4 Best Male Masturbators for 2022

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 4 Best Male Masturbators for 2022


Listen, we know we’re not alone when we say that sometimes, we need some. Immediately!  We’re talking, of course, about sex. Or, if not actual sex, at least a quick, explosive release of pent-up sexual tension. When a steamy, handsy makeout session or some pantsless fun with a partner just isn't in the cards, it’s time to take matters into our own hands. Yes, literally! 

Today we’re talking about masturbation, and more specifically, how owners of a penis can up their stroking game by sending in a male masturbator to pinch hit for the good ol’ left or right. 



A male masturbator, sometimes known as a stroker,  is a sex toy that stimulate the penis. It’s usually a sleeve or sheath that surrounds most of, if not all of, the head and shaft. Most masturbators need to be held in hand, either yours or a masturbation partner’s, but there are also life-sized versions that you can have sex with, as well as automatic and hands-free models. 

We want to note that, despite the word ‘male’ in ‘male masturbator,’ any person with a penis or other phallus can definitely make good and sexy use of one. Heck, you can even stroke a strap-on if you want to! 



As mentioned above, male masturbators come in a wide variety of sizes, styles, and function/feature options. To give you a better idea of what could help you get off harder, better, faster and stronger, let’s look at four of the most popular, best-selling strokers.


Pocket Pussy Male Masturbators

So, what is a pocket pussy? As the name suggests, pocket pussy strokers are pocket-sized (or at least small enough to fit in the palm of your hand) masturbators with an opening for your penis at one end and various textures running through the interior. Those openings usually look like vaginas, and some are even exact replicas of some of your favorite adult stars.  Despite the name, some pocket strokers resemble butts or lips, like the Stroke It Anatomical Mouth Stroker. As a male sex toy, it is by far one of the most beloved masturbator styles, pocket pussies are portable, petite, and definitely get the job done. 

Pocket Pussy Highlights

• Realistic look and feelIf you are looking for something realistic, then the best pocket pussy is simply waiting for you. When it comes to realism, pocket pussies can be awesome. They often feature intricately lifelike openings that resemble real vulvas like the Sasha Grey Deep Throat Pocket Pal easure Pal Masturbator, anuses like the Boundless Pure Skin Anus Stroker, or mouths. Sometimes they are even modeled after adult stars.. For example, you can order a Lisa Ann Vagina Stroker or a Riley Reid Vagina Stroker  Vagina Stroker.

• Stimulatingly textured interiors: Pocket pussies are made from various materials. Perhaps the most popular is Cyberskin, which is a combination of silicon, PVC, and other materials to make it feel more realistic. There are even manufacturers that replicate other parts of the vagina. So if you want to imagine toying with a partner’s clitoris, there are many realistic pocket pussy’s to try.

• Wallet-friendly prices: Having a tight budget doesn’t mean you have to compromise on pleasure. With prices starting as low as $11.95 for popular strokers like the Helping Head ULTRASKYN Pro Stroker In Frost and the Basic Stroke It Tight Pussy & Ass Magnifying Masturbator, a pocket pussy is the ultimate in accessible pleasure. 

Out of all the male masturbators on this list, the pocket pussy is the most user-friendly. So much so that even beginners can quickly learn how to use a pocket pussy and how to clean a pocket pussy. This makes them ideal for just about anyone, from those just starting to experiment to sex toy afficionados. 


Auto Strokers and Hands-Free Male Masturbators

Looking for a male stroker that does most of the work for you? Auto strokers and hands-free male masturbators can help you take a load off without having to do any of the hard work (besides getting hard). These battery-powered or rechargeable devices feature unique inner mechanisms that stroke a sleeve up, down, and around your penis. 

Auto-Stroker Highlights

• Hands-free action: How cool would it be to have a men’s sex toy that can bring you to climax without you having to hold it in place?! Hands-free male masturbators like the PDX Elite Moto Stroker not only do the stroking for you, they let you give your hands a rest while you kick back and enjoy! 

