous)

Too much power cumms fast

Cadillac of vibrators is right! (Anonymous)

Looks like something from 1980! I guess why fix something that isn't broken.... Very happy with this purchase.

super vibrato nympho (ludwig)

Perfect for any girl or any nymphomaniac

Great toy (Anonymous)

The girlfriend is very very happy with this one!

AMAZING (lilyqueen)

I have to ask myself why I've been wasting money on other vibrators before. This is THE ONE!!

best thing ever!!! (Anonymous)

read the title!!

Squeezed the last drop out of her... (Anonymous)

First time wife used this she said it was too strong. But it got her so horny that she still wanted to use it, so she left her panties on at low setting. Guess, what? In less than 1 minute, she was squirting already and her juice just shot out from her panties. It caught her total by surprise and she's never experienced any kind of orgasm like that. In the months followed she literally drained herself to the last drop every single day. My wife is not particularly enduring but I just don't think any woman in this world can hold out not to come when stimulated by this wand.

The Magic Wand (OrgasmJunky)

I love orgasms, and I love this orgasm machine! It delights all areas of the human body, whether feminine or masculine. Because of this, I would highly recommend this product to you.

mind blowing (jpl)

This product is nothing less than spectacular. The product is something my wife and I will use for years to come.

Great girlfriend gift (Anonymous)

Bought one for my girlfriend. She loves it.

Hot Giggidy!! (Anonymous)

That thing vibrates and wow, both my partner and I enjoyed it. Clit & labial massage while being inside her and I could feel it through her body. Amazingly intense

good vibrations (Anonymous)

Works really well :)

MY BEST FRIEND (Anonymous)

I have never once been let down by this absolutely amazing toy. Alone, or with a partner, it has brought mind-blowing orgasms that leave me a shaking whimpering mess. I have learned to squirt and enjoy anal all thanks to the fantastic stimulation the magic wand releases. The only toy that even comes close to the same power is the Sybian, which is far less versatile and far more expensive. LADIES buy this for yourself and ALL of your friends. Gentlemen, you NEED one of these to treat your lady with. IT IS THE BEST!!

Very good vibrator (Anonymous)

Very good vibrator. This is no wonder why this vibrator has such a good reputation. Very robust and you climax in no time, every girl should have this vibrator.

Quelle intensité (Pitou)

Ci vous n’avez jamais fait l’expérience d’une telle merveille… Que se soit pour l’un ou l’autre, ou mieux encore, pour les deux simultanément. Cette appareille est un investissement précieux. Mais prenez garde, comme nous, vous serez tenter de vous procurez tous ses savoureux accessoire qui le complète ci bien.

1-2-3 Magic (Anonymous)

This magic wand is AMAZING!!! Hits the spot in under 2 mins. Love it :)

OMG (Anonymous)

Best toy ever, just buy it you won't regret it!

Good Vibes (Tom)

Girlfriend has really enjoyed this, having a plug in cord is so much better than battery power. The G-spot attachment is a must have I bought the white one for the mystic wand it's a perfect fit for this model as well one just removes the stock cushion and slide on the G-spot attachment definitely worth it!

WK (Anonymous)

Fantastic product. Always 'works'. (from a guy point of view). To use on specific body part, you gottta be gentle and really touch softly.

Good fun. (Anonymous)

This is where the magic come from. Works for sore muscles too!!

Highly recommend (Anonymous)

Wife loves it

It needs optional flashing lights. (Flickanelde )

It's a bit unwieldy, and harder to hide, and let's face it, everyone knows what you're "massaging" when you've got one of these, but it makes orgasms SO easy. And messy. Squirting went from a happy dribble to what was basically a water show; if only it had been back lit.
It's the best use of electricity since the light bulb was invented.

Amazing (Anonymous)

Makes you cum fast and even feels great on the back

Awesome! (Anonymous)

I've never owned a plug-in vibrator before, but this one is pretty awesome. It's as powerful as I need (I can't even use the higher setting, the low one is enough for me). Great product for the price.

Satisfaction guaranteed (Mel)

Oh my! Might want to start with a towel folded towel between you and this wand. Work you way into this. First few times it intimidated me, sat in the closet a few months. The cloth helped, now when I use a cloth it's so I don't squirt all over. This toy is worth trying.
Orgasms for sure. Want to squirt, this the toy. By far it's my favorite. I have a lot of toys, this is usually the first reached for. Never let's me down. I tried a competitor's to save $10. DON'T, save your money just get the Hitachi. It's loud but with the pleasure it brings you won't care.
Grab a foaming toy cleaner, wipe with well wrung out cloth. I've replaced this a few times from water damage. It's the only toy I've ever liked enough to replace.

loads of power (Anonymous)

excellent massager

Amazing! (Anonymous)

Amazing product! Worth every penny, gets the job done.
Next day shipping, great service.

Just as they say (ThatGuy)

If something lasts 40 years, it's got something worth knowing about...

Very Strong! (Anonymous)

Wife was pretty scared of it to begin with, it's huge and also very strong but she did think it was fantastic, albeit she was a bit numb afterwards!

WOW (Anonymous)

It is so amazing . works great when Iam giving massages


Just... buy it.

Magic (Sexzbutchgal)

What can I say..AWESOMENESS..

PLEASURE (waynr)

Wife enjoys, the best she has had

Awesome product (Anonymous)

Such a great vibe. If you don't have one, you should.

BEAST! (Dee)

That's right ladies, this thing is a BEAST! If you need power, then don't waste any more time because this is IT! The "low" setting is all I've been brave enough to try so far, and it can rock my socks off in about 2 minutes, tops! It's pretty decent as a back massager too, but thankfully our elders were curious enough to try it elsewhere because this thing is AMAZING!

Great (Anonymous)

Love it

OMG (Anonymous)

Bought this as I had read so much about it. My wife now has a new favorite toy (and she has lots). First night we used this with one of attachments I had bought she had 4 BIG "O"s within 20 minutes and that is a first!

Wife Squirted For The First Time (Anonymous)

This thing is incredible!! The first time I used it on my wife, she came in no time and squirted for the first time in her life! (We've managed to repeat it once since).
And just out of curiosity, I tried it on myself, and damn!!! It was amazing!!!

This thing is as good as they say (Anonymous)

Seriously you guys, don't waste your time with anything else.

New favorite (Anonymous)

Yes it is strong but it was perfect for me. It's definitely my new favorite

Beyond satisfied (Dan)

I bought this as a surprise for my girl. I Let her know I bought it but she wasn't aloud to see it, only feel it on her and I'm the only person aloud to use it ;). Needless to say, she was beyond satisfied with the results. She honestly had some of the most powerful orgasms I've ever seen her get.

Great (Anonymous)

Great product! Very powerful - excellent prices

OMG (Jeepee)

best purchase ever...Squirt squirt squirt

Awesome (Mr. Gigolo)

Loud and powerfull, don't forget to have a look at the optional attachments. Everyone loves it!
Multiple screaming reviews ;)

party (Anonymous)

yum x10

love it (Anonymous)

The wife and i both love this wand,not to mention the quality of this site.Thank you

AMAZING (Anonymous)

This is our second one as the first one gave out in about a year which was disappointing. However, it got very wet.
Hold it tight and push and youll be out of breath in no time.
Make sure you get the latest model. The one we had from Amazon has a softer head and weaker vibrations. This one, is The One.

