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Erotic Sexy Games For Couples


We’ve all heard the old adage, “relationships take work.” It’s the sort of pat expression one might hear from a well-intentioned, yet curmudgeonly family member after telling them you and your partner aren’t getting along as well as you used to. Or you’ve maybe heard it said under the breath of an embittered wedding guest, right as everyone is raising a glass to the happy couple. No matter when or how you’ve heard these words of wisdom, one thing is certain- it probably bummed you out on some level. Because it implies that the efforts required to keep love alive will suck. The truth is that relationships take play. Unfortunately, many of us are so busy with stress and overwhelm in every area of our lives that we forget how to let the good times roll- even when we really want to. That’s why we’ve made this easy-to-use guide to sensual games for couples. Now let the fun and erotic games begin! 

Game of Love

When people say they “hate playing games” with their romantic interests, they mean it. Well, they hate half of it. The proverbial game playing contains two distinct parts. There’s the part where you engage in weird rituals like only texting each other after a certain amount of time has passed since they last texted you, posting instagram stories just to get their attention, or casually trying to make them jealous that you and your “friend” had the best time last night… you hate that part. UNTIL IT WORKS!! And then you enter the second part of the game playing which involves the rapid fire flirting, nights where you get more ass than sleep, and the IRL dates where you both forget your phones in an Uber because you were too busy having fun to even glance at your phone. This is the game of love. Some back and forth, give and take. Tension and release. But at some point there’s no more tension. Erotic games create tension in a healthy, pleasurable way. Role play, sex toy games, sexy card games and adding imaginative ways to engage with even the most mundane game (strip Candy Land anyone?) boost your libido and infuse your intimate union with novelty. 

In numerous studies, researchers and social anthropologists find that “sense of humor” is often at the top of the list when subjects of all walks of life are asked what they find most attractive in a romantic/sexual partner. In the early stages of dating, most people are out on the prowl for someone who makes them laugh and gets their jokes. Over time, that humor we once found so damn sexy can seem to wane but it’s not because you or your honey are any less funny than you were when you first met. You just have less to joke about. Early courtships are full of all novelty, which makes for better punchlines. The stories you tell each other the first time you meet for a happy hour can have you on the verge of laughing so hard, you have margaritas coming out of your nose (also hilarious) but after a few years or repeats of that story, it might become less funny. Too often, this confuses couples into thinking their partner is less fun and exciting, or feeling like they themselves are less charming because they don’t get the laughs they used to enjoy from their paramore. So like any good comic, if you want to kill night after night (or miraculously get laid regardless of what you look like), then you’re gonna need to come up with new material. Sex games are like new material. If laughter is an aphrodisiac and novelty is necessary for keeping things fresh, fun and funny- then it makes sense to roll the dice on playing an erotic game. 

The Play's the Thing

There are a number of benefits to incorporating playfulness and sex games into your sexual reoetoir. Playing sex games is healthy and fun. They can enhance creativity, passion, and work to reinforce emotional bonds between you and your partner. Playing also increases dopamine and other feel good neurochemical associated with reducing stress, improving mood and even bolstering memory. All things that can benefit your relationship as well as your life overall. Sexual play can include anything from role-playing, to buying a sexy card game, or taking a classic favorite and turning it into a sexy board game.  By knowing the importance of play and its main forms, it will make it easy for you to choose sexy games that are best for your erotic enjoyment. Each unique play category includes games and tips to ensure you and your partner both win no matter what!

In the book Play: How it Shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination and Invigorates the Soul, by Dr. Stuart Brown, he outlines why having fun and engaging in play is a basic human need, up there with the other priorities of Maslowe’s hierarchy of needs. Brown breaks play into key categories that serve to define the importance of play and inspire ways to engage. We’re following the same model, except with sexy card games and vibrators.  Of course, Brown himself explains that, “play is born from curiosity and exploration,” so we assume he’d fully support our kinky reimagining of his work to include sexual fantasies and orgasm games. 

Ritual Play

Sexy Card Game For Couples


Board games, cards, sports or any activity with defined rules and structure make up what is known as “ritual play.” Engaging in ritual play is the easiest way to dive into a playful sexual scenario because most of the sex games on the market fall into this category. Buying a sexy game is simple, but how you play it can still be tailored to your lovemaking style and schedule. Typically, planning a sexy game night after work on an otherwise ordinary weekday is the perfect time. Have about an hour planned for your game and allow this time to be focused on unwinding from the day, bonding with your partner, and of course- titillating foreplay. If you have children or roommates, you can opt for a night when you’ll have the place to yourselves or simply wait until everyone else has retired for the evening. One of the best board games is the Our Sex Game because while you move ahead on the board, your “challenges” involve suggestions for how to get your hands and bodies all over each other. Ritual play games can also be informative- prompting lusty acts that you and your lover might not have tried before. A best-selling sex game to also consider trying is Let's F**k Card Game. Like a regular deck of cards, this game offers more than one way to play. Remember that while Ritual Play is more structured, you can still be creative by breaking the rules. You can also add in your own naughty challenges or penalties (like a good spanking), so this is one time you and your partner can have fun cheating. Sneaking a peak at his or her hand, or jumping ahead to a place on the board that declares the sex act you can’t wait to try are all fun ways to game the system to your orgasmic advantage. 