• Blow Jobs On-Demand: There’s nothing quite like oral sex. Let’s be honest, blow jobs are awesome, and having them on-demand is even more awesome. Toys like the Autoblow2+ Extra Tight Edition In Size A or the Automatic Blowjob Sucking & Vibrating Masturbator bring that dream to life! 

• Next-level Bells and Whistles: Auto strokers can come with some really next-level features! Some, like the Love Botz Flicking Tongue Masturbator, are designed to deliver unique and realistic experiences while others, like the  Sasha Grey's Girlfriend Experience Auto Stroker , can even talk dirty to you while. 


Full-Sized Male Masturbators

If you really want to imitate the feeling of a hook-up, you can order a lifelike and full-sized male masturbator to live out your kinky fantasy. 

Full-Sized Male Masturbator Highlights

• Lifelike experience: Want to hit it from the back? This PDX Plus Perfect Ass Masturbator is moulded to resemble a realistic butt and vagina for the most lifelike experience possible!

• The power of a toy, the look of a person!: Full-sized male masturbators like the PDX Plus Perfect Ass Masturbator take the features you love from toys (plushy, spankable, from-the-back style treat is just as realistic) and package them in a super sexy body 

• Pick your ideal partner: We all have the things that really turn us on, and full-sized male masturbators let you pick your ideal body type. If you're a connoisseur of bouncy boobs, you can order an authentic set of LuvDollz Vibrating F**K Buddy for some very titillating (hehe) stroking. 

(Note: Some of you might mistake a full-sized masturbator for a  sex or love doll. While both serve a similar purpose, they don't have the same features.)


Vibrating Male Masturbators

One of the (many) reasons people use sex toys is for the vibration. Let’s be honest, no real-life partner can reproduce it! That’s why many penis owners reach for a vibrating male masturbator to get off.

Vibrating Male Masturbator Highlights

• Super-strong stimulation: When it comes to power, vibrating male masturbators can’t be beat!  Models like the JimmyJane Arvos Stroker not only massage and stimulate, but give you the ability to crank up the speed for a fantastic finish (i.e.: awesome orgasm). But certain models also allow you to massage certain parts, so you can go ahead and get that prostate massage you've always wanted.

• No erection? No problem!: Erectile dysfunction can happen to anyone, but it doesn’t mean you have to forgo pleasure! Some powerful vibrating male masturbators like the Boundless Grip Stroker can be used on a flaccid penis and still deliver the big O!

• Focus your pleasure: The penis is comprised of several parts, all of which experience stimulation a little differently. Toys like the Vibrating Super Ring In Black and the Vibrating Extra Long Silicone Urethral Sound put the stimulation right where you want it for customizable pleasure.


Other toys to try with your best male masturbator

Cock Rings: To use this men's sex toy insert it until rests on the base of your shaft. After that, you're good to go. Not only does a cock ring take your sexual pleasure to another level, it also prevents backflow of blood helping your erection last much longer.

Anal Beads: Curious about exploring anal play? Then anal beads are worth a try.  

Butt plug: Also within the realm of anal play, butt plugs are great for stimulating the nerve endings of your anus. You may not know but your behind is also a pleasure center, making it the gateway to stimulating your prostate. In an indirect way, it can be a prostate toy. So when you're pleasuring yourself, don't leave your behind behind.


Reminders before ordering your ideal male masturbator:

Because of how realistic some of these toys are, it can be easy to forget they aren't the real thing. So before you start pumping, lube up first so you don't chafe or tear your member. Another thing: pick male masturbation toys that come (no pun intended) in your size. That way, you avoid injuring yourself.



We know that flying solo can be rough, but don't mind the turbulence. Who says that you can't experience sexual pleasure by yourself? Instead, embrace that flight by indulging your senses with your own male masturbator. No matter what turns you on, you're bound to find great strokers or hands-free male masturbators that'll give your hand a much-deserved night off. And, if you're looking for even more excitement, you can order a ton of other great sex toys for men and penis owners from PinkCherry, including prostate massagers and sex dolls. For those that with significant others, you can also search for toys you can try together to really liven up your sex life. Shop our selection now, and check out our sale section for cheap sex toys!


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