Big and Bold (Anna)

This thing sounds like a jet engine, but fortunately it'll have you screaming so loud you won't hear it for long. Super strong vibrations in all the right places :)

Amazing! (Anonymous)

I had my first wand for 5+ years before it gave out. Had to buy a replacement, just amazing!

It's ok... (Anonymous)

I realise I'm in the minority here, but I just don't find this item to be that great. For starters, it's large and awkward - and the vibration is just a bit too intense! I do find it numbs too quickly. The head is too large to focus on a specific area I find. I have found it to be a excellent muscle relaxer however! And for the price it's worth having around.


AMAZING! Worth every penny, gets you off in like 10 seconds not even kidding! amazing!

Amazing (Anonymous)

She loves it and I love watching her using it with sexy lingerie

SO PERFECT!!! (Anonymous)

OMG! This toy is amazing! I wasn't sure when I buy it, but now, i can say thats its' my new favorite toy. The only bad points it's that you can't go anywhere with it, you need electrical plug...But excet that, that's SO exciting!!!

Could double as a weapon if you need to clock a burglar!. (Anonymous)

This sucker is BIG; roughly the size of my forearm. And the massagey head thing is about the size of a medium orange.
The intensity of vibration is good - both on low and high. I have no problem there, but the size of it makes for some work at getting yourself situated and getting it placed for good contact and intensity. I'm betting it really was designed for massaging necks and shoulders before someone realized it had other potential.
I found I had to go completely spread eagle and then get my other hand in there to maintain access and contact and it took a lot of adjusting to get it positioned...and I just felt like it was a lot of work.
I got off, but I really can't see myself pulling this out of the toy drawer all that often.

Finally!!! (Marla)

Finally enough power to really make a difference. The only thing better than this wand would be this wand wireless that I could take in the tub. Outstanding power and doubles as a back massager. I really like the rabbit attachment too.

Loving the vibrations (Allison)

This massager is amazing!!! Not only does it massage all your aches and pains. It also gives you just the right amount of "love" to release your innER pressures. This massager makes me want to cum back,,, again and again

A lifesaver (Anonymous)

An amazing product. Ensure to protect with a condom if you are of the 'wet girl' category.

Mechanix girl (Anonymous)

Well all I can say is WOW. This wand has so much power and I've only try ed it on low. My legs were shaking for at least half hour after using. Can't believe it's taken me this long to buy this. Definitely recommend!!!!!

Damn that's power (Playful couple)

We have had other versions before but never the real deal till now. I never thought there was no way this could be this much more powerful. Every women and couple needs one of these..

A must have (Anonymous)

I debated getting my wife one for a while, not sure if she would enjoy this. It was the best purchase we have ever made in the bedroom. She absolutely loves it. Also on the plus side it really is amazing as just a back massager too.

Does the trick!! (Anonymous)

Bought for wife as a surprise. She was apprehensive at first but fell in love with it immediately. Definitely lives up to its reputation. Excellent buy!

Just what I Needed (Chibi)

I needed something with more 'oomph' and boy did I get it!
The round head of this toy doesn't suit me so well, but it was never a problem because there are lots of different compatible heads.
I'm very happy with this purchase <3

wife pleaser (Anonymous)

Bought this for my wife and at first she was a little intimated by it but after I help her use it , she had achieved an orgasm within minutes and a very pleasureable one at that. It also works pretty good on sore muscles too.

Simply amazing! (Anonymous)

My girlfriend greatly enjoys this new toy...so much so that we have keep it at my place, otherwise she'd never leave the house!
Nothing we've ever played with or used is nearly as effective as this wand is!

super intense (Anonymous)

its really intense to the point where it makes you sweat.
feels great on your back too.

WOW, just WOW!!! (Pirate & Mik)

This thing is incredible!! I tied my partner to the bed and worked her over with this bad boy. She was shaking and screaming like crazy!! I don't know why we waited so long to get one!!!

A Girl's Best Friend (Melissa)

I am convinced every girl needs this. It's powerful enough to get me to orgasm every single time, even if I start off unaroused! My boyfriend knows to get out the wand when he wants some action!

Amazing wand (Anonymous)

Awesome product can't put it down use it almost nightly I would. highly recommend it to every women out there

Sexcellent (Anonymous)

Absolutely magnificent. That make her screams like hell!

Fantastic (Anonymous)

Used for massages & other things! Works wonderfully for all we have tried. Even shown to our good friends; one couple even bought one! Would recommend to anyone!

Five Stars! (Anonymous)

Great product! Definitely not a beginner toy. My bf and I have had a lot of fun with this toy and will continue to for a long time!

Great toy!! (Daisy)

We purchased this and absolutely love it!! I love that you buy attachments to go with it and change it up. The two setting are great but I still can't imagine needing the higher setting as the first one is almost too much. I would recommend this to anyone

Sweet vibrations (SaucyDawn)

This is by far the best bang for your buck. I am very glad I made this purchase. No more batteries.for this girl

Great vibrator (Nick)

Bought this for my gf and she absolutely loves it
Very powerful she's using it over her underwear and a blanket on top of that
Definitely recommend

Omg (Anonymous)

Wow - wish I would have bought years ago. It also works great for my back pain :)

Absolutely amazing!! (Ms Velvet Mink)

Best purchase I have ever made! Well.. To be honest I burnt out the motor on my first magic wand and just had to purchase another.. Lol. Excellent for both men and women if they can handle the powerful vibrations!

Amazing (Anonymous)

you just can't beat the original!!! rabbit and Gspots are bow to the power of this toy...and no batteries to replace

Wow, You Gotta Try This! (Anonymous)

Bought this for my wife. We have tried a few things in the past (different vibes), however this one tops them all. You won't be disappointed. Every woman needs to try this.

Intense but awesome. (Anonymous)

Hooooly snap! This is a powerful vibrator! I can see why it was the industry standard for so long!

Toshiba Massager (Sean)

I use it for my back (seriously) to relieve back muscle tension due to sport. The best device on the market. Pink Cherry also excellent to deal with as shipment came so fast and purchase process so efficient.

WOWZA AMAZING !!!! (Johnny)

This wand must be owned by every woman! Also nice for males :) it's a couples paradise! As soon as the wand was placed at the proper location (wink wink) it was instant fireworks! Recommended for everyone!

Unexplainably Wonderful (Anonymous)

I have been using the same vibrator for over ten years, the trusty turtle is the only one that could do the job but, finally something to replace that. I love to use alone or with my boyfriend. I have made sounds I never knew I was capable of making !!!!! SO Happy, best purchase ever.

This is the best toy ever!! (Anonymous)

My husband and I both love this, just use your imagination and enjoy!!

does the job! (Anonymous)

Very happy with its functionality

Powerful!!! (Anonymous)

This is the most powerful toy I ever tried!

Just Buy it! (Anonymous)

Mind-blowing, Intense, fantastic, perfect and theres a reason why this idem is so popular. I love it, he loves it. The cord is quite long and its just a must have!

