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Sex Toys With Handles Handsfree Vibrators


When buying a sex toy, be it a vibrator or other delightful device to help bring on the orgasms - most of us approach the decision from the same angle, right? Specifically, an angle that fits nicely in, over or around whichever erogenous zone we’ll pleasuring. We focus on the curve of a g-spot vibrator, trying to imagine whether or not it will press up and in for a deep internal climax. We look at the size and shape of our perfect clitoral vibe as we consider its function profile, speed and intensity. When it comes to anal toys - size matters, and we tend to shop for buy butt-intended sex toys based on circumference, length and width. Sex toys for men, like mouth masturbators and strokers  are usually picked for things like point of entry (vagina, butt, mouth, etc.) or inner texture. 

Here's the thing though:  we sometimes forget to consider that sex toys need to feel good in your and your partner’s hands, just as they need to feel great over, in and around your/their body. If you can’t get a “handle” (so to speak) on your toy, or if it’s difficult to reach the control buttons, then your overall experience may not be quite as enjoyable, ergonomic, or, most importantly, orgasmic than you’d hoped for. The author Wayne Dyer once said, “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” 

To get a metaphorical  handle on your pleasure, it helps to know a little more about the literal handles you’re dealing with. There are so many amazing sexy products to choose from, which can sometimes make the process of buying a sex toy a little daunting. Looking at the handle of a dildo, stroker or vibe you’re considering can help when it comes to choosing one sex toy over another. This extra bit of criteria while shopping can help you filter your options to find the best vibrator or male masturbator for you. You could buy the best g spot vibe, but if it doesn’t feel right in your hand, it can distract from the pleasure of its pleasurable purpose. Knowing what to look for in terms of your toy’s handle or hands-free potential can assist in the enjoyment of your chosen erogenous zones. Plus, it’ll also help with overall body comfort and all the sexy compromising positions you’ll be able to enjoy while masturbating or playing with a partner. 

Here are some things to consider when you’re determining what type of handle enhanced or hands-free pleasure tool will be best for you, along with some sex toys uniquely designed with handling you in mind. 


Hands Off My Sex Toy

The first question to ask yourself is whether or not you want a handle at all! Now, more than ever before, the adult sex toy market has numerous hands-free options to choose from for people of all genders. If you need or want you hands and arms free to explore (or at the very least, not be in the way when you’re face down on your mattress on the brink of an explosive orgasm) then go sans handle. Check out panty vibes, cock rings, or any penetration toy with a suction cup base for a variety of hands-free items to choose from. For a luxurious experience, any of We-Vibe’s iconic hands-free options are guaranteed to please, but the Unite 2.0 Couples Vibrator includes a remote and app is on a whole other level.  

For anyone needing or wanting to experience incredible penetration and stimulation, we offer the Kink Power Banger Vac-U-Lock F**ing Machine. It is a bit of investment but well worth it. Why? Well, the light-weight, versatile machine is also referred to as “a fucking machine.” Powered by an intense motor, The Power Banger can thrust away, delivering toe curling orgasms. Use a remote control to activate and adjust the angles of thrusting.

But what about hands-free anal toys?! Don’t worry- PinkCherry has those too. Quite a few, in fact. Anal toys and anal vibes are starting to step it up in terms of luxury with things like high end silicone construction, USB rechargeability and remote functionality. The Rimming XL Remote Vibrating Plug is all that and more, the stimulation even mimics (you guessed it!) the sensation of a nice, powerful rimming. Handles and bases are especially important when using any anal toy, from beads to butt plugs, because without a flared base or handle, they toy can easily become fully submerged in the body. In fact, the base is how you can differentiate between what should or should not be used for anal play. What goes up, does not always easily come down. We’ve all heard the ER horror stories, so just don’t risk it, please! Always choose a vibe, dildo or plug with a wide base or large handle that won’t slip away from you.  See? This is why thinking about handles is so important!


Just the Tip

For pleasurable play that is very hands on but doesn’t have the full length of a handle, try finger vibes like VeDO’s Yumi. The simple, rechargeable, silicone vibrator is a perfect mix of an insanely powerful sex toy and human touch. As you or your partner engage in digital stimulation all over the body, the vibration works to assist the already amazing feelings of touch.Finger vibrators are sensual and comfortable. This is an excellent option for delightful dexterity and can aid in enhancing a male or female handy! It’s also great for road trips, where vibrators with more pronounced handling requirements could really get in the way. 


Keep Palm and Carry On

Ergonomic sex toys, the ones designed for your comfort and ease, may include a handles with a circular loop, a soft silicone shaft that rests comfortably in the hand or they might look like they don’t have a handle at all. That’s because the entire vibrator is designed to fit comfortably in your hand in various positions. Products like We-Vibe Touch and the Club Vibe 3.OH Panty Vibe have beautiful, non-phallic shapes that are ideal for all bodies and genders but can be especially nice vibes for anyone with arthritis, joint pain or other physical needs that make gripping a vibrating sex toy more difficult. The ergonomic products move easily with your natural range of movement and can be held in any way that is most comfortable for the user. 


Great Lengths

Magic Wand Rechargeable Massager Vibrator

One of the most popular sex toys year after year are wand massagers, like as the Original Magic Wand. Wand sex toy vibrators can come in many shapes and sizes. They are made by almost every pleasure product manufacturer across the globe. They come in different colors and materials and can be found in rechargeable, battery operated or wall-powered  options. But the incredibly amazing things about the wand style that has made it a best selling sex toy for over thirty years, is the long handle and usually super intense vibrating power. Some wand styles are less strong than others, but if you’re looking for options that have a wide range of vibration strength, try either the Satisfyer Wand-er Woman Massager or the PinkCherry Pinky's Premium Power Wand. The long handle is often overlooked as a selling feature of the indomitable wands, but it is as important as the maximum vibrating power. Without the length to create some distance from the vibrating head of the toy, most people would find themselves distracted by the feeling of that vibration in their hands. For partner play, the handle length makes it easier to reach around the other person’s body. The handle also adds length that works more effectively for plus-size or pregnant pleasure. And the length allows for so many different positions without risking the loss of the toy’s intensity. 


Handle with Care

No matter which sex toy handle style is best for you, be sure to pair it with PinkCherry Water Based Lube and PinkCherry Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner. Lubricant and toy cleaner keep your products comfortable and pleasurable- and that’s just as important as powerful. When you consider the handle of your sex toys and how they are meant to be handled, you and/or your partner will discover how holistic your erotic experience can be and how the entire body is involved in your orgasmic bliss. Whatever your handle preference is- get your hands on it at PinkCherry.ca!



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