Staying In This Year – Why Not Heat Up Your Bedroom Play?

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Heat Up Your Sex Life - Warming Sex Toys and Lube


If you’re looking at having to stay home right now as a total bummer, you could be missing out on all the potential being cooped up has to offer. As the winter weather (and maybe your cabin fever) sets in, consider heating things up in the bedroom to keep you occupied.


Why You Should Bring in the Heat for the Holidays

There are a few key reasons you should focus on enhancing your sex life this year. It’s good for your health, both mentally and physically. It’ll give you something to do if you’re trying to fill up some free time. You’ll also strengthen bonds with your partner(s) or improve your relationship with yourself. Let’s look more in-depth at these three benefits.


1. Having sex is good for your health

Did you know that having sex is good for your health? That’s right! You can improve your mood and relieve some stress with the simple act of getting it on. It is also believed that having sex regularly can boost your immune system. Depending on which position you’re in and how much energy you’re putting into it, sex can also be a decent workout. Don’t forget to warm up before you get your physical activity in! While having sex often is a great way to work on your health, it should never be a substitute to exercising, eating right, getting adequate sleep, and seeing your doctor regularly.


2. Fight off boredom

Can’t go out? With many venues closed or restricted as of the writing of this article, you might find it hard to plan a date night. Instead of heading out, you can stay home and treat yourselves to some sex or masturbation. Sex can also be a great way to replace boredom in your day with spontaneity. Surprise your lover with some romance or give yourself that self-care you’ve been craving. Take a look at some of the recommended products further along in this article to spice up your routine.  


3. Strengthen your relationships or boost self-confidence

When you have sex, oxytocin is released. It is often referred to as the “love hormone.” If you get that lovey-dovey feeling during or after having sex, you can thank oxytocin. It promotes social bonding, so you might feel more connected to your partner(s). Don’t have a partner? That’s okay! Masturbating can help you feel more confident in your sexuality. “Making love” to yourself could even help you love yourself more. Anything that improves body image is a positive aspect in our books.


Ways to Turn Up the Temperature

Looking to make things red-hot? We’ve got a whole list of tips for hotter sex that will have you cranking up the heat in the bedroom as we bring 2020 to a close that’ll end with a bang! We’ve got items and activities that include real warming products as well as a few ideas that don’t (you know, in case you prefer something more chill).


Packing Heat (Literally)

Need to stoke the embers of your sex life? Feeling left out in the cold lately? Sick of frosty winter weather already? The following activities and product suggestion will give you a real warming experience in addition to fanning the flames to keep your sex life exciting.


  • Warming lubes

You probably already know that lube is a great addition to sex and/or masturbation. Whether you’re using a toy or your partner for pleasure, rid yourself of unwanted friction with a body-safe lubricant. Why not add to the properties of moisture with a warming feature? Some of the best warming lubes use natural ingredients, like extracts of cinnamon or ginger. Talk about spicing up the bedroom! To utilize a warming lube, use the same practices you would with a standard lube. Be sure to test a small area first. Then you can strengthen the warming sensations using your breath, contact with your partner’s body, or gentle friction with your toys.


  • Massage candles

Want to bring the element of fire into your foreplay? Try a massage candle! As the oils melt, sweet fragrances will fill the air. Blow it out and pour it over the area that is begging for a rubdown. The warm wax lightly dripping over each other’s bodies will help hands glide around for a soothing massage. Many massage candles really do cover most of the five senses: sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. Yes, some are even edible! Not sure how to give an erotic massage? Check out this great Erotic Massages article to get started!


  • Warm Baths

Want to pamper your partner? Or practice some self-care? Fill your tub up with some warm water to take a relaxing dip at home. If your tub is big enough, your partner could even get in with you. If you want romantic vibes, adding some tea lights or other candles along with some rose petals should do the trick. You can use whatever waterproof sex toy floats your boat as you enjoy the gentle sensation of the water around you. Looking for something super sexy? Try a sexy surprise bath bomb that will surround you with fizzy sensations that will soften your skin as it melts to fill the tub. PinkCherry typically carries bath bombs that reveal a mystery sex toy or sex position cards to try out. Check out the full line of Romance Basics PinkCherry has to offer.


  • Warming Toys

Looking for a sex toy that can keep up with your hotness? Well, you’re in luck! There are sex toys that are made from temperature sensitive materials to keep your delicate parts nice and warm. There are temperature-sensitive silicones that are safe for use in the body. If silicone isn’t your thing, there are still options for you. You can put glass or metal sex toys in a bowl of warm water before use if they don’t have a motor. But be careful not to heat them up too much! Don’t use water any warmer than what you would use to take a bath.


  • Discreet Toys

For more discreet sex toy options that will give you the temperature result you desire, we recommend something small and handheld, like small clitoral suctions, finger vibrators, bullets, wearable vibes, or mini vibes. , or mini vibes. Lipstick vibes are a fun way to always have something in your bag that isn’t even recognized as a sex toy at first glance.


  • Non-Discreet

If you’re thinking of ways how to make sex hotter and you’re not worried about being discreet, you can get whatever your heart desires! From anal beads to vibrator wands, PinkCherry has something for everyone to turn up the heat. Get shopping, so you can ring the New Year in with some fireworks of your own.


Cool Options that are Still Fire (Sans Real Heat of Course)

If you’re reading this thinking, “Uh, heat? Not so much my thing,” we’ve got you covered! There are other ways of keeping it hot in the bedroom without using warming sensations. Try one of the following suggestions to get all hot and bothered without the heat.


  • Hot Lingerie

Nothing says “hot” like some sexy lingerie! Our color suggestion? You can create the mood of heat by wearing something red. If you’re into roleplay, why not try a firefighter outfit? Trying to show some skin without getting cold in the wintry season? A crotchless bodystocking is calling your name! You’ll get to keep it on to stay nice and toasty while you’re having fun.


  • BDSM

There’s nothing hotter than a little bondage play! If you want some extra stimulation as an alternative to heat, maybe some electro-play is more your speed. Or there’s always shibari – the art of Japanese rope bondage. If you’ve never tried bondage before, you can start out with a beginner’s kit. The only thing you have to decide is who will be the sub and who will be the dom. Better yet, take turns!


  • Cooling Lubes 

If heat wasn’t your style, what about cooling? You can apply some of the same tips for our heated suggestions in reverse. You can dunk your favorite metal, glass, and waterproof toys in a bowl of ice water to make them nice and chilly. There are also many cooling lubes, balms, and creams available through PinkCherry. Many cooling products use menthols to give you that tingly sensation with the bonus of a minty fresh smell.


Get Ready to Heat Things Up

Just because it’s getting cold out and you have to stay home doesn’t mean you have to miss out on having a good time! As the temperatures dip, keep things hot in the bedroom. Having sex is great for your health, it’ll keep you busy, and it improves your outlook on your relationship with your partner(s) or yourself. Now that we’ve covered several ideas and products you can use to bring in the heat to your sex life, it’s time you get to putting them in motion. You can trust all your heating products, cooling products, and everything in between to PinkCherry. We’ll help you end the year on a high note – or rather a hot one!

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