A Must Have! (Annon)

This toy works wonders on both me and my girlfriend. I will tie her to the bed and make her cum over and over. She does the same to me. This wand only has 2 speeds, intense and more intense. Definitely a must for any collection.

Orgasmotron (Anonymous)

First time wife tried it she came within 30 seconds. An amazing device, ours is an original hitachi model that's used almost daily and after 3 years is still going strong. Amazing feeling for a guy when your gal uses it at the same time, a vibrating pussy! I pick them up for my FWB's that haven't tried one and it instantly becomes their favorite toy.

..And then she'll blow you (Anonymous)

Totally agree with dude above. My wife was worried it would be too much but once she got warmed up, it was a game changer. Every O has been a homerun using this toy. We use it together all the time and I'm pretty sure she pulls it out everytime I leave the house. Worth it's weight in gold!

Worth Every Penny (JA)

The Magic Wand is not for the faint of heart but once I made the leap, I never wanted to look back. Other vibrators simply cannot compare. It looks intimidating but a little bravery will open up a world of pleasure! I told all my friends about mine within days of getting it and they want one too.

As advertised (Anonymous)

Works great, lots of fun, great price!

Wish I would have bough years ago. (Anonymous)

Lives up to its reputation for sure :)

Wow!! (Anonymous)

Bought this as a massage aid but once we started she exploded in second, she nicer squirted until she try this!!! Amazing

Magic (WOW!) Wand (Steve)

I recently had my friend try out the Magic Wand I had just purchased. She said it was better than any toy she has ever had and will be ordering her very own Magic Wand! Eight orgasms in no time! :)

Magic wand (Anonymous)

Awsome well werth the money won't be disappointed

amazing! (Anonymous)

The fast orgasm ever! Wish it was a little quieter but really does that matter?

F**k yes (Anonymous)

I love this vibe, nothing else is strong enough. Can't give it enough stars!

LOVE IT (Magic Wand )

At first I used this and it was a little intense because it's been a while since I've used a massager. Now that I am used to the intensity it's amazing!! I also use it for it's intended purpose also for my muscles.

powerful toy (Anonymous)

I am not very sensitive so a lot of vibrators disappoint me, this one is well worth the money. It is powerful and you dont have to worry about running out of batteries, there are also lots of attachments that can be bought that add on to it, it also feels good as a shoulder and neck massager. The only downside is it's not very discreet and a little loud but still very worth the price.

MIND BLOWING! (Anonymous)

This is seriously the best toy I have ever invested in! I payed full price for it originally but it is definitely worth every cent! It's powerful enough to get just about anybody off, and it also works extremely well for it's original purpose as a back massager! If anyone has ever had doubts about being able to achieve an orgasm, this is the product I would recommend! It really is as AMAZING as people say it is!!!

My third in four years (Anonymous)

This is an amazing product. The motor is simple and reliable, but the truly intense vibration relies on a spring mounted to a piece of molded plastic. If that goes, break out the second favorite, and wait a week for the next one. Amazing for back or leg strain as well as the more traditional uses.

best choice I've ever made (Michael)

We've tired this a few times and in these times, the only thing I can say is omg! We tired it with no attachments and it was amazing. Just got one attachment and we can't wait to try it it. Recommended for any couple looking for a lil added fun.

Keeps them cuming back for more!! (Shaggs)

This wand is the best purchase I've made. My wife and I use it together and it works awsome. Everyone needs one of these!!

Mmmm Hmmm (Anonymous)

That'll do. That will do just fine thanks very much! The perfect vibe.

Better than sex (Anonymous)

Also good WITH sex, but by itself is pretty stellar.

Its ok (The Dude)

Girlfriend loves it, doesn't fit in my butt though.

The Best (Anonymous)

we've bought many of these in the past. this one is quieter and has a longer chord. great and powerful motor that will satisfy any girl very quickly. Make sure you bye this one since there are many fakes out there. I highly recommend this.

Instant Gratification (Sugar Daddy)

Used it on my girl at the lowest setting and she had the most powerful orgasm after almost no time at all.
This thing rocks!

Magic wand (Anonymous)

A very powerful unit and no batteries to worry about..... A little noisy but not too bad!!! Well worth it!!

wow (Anonymous)

This toy is absolutely amazing makes me cum in seconds

Magic Wand (Anonymous)

Awesome product. Does what it is suppose to do. I recommend it to all the ladies as a must have piece for their toy collection.

As great as the Hitachi (Glam)

My gf was in disarray when our Hitachi magic wand died, we're very glad to see that it hasn't really changed otherwise than by name!
Just awesome :-)

WOW (Anonymous)

This amazing best toy I ever bought.
I would recommend it to anyone.
Like I said AMAZING..

Amazing (Ben)

My wife was very timid at first with the size and the fact that it had to be plugged in, but in no time she came to love it and literally broke the lamp by pulling the cord to hard.

We're going to need a bigger boat... (MrFong)

It's the JAWS of vibrators. Intense, loud, large, and a bit scary.
That said, it delivers. Perhaps a bit too quickly. I think we need a bit of practice to slow things down!

Amazing! (Anonymous)

This is powerful and satisfies every time!! We both can enjoy the benefits of this toy. Works well with the sleeve for him. Can also be a total body massager.... Have not been disappointed yet!!

Majic wand (Anonymous)


Wow (Alley)

Best toy ever well worth the cash

Amazing! Lives up to its name (PhR3Ak)

Although some people can be intimidating by its size (some call it a power tool), this product is simply amazing. Has super strong vibrations that can make any girl spasm and moan in delight. It can be too intense for some so make sure to warm up 1st, or put something in between.
We recently bought an attachment which I highly recommend to do as well. My girlfriends new favorite toy!

Absolutely amazing (Kathy)

To all those who may be thinking about the Magicwand please don't hesitate further. This is hands down the most amazing vibrator and has far surpassed my expectations. You will not be disappointed! Strongly recommend this product!

Amazing (Jen)

Such an asset to have just a truely amazing product thank you!!!!!


This thing has changed my sex life <3
It is amazing, the strongest setting is even too intense for me.

Magic wand (Trista )

Great product lots to explore

Fantastic first time! (yyz)

We were a little skeptical about all the hype around this machine but just a few minutes of use totally blew away doubt. Take about powerful (the O, not the machine). She is thinking of throwing away all the other toys now. Bravo.

Great for maximum pleasure for little time.... (Leigh Anne )

For the first time I had 4 orgasms. In less than ten minutes. I want sex more often knowing my husband will make me come so many times, not just once. I used the pocket rocket for ten years. I wish I had got this first it is that good.
The volume is a little loud but not much. My moaning from each orgasm is louder, which is more obvious of what is going on.

disappointing (Anonymous)

at this price I expected better, its noisy and it needs more variable speeds.

amazing (danielle)

Incredibly satisfied with this product. Got in a great timely fashion

Magic wand awrsome (Anonymous)

Awesome product. Only problem is we went through a few of them. The spring inside tends to break after a few months. But totally worth rebuying

Powerful! (Anonymous)

I was suprised how powerful this toy really is! It takes a bit getting used to but once you do you will be in heaven!

