5 Types of Orgasms Everyone Really Needs To Try

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Have you ever had a toe-curling, headboard-banging orgasm and thought to yourself, ‘Wow, that one felt different!’ If so, congrats! You may have just experienced a new (to you!) type of orgasm. 


Allow us to clarify. There are at least eight different types of orgasms. Some of us are lucky enough to have experienced a few of them, plus some of the lesser-known orgasm types, while other folks are perfectly satisfied with one or two orgasm types. 


For all you orgasm adventurers out there, we’ve rounded up eight classic orgasm types, plus a few you may not even have known about. You’re welcome!


Orgasm #1: The Clitoral Orgasm

This orgasm type, obviously, requires a clitoris, and it falls under the umbrella of ‘types of female orgasm’. That said, you or your partner definitely does not have to identify as female to experience a clitoral orgasm. Got a clit? You’re good to go.


The clitoral orgasm is one of the better-known types of orgasm. It’s brought on by direct, or indirect stimulation of the clitoris, and can happen with penetration, without penetration, during masturbation, with clitoris-geared sex toys, with fingers, with tongues, with pillows or with even simple pressure, sometimes. Yes, it’s a very versatile orgasm!


Orgasm #2: The Penile Orgasm

A penile orgasm is, not surprisingly, an orgasm that stems from stimulation of the penis. Like the orgasm above, this one requires the proper equipment. You’ll need a penis to enjoy what’s thought of as the classic ‘male’ type orgasm.  


Thrusting into a partner or a male masturbator type sex toy, using your hand(s) to stroke your penis, or having oral sex performed on you are surefire (generally speaking) ways to experience a pulse-pounding penile orgasm, but if you own a penis, you probably know that just about any type of prolonged, rhythmic friction, rubbing or pressure can do it, too. 


The intensity of a penile orgasm can vary greatly. Some are super-strong and will send you scrambling for the paper towel afterward, while others are relatively tame. Intensity can depend on how turned on you were before stimulation started, how long it’s been since your last session, how long you draw out the orgasm process itself (as with edging sex, for instance).


Orgasm #3: The Vaginal Orgasm

We love sharing info about this particular type of orgasm, because although it’s one of the most misunderstood orgasms, it’s an orgasm that many women, people with vaginas, AFAB people and their partners think they should be having. Well, it’s not! 


Vaginal orgasms are usually associated with penetration by a penis or a sex toy. They’re believed to be separate from clitoral orgasms, and can happen without clitoral stimulation. Vaginal orgasms - or orgasms brought on by penetration - are not the norm. They just aren’t. 


Over fifty percent (closer to seventy percent, according to some polls) of women/vagina-havers can not reach orgasm through penetration or penetrative sex alone. Many of us need, not just like, but need clitoral or external stimulation in order to reach orgasm. That, by the way, is where certain sex toys, like the couple-friendly vibrating cock ring, for instance, can come in very handy.


That said, if you or your partner are able to climax from penetration alone, great! Everyone is different, our bodies are different, the placement of our individual erogenous zones are different, and what gets us all hot, bothered, and on our way to the big O are different. Embrace your individuality, and your orgasms! All we’re saying is that if you can’t get off during sex, or with penetration, you’re not alone.


Orgasm #4: The G-Spot Orgasm

This orgasm type is strongly related to the vaginal orgasm, for the simple reason that the g-spot, or the sensitive patch of flesh that we think of as the g-spot, is located inside the vagina. To be specific, it’s located along the top wall of the vaginal canal, about 2 to 3 inches in. 


There’s still some lingering debate on whether or not the g-spot exists as a physical bodily structure, but there’s no debate necessary regarding how good it feels (to some people) to have their g-spot stimulated. Not everyone will adore the sensation, and that’s okay. 


A g-spot orgasm, as per the name, is an internal (penetration required) orgasm brought on by targeted g-spot stimulation or g-spot massage. The g-spot can be stimulated using fingers, penises or sex toys, specifically g-spot vibrators and dildos


Some vagina-having people squirt or ejaculate when their g-spot is stimulated - this fluid, which is a combination of urea, uric acid and creatinine, is released by the Skene’s gland. The Skene’s gland is similar to the male prostate, and is positioned toward the lower end of the urethra. Others don’t. Again, we’re all different!


Fun fact: the g-spot may actually be an internal extension of the clitoris. Clitoral stimulation = pleasure. Makes sense!


Orgasm #5: The Anal Orgasm

If you or your partner are a man, or were assigned male at birth, you probably already know about the prostate gland, otherwise known as the P-spot. You may also know that stimulating the prostate gland via the anus can bring on some extra intense, full body orgasms. If you didn’t, now you do! Prostate orgasm is a fairly mainstream topic, relatively speaking, but anal orgasms in general, aren’t.


Fact is, you don’t need a prostate gland to have an anal orgasm. Women / people with vaginas can absolutely have an anal orgasm, and even if you have one, an anal orgasm doesn’t need to involve the prostate gland at all.


An anal orgasm is usually brought on by stimulation of the anus, iteslf. The skin just inside and around the anus is absolutely packed with nerve endings and pleasure receptors. For many people, it’s super sensitive, and feels great when touched, stroked, licked and otherwise paid attention to.


