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Best Selling Prostate Massagers for the Ultimate Prostate Play | PinkCherry


Let’s talk prostate play! Either you’ve enjoyed it before, you’re considering some anal action, or you’re nervous just thinking about it. Whether you’re a novice or top-notch at having p-spot orgasms, we’ll answer all your questions and give you our top 3 prostate massager choices. We can’t promise we won’t throw in a pun here and there, but we swear we won’t make you the butt of the joke.


Top Massager Features for the Best Prostate Play

What is a prostate gland, you ask? It’s a small gland (about the size of a ping-pong ball) positioned between your penis and rectum. Its job is to provide some of the seminal fluid that mixes in with sperm to create what most folks slangily refer to as “cum” or semen, ejaculate, jizz – you get the picture.


What happens when the prostate is stimulated? First off, when you’re looking to stimulate your or your partner’s prostate gland, there’s a bit more to it than just popping in your favourite butt plug. As to what happens when the prostate is stimulated - intense pleasure or even orgasm! For most people, prostate orgasms don’t feel the same as a penile orgasm. Because the prostate helps to propel seminal fluid into the urethra, stimulating this area can create heightened arousal with longer and stronger orgasms. You might notice an increase in your ejaculate liquids as well during one of these orgasms. This is where the term “milking” the prostate probably comes from. Orgasms lead to lowered risks of prostate cancer, so you can feel even better about your booty fulfillment.


Are there other ways to stimulate the prostate? For increased sensations, you can also stimulate the perineum while engaging the prostate. You can think of these two parts comparably to the clitoris and g-spot of a vagina owner. The clitoris and g-spot are thought to be the external and internal portions of the same body part. Similarly, the perineum is the external portion of the prostate found between the testicles and the anus.


When you’re ready to head on in through the backdoor, take things as you can. You should never rush or continue anything that is uncomfortable or painful. How can prostate play be more comfortable? The use of lubricants is also especially important in anal play since your bootyhole doesn’t provide any extra secretions during sexual arousal. If you’re a total beginner, we’ve written a whole blog on Prostate Orgasms and How to Have One for you to check out.


So, what’s the best way to stimulate the prostate? You can have anal sex with another penis owner using their penis to penetrate you. Or you can use your own fingers (or your partners) in a curved shape. Better yet, you can use a prostate massager sex toy. Not sure which one is best for you? Keep reading to see our top 3 picks for perfect prostate play that bring new meaning to the word “pleasure”.


1. We-Vibe Vector Vibrating Prostate Massager

When we consider prostate massagers that take things to the next level of prostate play, we can’t help but think of We-Vibe. They’ve made remarkable products that combine what we love about our favorite sex toys with today’s technology. With the help of their We-Connect app, your sexy togetherness can be felt from worlds apart. We-Vibe also consulted with experts to develop a prostate massager that could be customized to everyone’s body. That’s why we vote the Beaded Prostate Vibe in our top three for prostate play sex toys.


Sure, the Sphinx doesn’t have a honing device. Still, it is sure to find the prostate gland due to its flexible base and adjustable head. The shaft’s swollen end is slightly curved to target the prostate’s location at the upper anal wall. The base of the Vector reaches out to tickle your taint, or perineum, while providing a stopper that ensures you don’t explore too deeply. This base tickler adds gentle pressure and rumbling vibrations along with the shaft for extra pleasure for both perineum and prostate. The flexibility of Vector allows it to work with every different body shape and gives you more angles to try. You get the best of total comfort and epic pleasure. You’ll find the perfect fit to hit all the right spots.


The Vector includes 10 preset vibration patterns with varying levels of intensity. To access these, you have three options – you can utilize the power key located on your Vector, use the included remote control, or pair with the controls on the free We-Connect app. The Vector is included in We-Vibe’s line of toys that are equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology. The We-Connect app (available on Android and iOs platforms) lets you or your partner control your Vector from virtually anywhere. Controlling your Vector through the app will give you access to extra vibration modes, custom vibe patterns, a chat function over a secure connection, and visuals that’ll help you feel more together. For distanced We-Connect prostate play, you’ll both need to download the free app. Vector can synch to the app from within a 20-foot range.


