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There are quite a few great reasons you might want to give shower sex a try (easy cleanup and amazing foreplay, just to to name a few)! Even still, might have some lingering questions about how to have amazing shower sex, and that’s okay! Maybe you’re wondering one or all of the following:


How can you keep from slipping and sliding all over the place?


What positions are good for smaller showers?


Which lubes are best for the shower?


Which sex toys are safe in the shower and how do I use them?


What’s a shower dildo?


We’ve got answers! Today we’re answering all your questions about how to have shower sex in a way that’ll have you feeling down and dirty while getting squeaky clean.


Tips for Preparing for Safe Shower Sex

Sure, you can head straight to the shower for sex without putting much (or any) thought into it. But there are ways to make your shower sex safer and more enjoyable. Sometimes, a little work goes a long way. Once you read through our 7 tips, we’re sure you’ll see how easy it is to make shower sex better than ever.


After you’re through reading, head over to PinkCherry.ca for all the products you’ll need. From lubes to keep you slipping and sliding where it counts, to waterproof sex toys for every need, we’ll help you stay wet and steamy.


1. Shower Sex Has Some Great Benefits

Shower sex has so many benefits, that your sex therapist might even recommend it. What can you expect when having sex in the shower?     


  • Easy cleanup: just add soap or your favorite body wash when you’re finished, and voila!


  • Sex while on your period: there’s no bedding or clothing to worry about staining and the warm water feels great when you’re experiencing cramps, bloating, or fatigue.


  • Privacy: many couples get ready for the day in the bathroom at the same time. Your kidlets or roommates will be none the wiser!


  • Change of scenery: shower sex can be just what you need to keep things fresh (pun intended).


2. Prepare the Shower Beforehand

Your shower should be showtime-ready for comfort and safety. Sure, polishing up your tile, ceramic, or what-have-you is a nice way to show your partner you care. But you should be more concerned with clearing out clutter that could get knocked over or might be in the way. There’s nothing worse than dropping a heavy shampoo bottle on your pinky toe. 


You should also take some time to install a non-slip mat or anti slip tape to keep you from slipping and sliding around once the ocean is in motion. This style of bath mat is available at most big box retailers.


3. Refresh Your Foreplay

Having shower sex can be an engaging way to refresh your foreplay skills. You can start by washing each other, making sure to cover every inch. Paying attention to erogenous zones during your washdown lets you complete two tasks at once. 


When it’s time for the rinse cycle, you can use a removable showerhead to gently spray each other’s most delicate areas (just be sure not to harshly squirt water into any internal body parts). It’ll feel amazing for the person being washed and is also a treat for the eyes of the washer. Win/win!


4. Water is Not Lube

Many first-time shower sexers make this mistake, not to worry, but you shouldn’t try to use water as lube. In fact, water can actually wash away your body’s own natural lubricants. Now you know! Try one of these lubes during (or prior to) your next shower sex session:


  • Silicone based lubes: are best for shower sex (as long as you aren’t using them with silicone sex toys). They last longer and aren’t washed away as easily.


  • Water based lubes: water based lubes are compatible with silicone toys. The downside to this formula is that it easily rinses away, so be ready to reapply as needed.


  • Oil based lubes: oil based lubes aren’t meant for internal use and can create a dangerously slick environment. We don’t recommend them for shower sex, but they’re great for massage or stroking while engaging in some shower sex foreplay.


5. Grab a Shower Dildo

There are quite a few sex toys that are both safe and effective for playtime in the shower or bathtub. Some products you already own might even be waterproof sex toys (check the product packaging or included instructions to find out). Water resistant toys are not for submerging but can withstand a little splash of water from a shower.


Some of our favorite sex toys to use in the shower are dildos that include a suction cup base. You can stick these on the wall of your shower at the perfect height for you and are usually made from a waterproof material. Dildos with suction cups come in all different shapes, sizes, textures, and colors too!


6. Brush Up On Some Shower Sex Positions

Shower sex positions can be a bit tricky. When there isn’t much room to spread your legs, you can try a raised leg position where you have you or your partner stand with one foot propped on the edge of the tub. 


Any standing sex positions should work nicely when you have your partner hold you in a supported manner if there is nowhere to firmly plant your hands for balance. If all else fails, you can have your partner sit on the side of the tub while you sit on top.


7. Try an Erotic Bath Instead

If learning how to have shower sex seems too advanced for you, you can start with some water play with an erotic bath instead. We’ve got 6 Sexy Tips to get your rub-a-dub-dub on right here!


Shop for All Your Shower Sex Needs with PinkCherry!

Time to hit the showers! Remember our 7 tips for sex shower success and stop by PinkCherry.ca for the latest and greatest in adult bath toys. We have waterproof sex toys and suctions cup dildos that are perfect for all your shower fun, whether your preference is the foamer or the lather (get it?).  


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