You don’t anything fancy to try and bring on an anal orgasm - fingers and some good lube will do - but you can try specific sex toys like butt plugs, an anal vibe or anal beads, if you and your butt are up for it. Don’t forget the lube!


Orgasm #6 The Prostate Orgasm

We touched on this type of orgasm above, but now we’ll get down to the nitty gritty and talk about prostate orgasms, specifically. The male prostate, or P-spot, if you will, is a walnut (approximately) sized gland located about four inches into the anal canal. It can usually be felt as a firm swell, and is usually extremely sensitive. The prostate gland has many sexual functions, but for our purposes, all you need to know is that stimulating the prostate can inspire some seriously intense orgasms. There’s even a name for prostate orgasms: the Super O. 


We should mention that although anal penetration is required for direct prostate stimulation, it’s also possible to stimulate the prostate externally, or from outside the body. If you aren’t into having something in your butt, like a well-lubed finger or a prostate massager sex toy, you can try massaging, tapping or pressing on your or your penis-owning partner’s perineum. Internally, the prostate lines up with the perineum, so if you do it right, you can stimulate your or their prostate with no penetration required.


Orgasm #7: The Blended Orgasm

Remember how we mentioned that many women and vulva-owning folks can’t achieve orgasm during penetration alone? That’s still true. However, some people can absolutely have an orgasm (and a super intense one, at that) during penetration if their clitoris or other outer sweet spot is being stimulated at the same time. This simultaneous inner/outer orgasm is called a blended orgasm, and it’s something plenty of people and their partners strive for.  


There are a few reasons why a blended orgasm can feel so over-the-top amazing. First, it includes the stimulation of more than one erogenous zone. Double the pleasure. The other reason is that the clitoris, ALL of the clitoris, is being stimulated when you’re playing inside and out. See, the clitoris doesn’t begin and end with the sensitive nub of tissue between your or your partner’ labia. It actually extends up and into the pelvis, running alongside the urethra and upper vagina wall (hint: g-spot!) on its way. When you’re stimulating your clitoris and inner vagina, you’re targeting those invisible, yet still super-senstive clitoral areas.


The quest for a sheet-tangling blended orgasm, by the way, is at least partially to thank for the popularity of one of our favorite vibrators - the almighty rabbit vibe


Orgasm #8 The Nipple Orgasm

Yes, some lucky folks can reach orgasm when having their nipples flicked, licked, stroked or otherwise stimulated. This could be simply because some people have nipples that are much more sensitive than someone else’s, or that person strongly associates nipple play with orgasm, but it could also be because nipple stimulation releases oxytocin. Oxytocin, by the way,  is responsible for the pleasurable pelvic and genital contractions or orgasm. Mystery solved!


That said, there are plenty of people who absolutely adore having their nipples pinched, sucked and teased, but won’t reach orgasm from that alone. Still, you can try incorporating nipple play into sex, clitoral stimulation, stroking and more, if you haven’t already.


Other Types of Orgasm

There’s more? Yup. These are a few of the lesser known orgasm types. Some aren’t  even ‘types’ of orgasms, per se, as they are situations or mental states in which orgasms can occur. More orgasms are definitely worth knowing about, right?


The Skin Orgasm

This type of orgasm is often not necessarily sexual or brought about by anything particularly erotic. It’s more of an involuntary reaction to stimuli. Some research shows that music is a big trigger for skin orgasms, also known as ‘frisson’.


Ever had your hair stand on end when the chorus of your favorite song kicks in, or when the bass drops? Maybe you feel a full-body tingle, or get goosebumps. That’s frisson! It’s a bit unpredictable and may not always occur in the same way twice, but if it happens, enjoy.


Sleep Orgasms

Sleep or nocturnal orgasms are exactly what they sound like - an orgasm that happens while you’re sleeping. A sleep orgasm may wake up, but you could also snooze right through.  


Wet dreams, or nocturnal emission, in science-y terms, are a type of sleep orgasm that cause ejaculation. Hence the ‘wet’. Men and people with penises aren’t the only ones who can have a sleep orgasm, though - anyone can. Certain movements during sleep can place pressure on erogenous zones, but super-sexy dreams can arouse you to the point of release, too.


Induced Orgasms

Induced orgasms are orgasms that are set off by a specific action or event. You may not have an orgasm every time that activity or event happens, or you may be able to count on it happening without fail. 


One common type of  induced orgasm is exercise-induced. The friction or stimulation of repeated movements (riding a bike, for example) can bring on an orgasm, as can certain abdominal exercises and weightlifting. It’s sometimes referred to as a ‘coregasm’. Yeah...if that ain't workout motivation, we don’t know what is!


Have Your Orgasm (And Then Some More)

Whew! That’s a lot of orgasms. Fact is, everyone gets off differently. Some people love a finger in their butt, or a sex toy in their vagina. Some people with penises love a good stroke session, and others prefer zeroing in on the head of their shaft. Different strokes, as they say!  


We guarantee that there are ways and means to orgasm that we haven't mentioned, or even thought of. That’s a good thing! It means that your next orgasm could be right around the corner, maybe where you least expect it. Play, explore, enjoy! It’s what (sex) life’s all about.


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