Magic Wand Relief (Anonymous)

I love the magic wand. It feels awesome on all body parts, sore, achy...or otherwise ;)

The Best (Anonymous)

Nothing beats this.... All I can say is wow....

uncontrollable loud intense orgasm! (Anonymous)

This is a unbelievable massager your muscles will thank you, but to see the pleasure and to be part of the incredible orgasm it can provide it is a experience not soon to be forgotten!

This is what you are looking for! (Anonymous)

If you want the original hitachi wand this is the one. you are the best!

A must have for any toy box! (Mr. Bo)

The Hitachi is such an amazing toy. Nothing even compares to it. I have to fold a towel so that there's 4 layers just so my girl can handle the intensity, and I love that. It gives a lot of potential for fun and advancement. I'm sure we'll enjoy this for a very very long time.

Magic wand magic ! (Anonymous)

This toy has done amazing things for our sex life. It's a god send. Any person or couple should get this !
You won't be disappointed!

Big Bertha (Anonymous)

That's my nick name for this particular toy. I'm on my second; wasn't careful enough cleaning the first one and think that I may have dripped some water into the head and wrecked the mechanism. I love Bertha; she keeps me company on long stretches away from my long distance boyfriend. I also love not going broke buying batteries or fussing with renewable ones. I sometimes keep my panties on if I'm feeling remotely tender because Bertha is powerful, but vibrators that aren't powerful are, in my opinion, a waste of $. Bought a similar model in the States last year and it broke after one session. Forget it...don't be fooled by imitations. Bertha's the best.

xcellent (anon)

Better than xpected

Not Just For Her... (Anonymous)

My new favourite toy. Works great for me (with or without male attachments), her, and for couples play. This has added a new dimension to our sex life!

Strong vibrations that never quit. (Anonymous)

I used this toy solely for about 3 years straight, it replaced all my battery operated ones quick. Now that I have discovered rechargable vibrators such as the mona 2, this one is gathering dust. However, this is always my back up toy because it's durable, reliable and never dies! It will get the job done, but I find that my climax isn't as great using this as it is with a pinpoint vibrator like the wevibe tango. The vibrations are strong and sometimes I feel they hurt or even numb me after awhile. It's very large and loud so it's difficult to be discreet with it, and both my partner and I find the highest vibration to be overpowering. It is difficult to go on without a vibrator after you have experienced this one!

All the quality you'd expect from the original (Anonymous)

This has been a staple for me since the days it was branded Hitachi. My last one (lasted 7 years!) finally So, folks who love their old Hitachis, do not fear -- this is the real deal! Only the branding is different, but the RPMs are right where they should be and a firmer, more solid rubber head than the squishy weird knock-offs.
I also have back problems and absolutely nothing else can ease the pain from my muscles, not the knock-offs, not even the Wahl (only a monster-heavy percussion massager came close, and it was $300), and I can use it for a good long time.
There's a reason this is the standby and most-loved toy in the world, for when you need an orgasm and don't want to bother taking off your jeans. The big head means the vibrations (which are outrageously strong) diffuse over a large area, so it's not great for spot vibration but feels pretty fantastic if you like movement on more than just your clit. This will give a deep vibration to your labia, clit, and even both openings without actually having to touch through clothing, and is a great size for two women to share. Most men seem to like it either under their balls or at the base of their shaft, depending on how sensitive they are.
Buy with confidence -- it's the real deal, for folks with long-loved Hitachis that are dying out!

simply awesome! (Anonymous)

Instant pleasure! Wow

NOT HITACHI!!! (J. Stiffler)

Got one to replace my old Hitachi Magic Wand that I had for over ten years. The cord finally went out on it. Didn't think nothing of the Vibratex name until I pulled it out of the package and it weighed half as much as a real wand. It is quieter than the real ones. The head is softer/spongier. It does not have any where near the same kick as a Hitachi Magic Wand.

I COULD NOT STOP (Teenie from UK)

OMG I love my wand I will never have sex with anyone but my wand

Good Vibrations (Happy Man)

I needed something that would be for me. Wife has her toys and I have mine. I bought the Hatachi clasic 2 speed and the sleve attachment for men. I have an average size penis. The first speed feels very nice to start with, till you are hard. the second speed (high) with a little lube sliding over the head is like electric shocks. A little up and down motion will get you where you want to go. I give this 5 stars because it is that good.

Worth Every Penny (AP)

I purchased this with the intention to use it for CBT and milking. Seems like a popular vibe for the ladies, but as a guy I've also had a great time using it on myself. The vibe is super intense, and very pleasurable. If you don't mind the noise, you'll find yourself with a new favourite toy! Recommended for any guy or girl. Also makes an excellent body massager - I've been able to relieve a lot of built up tension in my back by using it as a back massager.
Most "bang" for your buck ;)

Worth Every Penny (Anonymous)

I was skeptical about this product, but decided to give it a try. I'm very glad I did, because it is amazing! Seriously worth every penny, and I recommend it for every woman.

The only vibrator you'll ever need! (Stephanie)

I am beyond serious when I say don't waste your money on any thing else. I wasn't able to orgasm due to medication I was put on. I was beyond frustrated spending HOURS with other toys trying to orgasm. So much money spent on toys that just didn't do anything for me. I told myself this is the last toy I would try before giving up. I am so glad I tried. Just on the low setting I can orgasm stronger, longer and more times than I could BEFORE the medication. I can barely get myself to stop. Seriously, if your stuck between this one and another, get this one!

Great for Couples (Big J)

Bought this wand because of the sale price. I am not disappointed, neither is my girlfriend. We took turns using the wand on each other massaging, not only our intimate spots, but the whole body.
When she had an orgasm her wetness oozed out of her and when she got me off I shot like a loose fire hose.
The two speeds do limit the functionality of the toy.

Ginormous (Sad girl)

It's my fault for not reading the dimensions, but this beats is MASSIVE. I refuse to even use it. I have felt how it vibrates and I have wireless devices that are much stronger. I read that if it's plugged into the wall, the voltage is higher, but I doubt that.
This is insanely huge and quite the waste of money.. I just want to throw it away.

New Found Squirter (Anonymous)

Bought this toy for my girlfriend and she was hesitant that this toy couldn't do anything that her other toys could.. Well today we tried it on her for the first time and within 2 mins we had a giant puddle on our bed.... She is now convinced this toy is the queen bee.

Why did I wait so long to buy this? (Alison)

I must have eyeballed this puppy at the sex shops for the last five years. Told myself it wasn't worth $70. Then it came on sale here, and I bought it.
Regular setting is so strong I have to wear underwear and a blanket between me and this giant wand of goodness.
I break a lot of toys because I bend them too much trying to achieve that golden balance of pressure + vibration. No need for this white wonder.
Yeah, it's loud... buuuuuut you won't care.
First time I used it, I saw God 6 times in 8 minutes. He says hello and to be good.

le jouet (Master mo)

Un des meilleurs jouet que j'ai acheter. Idéal pour les femmes qui veule avoir des orgasme puissante et rapide. Idéale aussi pour des scène bdsm :)

Powerful! (Anonymous)

Just got this Magic Wand a few days ago and tried it a few times. Took me less than 3 minutes to reach the most powerful orgasm I've ever had! I was so surprised at how strong this amazing device is! Definitely a great buy! Totally recommend it!

