It's Time for You to Explore Tantric, Mudra & Mystical Sex

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When we think about sex options, we often imagine a variety of sexual positions, partner preferences, and perhaps the potential of trying something BDSM-related. Most of us tend to overlook lesser-known sexual possibilities—but now may be the perfect time for you to explore a few mystical options, such as sexual yoga and erotic energy movement. 


Fear of the unknown may hinder us from trying something new, especially sexually. New experiences may leave you feeling vulnerable and self-conscious. However, there is also the thrill and excitement of trying something new. 


Keep in mind, something as simple as listening to new music can help increase brain activity, leading to an exhilarated feeling. And exhilaration, much like adrenaline, lends itself well to sexual activities. 


So, are you ready to try something new sexually?


I’m going to share ways you can explore new sexual activities and provide some practice assignments just for you!


3 New Ways to Explore Sexual Possibilities:

  • Tantric Sex
  • Sex Mudra 
  • Mystical Sex



The topic of Tantric Sex seems to always call to mind Sting and Trudie Styler’s 8-hour lovemaking sessions. 


"The idea of tantric sex is a spiritual act," Sting explained when discussing hours-long lovemaking. 


Tantric sex is also referred to as sexual yoga and is a wide range of practices to achieve spiritual or energetic connection during sex. But what exactly does that mean?


Tantric sex at its essence is about sexual energy that can build up and flow between partners. This energy is thought to allow for a deeper, more connected sexual experience that is said to permit lovers to feel more pleasure for longer periods of time, à la Sting and Trudie. 


This depth and connection are due to engaging body and mind, which are both considered to be equally important in a Tantric encounter. This allows for something more than a purely physical orgasm. 


How You Can Try Tantra

Here are 3 Practice Assignments you can try for yourself


1. Tantra is a holistic practice that engages body and mind, so make sure your environment sets the mood. Try scented candles to add an arousing aroma and beautiful ambience. Consider a 10-minute session of meditation to slow your mind and help prepare you for a better-connected sexual experience. 


2. Self-massage can be a way to better connect with your body. Rub lotion or oil slowly and mindfully all over your body, spending extra time on your stomach, inner thighs, neck, and chest. Slow your strokes down and soften the way that you play with yourself. 


3. Eye gazing can be an incredibly powerful practice for couples. As they say, eyes are windows to your soul and can help connect lovers. Place one hand on your partners heart and their hand on yours, relax and breathe full, deep breaths as you and your partner intentionally look into each other’s eyes, which can create an almost hypnotic intimacy. Although it can be a giggly practice at first, after time it can bring a feeling of connectedness to relationships. 


Start with a Tantric Kiss – The mouth, lips, and tongue can be erogenous areas for many people. For some, eating, drinking, smoking, and kissing can create serotonin surges, which are usually associated with sex and orgasm. 


Use your fingertips to trace the outline of your lover’s lips slowly and intentionally. This will help engage the senses and build excitement. Take your time when pressing your lips against your lovers. Use your tongue to sensually explore their mouth. Adding a low hum to a kiss can create vibrations in your mouths that can be very arousing. Keep your mind clear and focus on the feelings of this kiss. 



Much like tantra, Sex Mudras harness energy. Also, like Tantra, Mudras are connected to Hinduism and Buddhism and have been practiced for thousands of years.


In yoga practice, Mudras are hand gestures used to facilitate the flow of energy, or Prana, in the body and mind for optimal health. 'Mudra' is a Sanskrit word that literally means 'hand gesture'. 


For Sex Mudras, hand gestures are used to energize sexual organs, increase libido, and enhance pleasure. 


Mudra hand gestures create a link between the mind and body and are thought to strengthen the bodies sexual systems. 


How You Can Try Sex Mudra

Here are 2 Practice Assignments you can try for yourself


1. The Ushas Mudra hand gesture is said to help boost sexual energies. Here is how you can try it for yourself.


    Women: Interlaced fingers with palms facing upwards. Encircle right thumb between left thumb and index fingers.

    Men: Interlaced fingers with palms facing upwards. Right thumb rests on top of left thumb with gentle pressure.


    2. Prana Mudra is meant to be used to awaken and embrace energy, which may help libidos needing an extra boost. To try the Prana Mudra for yourself, touch your thumb, ring, and pinky together with your index and middle finger extended.



    Research has discovered there is a connection between sexuality and spirituality. And just like Tantra and Mudra, Mystical sex has a history based in religious practices. 


    Mystical sex encompasses the spiritual aspect of sexuality. Research on Mystical sex found a neurological intermingling of sexuality and mysticism as a path to spiritual ecstasy. 


    Mystical sex is also aligned with Tantra and Mudra by helping people become mind/body connected to enhance sexual experiences. 


    How You Can Try Mystical Sex

    Here is a Practice Assignment you can try for yourself:


    1. Focus on your own mind/body connection. Through meditation or by spending heartfelt time with yourself, consider how you can be more perceptive, sensitive, creative, loving, and passionate. Open yourself up to the possibilities of making love with your whole presence.


    Science Says It’s Healthy to Try New Things

    Research suggests that the greater sense of purpose and personal growth associated with living one’s life to the fullest, correlates with healthy attributes such as lower cortisol levels, better immune function, and more efficient sleep.


    The best successful sex life advice I share with individuals and couple’s is to try and set 2-3 new sexual goals every year. This can be exploring a new fantasy, trying a new intimate pleasure product, or exploring a new type of sexual experience, such as Tantric sex. Trust me, fulfilling these simple goals can lead to a satisfying feeling in your relationship that you’ll want to repeat. 


    Are you ready to try a new type of sexual experience? Have you ever tried Tantric sex? Please send me your questions and comments. I would love to hear from you.

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