What’s even better about Vector is that it won’t leave you hanging. When fully charged, it can provide you with pulsating pleasure for up to two full hours. It includes a magnetic USB charging cord, which also means the Vector is waterproof.  It’s made from an ultra-hygienic material perfect for your heinie. A non-porous and hypoallergenic exterior makes it gentle on skin and easy to clean. Just use your favorite sex toy cleanser or gentle soap and warm water. Water-based lubes are best for butt play with Vector to prevent damage to the high-quality silicone materials. You’ll also want to store it separately from other silicone items to keep it in tip-top shape for all your booty’s needs. Vector also comes with a silky drawstring bag to give you simple and safe storage options.


2. Jelly Fun Flex Anal Wand

Soft and firm, two ends in one – the Jelly Fun Flex Anal Wand sits in our number 2 spot. It is the perfect prostate massager for those who need options. One end of the Anal Fantasy Fun Flex features a beaded surface that gradually increases in size as you move up the shaft. This is great for beginners or those who like to take things slow. You get to start out small before you steadily stretch your way up to the largest of six stimulating graduated beads. The other end features an enlarged tip that is rounded for precision targeting.


Speaking of precision targeting, the Anal Fantasy Fun Flex is slightly bent at the middle, making it easier to reach your prostate. You’ll be able to increase or decrease pressure on the upper anal wall without any trouble. Using the opposite end of your chosen tip, you’ll have a firm handle to manipulate. This wand also flexes and bends for even more control over where you enjoy placement and increased contouring to your body’s natural curves.


Since the Anal Fantasy Fun Flex doesn’t have any motors or batteries to charge, it is ready to go for anal action whenever you are. It is made from PVC material that is soft to the touch but firm for exciting penetration that aims to please. With no electrical components to worry about, it is fully waterproof. It also cleans up like a piece of cake (see what we did there). Use a sex toy cleanser of your choice or a good scrub with some warm soapy water. You can also use your favorite water-based or silicone-based lubricants without any fear of breakdown to the materials.


3. Performance Prostimulator VX1

With a name like 5" Male P-Spot Massager In Black you know you’re in for the ride of your life. Blush’s designers have done it again to take a simple prostate massager to praiseworthy magnitudes. They’ve developed a way to get a p-spot orgasm in a hands-free mode. With enough practice of using your Kegel muscles, you’ll enjoy unbelievable satisfaction. You can still use your hands to get your positioning just right until you adjust to stimulating the prostate enough to say, “Look, no hands!”  


The Prostimulator is on the smaller side as far as prostate massagers go. Still, this makes it a great beginner’s sex toy for hands-free stimulation. Without the distraction of vibration or added textures, you’ll get a true sense of discovery on your journey to a no-touch orgasm. At the flared base, there are several different appendages. A slightly upward curved extension will stimulate the perineum for external pressure to double your stimulation. The other extension curls down for easy removal and repositioning. With its simple design, this prostate massager is the pinnacle of p-spot orgasms.


Once inserted, you’ll use your anal muscles to contract and release to intensify or relieve pressure on the prostate. You can attempt any positions you are comfortable with when you try out the Prostimulator. However, we suggest rocking back and forth while lying on your back or on hands and knees to engage your anal muscles at first. After you understand how to contract and relax your Kegel and anal muscles, you can have at it.


Whether you’re brand-new to p-spot play or you’re a seasoned pro in prostate orgasms, you’ll want to use plenty of lube for a comfortable ride. Because the Prostiumlator is made from a hygienic ABS plastic, you can use your choice of water-based or silicone-based lubes. This ABS plastic material also gives the massager a rigidity that makes for easier muscle maneuvering. Washing before and after use will keep the Prostimulator in prime condition. Use your favorite sex toy cleanser for a good wipe-down, or break out the bubbly soap and warm water.


The Pinnacle of Prostate Play Products from PinkCherry!

Now that you’ve learned how to put your prostate play in motion, head over to PinkCherry to check out our top 3 prostate massagers for yourself. You can see videos of some products in action, read glowing reviews from real customers just like you, and view all the schematics for yourself. This will help you select a sex toy that’s best for your body and your prostate-pleasuring-preferences! 


Find whatever sexual products your heart desires at, Canada’s largest online retailer for sexual health and wellness. Shop from our line of prostate massagers for every style and variation. While you’re there, be sure to pick up your choice of lube to make your prostate play a gliding good time.

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