The only reason to live (K-dog)

Whoever claims this is too strong is weak. The Magic Wand makes up for it's loudness by the countless orgasms one can reach while using it...If you're not numb, you're not done. this is the best product money can buy. It's the only thing I purchase for girl friends who don't already have it. Go forth and squirt!

Too Strong Caution! (Jean)

Caution!! amongst all of these good reviews. I love sex toys and have a good collection. I have always heard good things about the Magic Wand and recently bought it. Although it is strong its too strong not to mention loud. The vibrations at the least are numbing if not painful. The only thing this toy will be used for is a mediocre body messager. Very disappointing.

Fav toy in the whole world (Anonymous)

I think I'm on my 10th unit... yup... it's worth replacing and it's not like they are a piece of junk - it's usually the electrical cord or the battery in the cordless that goes and likely i could be more careful with the cord but I get caught up. This is largely the only work horse that will get me there and quickly.

Awesome!!!! First time squiter (Gypsy)

I'm 35 and never could squirt til I got this.... I love it! Now I will be using it all the time!!!!!

Works amazing for BOTH of us (Anonymous)

I don't come easily, but "turbo" as we've named ours, works every time! Best of all, it works for him too! Because of health issues We can't always have regular sex but thanks to this toy there's always mutual masterbation...and there's nothing better than helping him have a mind-rocking orgasm to make you feel like a star ;)
Don't hesitate, get this product!

best vibrator ever!! (Anonymous)

This will not let you down! Mind numbing, body tingling orgasm every time! Only reason I'm not giving it 5 stars is that yes, it's loud (but that's not an issue for me) and more than that the vibrations cam get a little numbing and have actually hurt after a while, but a good dollop of lube fixed that. Some users said it made them squirt and I can see how, I've come close myself! Buy this, you won't be disappointed!

Amazing Toy/Massager (Anonymous)

I read all of the reviews prior to purchasing this toy/massager. All of the ratings are true. A great product for the price. I purchased one of the attachments for it as well and may purchase a couple of others. Great for ladies who don't have a partner. With respect to the comments on the "loudness" while it is not exactly quiet, I didn't find it really loud either and I live in an apartment. I would recommend this product and will continue to purchase products from this site, as the prices are much more reasonable than other sites I have checked out. Great customer service as well.

First time squirt!!! (Anonymous)

Fan-flipin'-tastic! Orgasms every time! The first time I had used this it was a little strange but the orgasm was INCREDIBLE! The second time lead to my first ever squirt. And then the second, and third... Depending how you hold this to your V can cause all kinds of wondrous feelings!
NOTE: after continuous uses I noticed my vagina would become very swollen. I have discovered that is normal for a lot of users. It goes away after a day or two on its own. Play gentle. ;)

Strong vibrations that never quit. (Anonymous)

I used this toy solely for about 3 years straight, it replaced all my battery operated ones quick. Now that I have discovered rechargable vibrators such as the mona 2, this one is gathering dust. However, this is always my back up toy because it's durable, reliable and never dies! It will get the job done, but I find that my climax isn't as great using this as it is with a pinpoint vibrator like the wevibe tango. The vibrations are strong and sometimes I feel they hurt or even numb me after awhile. It's very large and loud so it's difficult to be discreet with it, and both my partner and I find the highest vibration to be overpowering. It is difficult to go on without a vibrator after you have experienced this one!

When you want a job done quick... (I Get Bored)

..you get this toy.
I've had similar orgasms before, but it's always been tough to get there. This is like.. a really intense shower head, but better. Very old school, yes, but if you like it intense, this is perfect. Anyone who's not into insane amounts of vibration should go for something more subtle first.

fantastic!! absolutely love it (Anonymous)

Just amazing. Just received and tried it out..fantastic orgasm..so worth the money. I recommend this product to anyone! Feels great everywhere..I will for sure be using for sore muscles and of course sheer pleasure.

OMG!! (Stef)

Amazing product!

Wow (Alley )

Love this I can make myself squirt with this love it worth the money for sure

My new best friend (salt)

My best friend introduced me to this product and at first, from it's appearance, I was hesitant to purchase one. She was so insistent that it was the best product ever that I eventually caved in and bought one. Honestly, this is one of the best decisions I've ever made. I keep the magic wand right next to my bed and use it on a daily basis. Best. Orgasm. Ever.

Great! (Anonymous)

It's amazing. Gives great orgasms, in short amount of time. But if you're first starting off, don't use this! It's very powerful. I deducted a star because it's so darn loud! Literally anyone could hear it from anywhere near your room. But honestly, this is the thing that gave me my first orgasm

What more is there to say? (Anonymous)

Strongest vibe we have... too strong to put directly on her clit, but it works extremely well while shes on top.

Get one (John)

My wife told me she wasn't a big fan of vibrating toys, so naturally I bought this for her. It turns out she was wrong. She is a big fan of this vibrating toy. It warmed her up so well that I spent the next two hours hitting her g spot and making her squirt like a fountain. She has never had a real squirting orgasm before. And now she won't leave me alone. All I want to do is sleep...and she wants another one.

WoW (Cruz)

Never seen a girl squirt until I bought this toy. My gf didn't like it at first glance when it came in the mail but after I was done she was pretty happy I chose this toy. :p
Very very veryyyy impressed and I'm a guy so if u wanna see ur gf squirt this is a must have.

Best Toy Ever!! (J)

I bought this because my bf really wanted it. We use it for massages and for play time. I love that its so powerful, I can orgasm within minutes! I have yet to squirt with it, but I hope to soon!

Best Toy Ever (Anonymous)

Best sex toy ever. I've always had very light orgasms. Every time I've used this toy I've had squirting orgasms that leave me dazed for minutes and feeling great for a couple hours. It's also really good for sore and tight muscles.

Fantastic product (Car)

I bought this on sale, and it was worth every penny. It vibrates quite quickly, but brings me to orgasm in minutes. I haven't squirted like a lot of women on here, but it feels amazing none the less. I fantasize about my boyfriend using it on me next.
I use a tshirt so it doesn't make direct contact, as it is pretty intense and I am not used to it yet.
Also, I ordered it and received it the very next day... will be using this site again.

AMAZING!!! (Anonymous)

I never squirted in my life & I was determened to, so I bought this to test out. Let me tell you me & my boy friend timed it to see how long it took for me to squirt, this took 34 seconds and I couldn't stop coming ! Girls this is a MUST have .. Seriously

happy man (Anonymous)

wow is all i can say. i bought is amazing toy for my wife. she got a muscle massage with it first by hers truly. she said i dont thing it will work for making me orgasm. i laughed inside my head becuase i read the reviews and new the difference of her thoughts. but hey every girl is different right. well i put the magic on her my this wand and she only lasted maybe 2 minutes on low vibratiion speed. she looked down at me and said she wanted me right than and now with authority. i was just as excited as here becuase now its a new sex experience for us both. top ratings gor this toy. she said it woukd be hard for any man to compete.with this toy. hahahaha. i quess she has top rating.foe this too. cheers magic wand. worth its weight in c

WOW 30 sec to the sky (Dany)

I decide to buy this one for my wife, she need strong or very strong vibration to have her orgasme. But WOW she need only 30 to 45 sec to have a super big O. I recomand it to every girl who love strong vibration. The 2 speed are Ok for newbie lol

Fantastic (Annette)

This vibe is fantastic. Always gets me off. Just add the G Spotter Attachement and it will send you over the moon. Love it!