Body Play

Brown defines Body Play as a desire to take ourselves out of gravity. Typical examples of adult body play might include an aerobic yoga class or pilates, but when playing sensual games for couples- the possibilities are endless. Ironically, the way to turn body play into foreplay actually begins in the mind. Go for a hike with the intention of scouting out a hidden spot to make out or, if it’s really secluded- get it on. The physical movement doesn’t need to be sexual in order to prime you for arousal, but using this time to flirt, fantasize and verbalize your desires will get both your body and mind primed for action. Even if you have to wait to get home before peeling off those yoga pants, watching your partner stretch and sweat for the hour prior will transform working out into playing dirty. But you don’t have to leave the house or take a class in order to enjoy Body Play. From the comfort of your boudoire, you can explore sex toy games in a variety of ways. Using a clitoral vibrator or male masturbation sleeve to bring your partner to the brink of orgasm before stopping to pull a card from the Let's F**k Card Game deck is super fun. Or if you’re a fan of video games, high-tech, and digital modes of play- try the blueMotion NEX1 2nd Generation Remote Vibe with its erotic app component. Pro tip: This works as a panty vibe so if you do find yourselves at a salsa or spin class, this discreet orgasm maker will have you both working up more than just a sweat. Body Play can also include getting your own sex swing. Or just buy a trampoline and go have sex on it! Whatever you do to get that sexy body of yours in motion is sooooo good for you.


Rough and Tumble Play 


Erotic games definitely don’t require you to always play nice. Rough and Tumble Play can be anything from a sexy scavenger hunt, to wrestling around in your skivvies. According to Dr. Brown, Rough and Tumble Play has major benefits. So while your tied up or blindfolded while playing with the goodies in your Take Control Domination Surprise Bag , you and your partner will also be working to improve your emotional regulation, as well as cognitive, emotional and physical mastery. Speaking of masters… a little BDSM play is another way to gamify your sexual bliss. If you’re new to couples bondage play, try sexy card games like Sex! Card Game to bring out your inner “Dirty Daddy” and “Sexy Bitch.”


Imaginative Play

Clone-A-Willy Penis Molding Dildo Kit


For those lusty lovers who love to let their minds wander, there is nothing better than Imaginative Play. It is said that Venus, the goddess of and sex, was also the goddess of creativity. Sensual creative games for couples can be more than sexy card games- they can include an erotic art night. Make like the great masters and let your lover be your muse. You can make like Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic and sketch the curves and hard lines of your beloved while they lay poised beneath your penetrative gaze or try your hand at making something that is both beautiful and functional. How about making your very own sex toy from a mold of your partner? Both the Clone a Willy Vibrator Kit and the Clone-A-Pussy In Home Molding Kit give you everything you need to create replicas of your honey’s most intimate areas. After all- imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  


Object Play 

Clone-A-Willy Penis Molding Dildo Kit


The name of the game when it comes to Object Play is to build and explore. Something as simple as playing Jenga can help cognitive functioning, creative thinking and initiate joyful exuberance… so imagine upping the ante by playing a game like that while your partner works to distract you with their hand or mouth when it’s your turn. Other Object Play outlets could include building a pillow fortress, pitching a tent in your own backyard, or simply rolling The Best Sex Dice Game Ever! Dice Game For Lovers and see what comes up! 


Post Game Wrap Up

So there you have it gamers- stop taking sex so seriously and start playing with each other. All of the erotic games mentioned will likely have you laughing, thinking more creatively, lowering your inhibitions, boosting your confidence and… oh right- HAVING AWESOME ORGASMS! We call this a win-win. 

We know it isn’t always easy to keep the warm-fuzzy feels of early romance and dynamite sexual excitement night after night, but adding just a little novelty and humor into the mix can reignite your passions. Make it a point to try new things with your partner and honor a mutual dedication to having fun. 

Relationships may take work, but when that work includes playing, flirting, goofing off, rough-housing, and even daydreaming, life can be pretty sweet. For more inspiration, check out our wide selection of sensual games.   

When it comes to great sex, it really is all fun and games!

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