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PinkCherry Exploring Glory Holes During Pandemic


If you’ve been paying attention to subjects trending on the internet, as one does (especially when spending more time than usual looking for ways to beat the boredom), you may have come across the term ‘glory hole’ in the past week or so. For the uninitiated, a glory hole is literally a hole or opening cut into a solid wall or other barrier. Why? Sex, of course. People engaging in various erotic escapdes put penises, fingers, tongues and otherwise through it, into and/or onto the person on the other side. Now, while the idea of conducting certain sexy business through an opening in a bathroom stall, fence, wall and otherwise is definitely not a new one, it’s taken on new significance in light of this whole buzzkill of a pandemic situation. What started as a tongue-in-cheek (tongue-in-glory-hole?) solution to the search for safer sex in these viral times has actually inspired a somewhat serious question. Is the glory hole a good idea for those of us looking to safely hook up with as little contact and potential CoVid exposure as possible?


Short answer: probably not. But wait! There definitely ARE ways to have safer sex, or mutally pleasure a partner in the age of coVid, so if you’ve managed to keep your dating game strong while social distancing, read on.


First off, we want to acknowledge the dream scenario. If you’re lucky enough to be living with the person you’re having sex with, you’ve already got it made. As long as you’re being safe (wearing your masks, washing your hands, staying six feet or more away from people not in your household or bubble), carry on having sex, and lots of it. 


On the other hand, if you’re dating right now, it’s safe to say that you’re facing some obstacles, yes? Aside from the fact that we are supposed to stay six feet or more away from the majority of people, most entertainment and dining options are closed. 


If you’ve been lucky enough to overcome these obstacles and want to get sexily close to a new, or casual, or FWB partner, there are definitely some things  to consider. While protecting your health should definitely be top priority, you’ll need to think about the guidelines on social distancing and be conscientious about protecting others, too.


So, how can you be intimate with someone when social contact is so restricted? Where there’s a will there’s a way, as they say! Today we’ll go through some safer sex options that don’t necessarily include a hole in a bathroom stall.

Masturbation from a Safe Distance

The option that guarantees you won’t contract an illness from your partner is sex from a distance. CDC guidelines recommend social distancing of at least six feet. This is an ideal spacing to provide a way to watch each other masturbate. Seeing how your lover pleasures themselves might help you figure out what makes them tick. When it comes time for the real deal, you’ll know exactly how they like their sex. Don’t knock it ‘til you try it. You never know, voyeurism might become your new fetish.

Video Chatting

If you can’t meet in person due to travel restrictions or because of a weakened immune system, you could try video chatting. If you’ve ever watched a cam model, this setup might be familiar to you. You can masturbate for each other right through video chats. It’s like sexting with a live video where you’ll see and hear each other. While you can use whatever platform suits your accessibility to video chat with your partner, there are apps that were designed specifically for this purpose. You can even select a toy with remote capabilities, controlling the speeds and pulses your partner receives. PinkCherry offers a wide variety of remote controlled vibrators to take your video chats to the next level.


Another option for those who might want the real deal, is to wait it out. We know this isn’t what you want to hear, but it is a way that you can safely have sex with a new partner. To be sure neither of you is ill, you can self-quarantine for 14 days. If neither of you has developed any viral symptoms by then, it is probably safe to get physical. The studies on the spread of the virus are still being highly debated, so you should consider that there is still some potential risk associated with this option.

Glory Holes Could be the Answer, Kind Of

Like we talked about up top, traditionally, a glory hole was a hole cut in a wall or partition that allowed people to have sex with one another, often without seeing who the other person was. Taking the concept into 2020, a modified glory hole could potentially be a way to minimize contact and maybe even engage in some safer sex. 

For pandemic purposes, a glory hole would prevent you from exposing one another to potential bacteria, germs, and viral pathogens. If you use condoms (which you absolutely should), you’ll also reduce the risk of transmitting STDs. You can fully sanitize whatever part of your body is getting the attention before making contact. 

The one thing you need to remember is that you should not expose any parts to another person without extra precautions in place. Hopefully, you’re not doing anything sexual with your eyeballs except for looking, but maybe put on some goggles to be safe. Any kind of oral sex or penetration calls for the use of condoms, even if you or your partner is on birth control. For extra protection while having sex with a glory hole, you can even wear gloves and masks. 

Glory Hole DIY

If you look up the history of glory holes, they were usually cut right into the drywall of a room or the metal door of a bathroom stall. Ouch? For your anti-viral uses, it might be better to use materials you can easily access. PVC piping makes a sturdy framework that could easily be fashioned into a box-like area for one person to stand or sit inside. You can use a plastic shower liner as the walls. Cut a hole in it at a height that is suited to your bodies and statures. The best part of this setup idea is that you can use it pretty much anywhere. You can even construct it in a way that allows it to be portable. Sex party, anyone?


So, to address all this glory hole trending, yes, technically, a glory hole (done properly!), could help couples connect. There are easier ways though! Check out our sex toys for couples here, and remember, this too shall pass!

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