More please.... (Anonymous)

The mere thought of this makes me quiver, especially if under my bf's control. Ladies who have never squirted, try this gem. Your partner will be impressed.

OMG (Anonymous)

All I can say is OMG!!!!

Best sex toy EVER (Anonymous)

I have tried more than my fair share of sex toys, and this is my go-to, and has been no matter what. It is not perfect, though it comes quite close. It looks weird, it's bulky and loud, you need to keep it plugged in, it can overheat, and it has a steep learning curve. It took me a couple months to really appreciate this toy because of the strength of the vibrations, so I would recommend seeing what feels good for you, and not using it like any other vibe. If you like powerful vibrations that hit everywhere, plus a sex toy that you can also use on sore muscles , then you really need to give it a chance. I wouldn't trade it for anything, because how great it is for me and my partner.

Awesome (AB)

I think I may be the only person who got this to use as an actual massager, and my boyfriend makes fun of me for it constantly. Honestly though, it's awesome for a home massager. The head moves around so if you're de-stressing after work, you can still get a good massage for you back. I recommend.

The King! (Megan)

I've owned about a dozen vibrators but nothing beats this one! It's 2 settings (strong and holy @#%$!) are incredible! The only downfall is that you have to plug it in but it has a long cord and it's worth it. I love a strong vibrator and this one sends me over the edge when I'm not even close to cumming. Incredible buy!

O-M-G (Stef)

I had this bought for me as a present and all I can say is OMGGGGGG BEST PRESENT EVER. Less then 5mins on LOW....who needs a high when u can get it done on low ahahah.

There's a reason you've heard so much about this toy (John)

Where to begin? You're probably at this page because you've heard about the "Hitachi Magic Wand" from countless blogs or seen it in movies/shows. There's a damn good reason for that.
This thing is strong like no other, and that's just the low setting. I don't know anyone who could handle being on the higher setting, but that's okay because low is more than enough.
It's loud but nothing too crazy. As long as your door is closed and there's nobody on the other side of the wall you're probably fine.
There's also a vast number of attachments from all brands that you can go for, I won't recommend any here but just about every type of play is supported with the right attachment (his/hers, anal, clitoral, etc.)
If I had one complaint it would be that there are only two settings which are low and high, but they should be called high and insanely high! Thankfully there are even more attachments (that are very easy to find online) that adjust the power flow to the toy with a dial so that you can adjust the strength through a third party. It's not really necessary though, just don't use the Hitachi if you want to start slow.

Awesome for the hard to get off (wover)

What an awesome vibrator for those who are hard to get off. I don't get off easily through clitoral stimulation, but this toy does the trick every time. I was super excited to find this toy for this amazing price at it is not an easy one to find. To make this all the more exciting, this site also sells awesome attachments for this toy which allows me to play with my g-spot. As I am much more sensitive with my g-spot, this provides me with mind blowing orgasms. Five stars well deserved.

*OMG* (Tia)

Not only did this feel amazing on my back that has been in pain for weeks, I'm pretty sure I just soaked my whole bed! I've only ever squirted once before, but this was like BAM! Everywhere! My other toys have a big competition because this might be my go to! The intensity is a bit much but wow does it feel good. I would recommend to everyone. Even my man got off while I was using it on him.

WOWZA!! (Crackintoes)

It took me 10 years of hearing about it combined with the amazing price here o buy this. My only regret is waiting so long! If far exceeds expectations. The orgasms are intense and never-ending. Only con is that it's pretty noisy (but not nearly as noisy as I am when I use it). ENJOY!!!

WHOOHOOOO! (Anonymous)

I love love love this! The "attachments" you can buy aren't as awesome as the good ol wand! So awesome, I now I have 2!

Awesome (Anonymous)

Bought this for my wife and it is her new favorite toy

Wow (Jess)

Best toy I own!! My favorite for sure. Always good for multiple orgasms. Plenty of power to never disappoint.

For the Power Queen (SinSin)

Just love this .. Most amazing toy ever.. So intense.. the feeling is beyond words .. a must have in any collection....

woww (...)

un des meilleur achat que j'ai fait tout simplement parfait

too old school (Anonymous)

This wand is way too powerful. It feels good at first in all areas but the clit. Once I feel like I am going to orgasm, the intensity stops it. All women are different but personally, I would not waste my money on this.

Amazing :) (Anonymous)

This item has given the best orgasm I've had to date. Definitely a must have for any woman, married or single.

vrrrrrrooom (Anonymous)

We have tried so many vibe products. We have cum to realize if it doesnt plug in. Then its not strong enough for the man. Oh yes this is the best man and woman toy we have.

Toy that keeps on giving (Cindy)

Even if you didnt get this amazing toy at the great I did here it is still is worth every penny -my friend had this and used it on me and i couldnt wait to own my own went home and ordered it had it 2days later and is used daily more then once and never disappointed bf loves to feel it against us makes it more intense. You will not reget buying this for the bedroom

Must have (Anonymous)

Husband suggested this... Wow. Its highest setting is wild and lowest setting does the trick...its intense and works on sore muscles too. Lots of cool attachments.

!!!!!!AMAZING!!!!!! (K-Dog)

bought this as a surprise for the wife. At first she was a little scared of how powerful the vibrations were, even on the low setting, but gave it a try and WOW!!! She couldn't get enough. I also got the G-spotter attachment for it and she came faster than I've ever seen! This is a must buy for everyone!!! Grab a towel though cause she'll get pretty wet!!! :)

Just WOW! (Al)

I bought The Magic Wand for my girlfriend. Before being introduced to "THE wand", she mostly used an egg vibrator which she was very pleased with. Now that she started using this toy, the smallest vibe started to gather dust. She just can't stop thanking me. She likes it so much that she often asks me to use it on her. This thing is incredibly powerful (but it's also a bit loud), my girlfriend can have an orgasm in under 30 secs using this on the highest setting. It's amazingly good for her, but also for me. The vibrations are so strong that they can give me an erection and almost make me have an orgasm (even through jeans). Totally worth it!

Great, but very loud! (Anonymous)

I love the feeling of this toy, but it made so much noise I am sure the neighbours three houses down could hear it! If you don't mind the noise this is a wonderful toy.

1 min to orgasam! (Cora)

This wand is powerful! Can use over your underwear to pound a clitoral orgasam out in minutes! Company be here any minute? A minute is all you need! Multiple, quick orgasams to be had. One star off for numbing the area a bit too quickly for those who are greedy!!!

Was not a toy But is now (Al)

Bought due to a lot of hip and back pain, after a car accident, great for that. Then 1 day my wife needed her thighs done and we found it was making her horny when it was close the her pussy, so I placed it on her clitoris she came in less then 2 mins. now it is a toy and never fails 3-4 times at least, she says it can replace me, but says she will keep me around anyway. worth the money spent as well as the bonus of the toy factor.

Second thought (Anonymous)

It's great.... but it broke after 2 months. I like it and my partner too but broken that fast makes it a love hate relationship.

WOW (Kayla)

... I've always heard good things about this massager and finally decided to give it a whirl. It blew my mind.. the low setting is my favorite. Love this massager and recommended it to friends.


O..........M...........F...........G!!!!!!!!! THIS IS AMAZING!!!! I BEEN USING 4 TIMES IN A DAY!!!! SO AWESOME!! and... i haven't squirt yet. :( i never been squirt before... but i will never give up to using!!

Thank you (BillieAntrim)

I ordered this beauty on Friday before I headed off to work. I was expecting this to arrive a week later but to my surprise it came today, it's only Monday! I can't believe how fast they shipped my order from Ontario to Edmonton, and I just used standard delivery. I am so pleased.
Now let's get to the toy. I keep reading reviews about this and they are NOT exaggerating in the slightest about the power and perfection it wields. Unlike some vibes that you have to fidget with to find the right spot this one covers EVERYTHING. I bought this for my boyfriend and I to have play time with but was so excited to try it, I had to give it a whirl. I barely had time to get comfy before I was having a mind blowing orgasm. It was different than any other, I didn't feel tired after because the finale was effortless. I really can't wait for my boyfriend to come over tomorrow so we can play with this gem all night.
If I could give 5 stars for the wand and 5 stars to This site for their amazing specials and crazy fast service I would. I will never shop for toys on any other site again!

Still the best (Anonymous)

The problem with the Hitachi Magic Wand, my wife says, is that she never wants to use any of those other expensive toys she owns anymore.She still tries them sometimes,but when they are too slow,out comes the never-fail Hitachi.And it never fails to please.

Big O inevitable! (GT in Calgary)

I have tried a lot of vibes and dildos in our bedroom with my wife. Sometimes she just can't seem to get over the edge easily. Well the first time with the wand, she got there in about 5 minutes! Since that first time, she orgasms every time. I think with practice and patience by slowing things down she will eventually squirt. She is getting hotter and hotter every time we use the wand. Oh, she definitely needs the high setting! Best buy for us to date!

Oh My F'in God! (Believer)

Wow! I never knew I was a squirter until I tried this vibrator. It was so unexpected, and the big O came on so strong and lasted a while. I highly recommend to anyone who hasn't had a g spot orgasm before, with this vibrator it is very possible.

WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!!!!!!!! (Anonymous)

Bought this for the wife for Valentine day with a couple of attachments,she's no stranger to vibrators,she was a little intimidated at first with the size two minutes later she was like fuck was that good!!!!!! were did you get that and how did you know about that thing??? if you truly find it doesn't have enough variable speed for you buy an extension cord meant to dim a table lamp and plug it in thru that way more flexibility for speed !!!!!!

Ready for take off! (Paul)

This wand IS magic! It only has 2 settings high and higher LOL but it works very well! I strongly suggest one of these for your collection. It's great for massaging ALL body parts!

Every girls dream (CoCo)

Most reviews say great things about a product. WELL this could not be truer than with the Hitachi wand. It is the most incredible vibrator that is capable of delivering the most intense orgasms’ we have ever shared. It's like Lays potato chips, you can't have just one. You begin to grave the next big orgasm and find yourself reaching for the Hitachi any chance you can.
Now we sleep with it under the pillow. Every girl needs one of these in the bedroom and at their desk lol

Love it!! (Anonymous)

Little loud, but soo worth it!

O.M.F.G!!! (Anonymous)

This has to be the best vibrator I've ever used! I love it

Guaranteed (Summersnap)

My wife and I have had this toy for a number of years now, still going strong and still guaranteed to do the trick. This puppy is powerful, pretty much blows all the other vids away as far as pure vibration is concerned. It only has 2 speeds, high and low, would have been nice to have a third option, but believe me, low is powerful enough. The first time we tried this she lasted less than a minute before orgasm and that result is still consistent to this day. If you're looking for a sure thing, this is it.

Wow (dtox)

Well we learned today my fiancee is a squirter, all thanks to this amazing toy. My advice guys, is you really wanna hear your girlfriend moan and want to learn if she squirts or not, buy this toy!!

Strong vibrations (Anonymous)

Seriously the best massager out there. Whether your using it for a sore back or for a more pleasurable experience. Worth every penny and this is what I tell every one of my female friends to buy for external self play.

A whole new world! (Kirstin)

I completely understand now why they call this product the "marriage saver". For years I have never been able to orgasm during sex. Never, even if i included a vibrator. The first time I used this, no matter if I was holding it or my boyfriend, I was able to orgasm 3 freakin times! I would HIGHLY recommend this for anyone who has difficulty achieving orgasm. Well worth it!

Vous ne pouvez demander mieu (heyvans)

J ai acheter beaucoup de vibrateur pour ma copine car ensemble nous aimons essayer beaucoup de jouets parmis ceux que je possede il est le plus utiliser et en deuxieme position nous utilisons un oeuf ... C est le vibrateur le plus efficace car il est le seul que je peut arriver a son extase ...Beaucoup de femme diront que vous ne serez pas capable d y arriver car vous ne connaisser pas leur corp comme elle ..prouver leur le contraire avec se jouet

OMG YES YES YES!!! (Anonymous)

Plain and simple every woman should have one of these in their toy chest. Will bring you to mind blowing orgasm in a matter of minutes guaranteed. Best vibrating toy I have ever pleasures myself oops I mean had the pleasure of using. GET ONE NOW LADIES!!!!

Powerful! (Anonymous)

Holy powerful, batman! This vibe is incredibly effective, but if used for any length of time tends to become too much and leave my sensitive skin red and a bit sore.

amazing (rossi)

worth the money, great use on both me and my husband. great while using a dildo

awesome , but did not last (Anonymous)

I had this and ,wow it was amazing!! , the best ogasams I ever had.. Well it says do not get wet, helllooooo!!!! ,I squirted so much and so hard I got it really wet and it started to spark, sparks everywhere , almost electrecuted myself , I am so scared to buy another one. I would if it was not plugged in .

Yes please! (Anonymous)

I love using this on my HUSBAND! You wanna blow your mans mind? Bring this beast out to play. He won't be able to do anything but lie there and moan from the sheer pleasure he will be experiencing! And it's good for actual massaging too haha

Oooooohhhhh what an amazing feeling!!! (Tina)

Soooooo worth it!!!Multiple orgasms+ squirting over and over again!

Squirt!!! (This girsl faviort TOY)

I got this as a gift and it left me dripping wet. I couldn't even handle the vibes my boyfriend had to hold me down well he kept my juices flowing. #1 in my toy box!

Her fav (Shadezz)

Wife loves this thing it does heat up a bit after awhile.

love it but breaks easily (Anonymous)

I love this wand but it broke within first 10 uses so not sure whether its worth spending more money on another one or not.

Broke after a barely a week! (Anonymous)

This item may look like a Hitachi, but it definitely is not of the same quality. After barely one week of use something is the massager disconnected and now it does not vibrate, but merely produces and annoying vibrating sound. Extremely disappointing as it was actually a good toy and my partner gave me a squirting orgasm with it...

Wow (Anonymous)

Definitely best vibrator ever. Used on my clit, my bf left me shaking.

terrible (Anonymous)

This is one of those products that when they say it will blow you away - they mean it. You'd have to have a clit made of stone for this much power, it was so jarring it had me actually vibrating (very uncomfortably) for an hour after using it. It's clumsy and awkward and noisy!

Classic for a reason. (Anonymous)

I finally buckled down to purchase this after watching a friend make his tied-down girlfriend orgasm in seconds. Best decision ever! I've owned a few vibes over the years and there's nothing quite like this for a wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am kind of delight. Two speeds: higher, and higher, so perhaps not for the faint of heart or someone who is looking for a more discrete vibe (or perhaps is venturing into vibes/toys for the first time). But discrete / battery operated vibes can never quite measure up. Soundproof your room and turn this baby up ;)

Not great but but not bad (Happy Customer)

The good: crazy powerful, lots of attachments, great for solo and couples play, good for more than just sexual play. The bad: It's stupid loud, must be plugged in (there's just something about a cold plastic cord resting against you body during play that fails to creat arousal...), it can get in the way as it is simply huge.
Would we buy another if it broke, heck ya! But this is certainly not the go-to toy that everybody makes it out to be. If you are only wanting one toy, consider a rabbit. If you are like us and like to change things up during play, this is a "must have" for your toybox.

Toy Box Essential (Anonymous)

I'm not sure why I waited so long to get one of these! I use it as a back massager almost as often as I use it as a sex toy. It's kind of loud, but the power easily makes up for the noise. That and it's the only toy I can plausibly leave sitting around, as it's a body massager. It's not water-safe at all, so I picked up a textured cap, too. The cap doesn't affect the strength of the Hitachi, but it's easier to clean.

If you love your body (Kittyn Khloe)

I can't begin to tell you how amazing this toy is... JUST WOW!!!
I'm in love with the way it makes me feel and makes my body shake when using it.
If you nee something to relax you this is it.

Anonymous (Anonymous)

OMG! This thing delivers!! It's always been hard for me to have an orgasm. Not anymore!!!! The wand does it for me every time. They made something when they made this beauty!!!!!

MMMMMMazing (Anonymous)

My bf and I were skeptical at first but after turning it on to the lowest setting. He fell in love more than I did.
I climax within minutes with this- repeatedly
Definitely worth the money

works like a charm (Anonymous)

This is already my second time around to get this toy. Works amazing! Orgasm multiple times in just a few minutes, sky is the limit!

Best Investment ever! (Anonymous)

This is the best vibrator ever!! It is worth the money! Don't think, just buy it, trust me :)

Best. Toy. Ever. (Sansa)

I didn't think I could ever orgasm, but now that I have this toy, I can achieve orgasm almost instantly. It's sturdy and does it's job. I'm so happy!!

My wife was wary, now she's a believer (olwhatshisface)

My wife was quite skeptical when I ordered this. It took some convincing, but she finally let me use it on her as a massager (it's original purpose!). This of course helped put her more in the mood. Over several sessions, I was gradually able to make her orgasm just by rubbing around her pussy and clit (yes, it's that powerful - my wife does not orgasm easy!).
Over time, she has 'graduated' up the G Spotter, and she's having orgasms so intense she's barely able to move afterward. Her words: 'Mind blowing'. If you love your fiance/wife/lover/significant other, BUY THIS (along with the G Spotter!) FOR THEM. They will never stop thanking you.

Works, but not a favorite (Secretly Sensuous)

More power doesn't necessarily equate to more or better orgasms. It can gratify me but does so without the quality of eloquance that really satisfies. Tip: pair this with a lamp dimmer for more control over settings.

Woah... (Anonymous)

Zero to OMG in 30 seconds. I was skeptical because this seemed so primitive. But now I know why it's a classic! Crazy loud, but pretty sure I was louder ;)

3-2-1 blast off (Anonymous)

My wife was skeptical based on its sheer size and power -over kill she thought -then she tried it- the speed -size and strength of the orgasm that followed -made her a believer and a big smile :)

Must buy (Anonymous)

Multiple orgasms, and it can makes me cum in under a minute. Impressive.

slighty twisted (Anonymous)

Well I went on the 12 reviews and they were totally on the money!!! Worth every penny and then some!

Broken............... (Anonymous)

Wife is bitching because this thing lasted less than 6 months........ No contest guys.... we cannot compete with this super stud....

overkill (Anonymous)

This old school implement is good if you seriously need a body massager for aches and pains but it seems like archaic overkill for clit stimulation and it sounds like an airplane! There are so many awesome vibes out there to choose from that are ergonomically designed to the contours of your body to do the job in a friendlier way. After something like a lelo or even bcurious this feels like a deafening and clumsy "uhm.. why?"

Really the most powerful... REALLY! (Nathalie)

I was looking for the most powerful vibrator et boy, does it fill the bill!
Almost too much in fact... vibrates so much it numbs the area. Il takes some getting used to.
I suggest buying attachments to go with it... procures a more comfortable feeling.

OMFG (Andrea)

Two words.
Freekin WOW.
Worth every penny.
I like to tease myself with something gentle to start me off, the blow my mind with this.
It will rock your world, seriously.
One warning. Cane be heard outside the room and if you throw it under the bed in a panic, it vibrates the whole house.

Wow (Anonymous)

O.....M......G...... this is AMAZING!!!!!I LOVE IT

oh my god (Anonymous)

i find it very hard to orgasm no matter what i or anyone else tries to do to me. i love sex and having orgasms. this is a must buy for anyone that has issues orgasming or who loves to orgasm alone. so powerful.

WOW (Big-B)

This suckers so powerful i don't last long enough to worry about the plug in, amazing! Also like that's its relatively easy to store.

!!!!!OMG!!!!! (Krystal)

DEFINITELY worth the money, only thing id change is the fact that it is quite loud, and put another mode(low), because this is the most powerful toy EVER. AMAZING!!

BEST EVER (Anonymous)

I never could make myself orgasm until I received this...
I learned I'm a squirter now. I can squirt multiple times a day with this and its the best feeling in the world. I am still tingling from 10 minutes ago.
Girls you NEED this. Especially if you have ever questioned if you can achieve an orgasm.

OMG! (Anonymous)

This is the most amazing thing I've ever used. I can't live without it now. My fiancé loves to use it on me so its just as much for couples as it is a solo project. Love love love it!

the ultimate (Anonymous)

I have had a few girlfriends who really enjoy this toy. For some it's too powerful but using a pillow or towel between your body and the wand helps. No other vibrator in my experience comes close. Even good for penises (at least mine!).

the ultimate (Anonymous)

I have had a few girlfriends who really enjoy this toy. For some it's too powerful but using a pillow or towel between your body and the wand helps. No other vibrator in my experience comes close. Even good for penises (at least mine!).

Will blow your wife right off the bed (Anonymous)

Fantastic item to buy for your wife. She will love it.

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