Time to Bone Up On Penis Pumps: How They Work and What They Do

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Time to Bone Up On Penis Pumps: How They Work and What They Do


“We have the technology.”

“Better than he was before. Better, stronger, faster.”

If you recognize those quotes from the opening of a totally awesome retro TV show from the 70’s called The Six Million Dollar Man, then props to your knowledge of obscure pop culture references! While the promises of cyborg legs and bionic eyes might be a little far fetched for those of us who aren’t sci-fi astronaut characters, we DO have access to fantastic dick-enhancing technology called the penis pump!

These clever devices have been around for a really long time. In fact, the origin of the penis pump dates all the way back to 1874! Of course, those early designs were only able to produce an erection until they were removed, which didn’t exactly make them useful for having actual sex. Fast forward a bit to 1917, and a brilliant guy named Otto Lederer from Austria figured out a way to make the penis stay hard longer after the pump is taken off, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Although the name may seem self-explanatory, a lot of people don’t really know or understand what penis pumps do, so let’s take care of that right now with some rock-hard penis pump facts.


What are penis pumps for?

There are a lot of different reasons as to why men may choose to use a penis pump. While some men use them solely to increase the size of their penis and the hardness of their erection before sex, there are other benefits that a lot of people may have never considered.

Penis pumps are most known for their ability to literally pump up the size of the penis, which is appealing to many men and women alike for obvious reasons. For a lot of us, bigger is better! In addition, having a bit of added length and girth has a certain visual impact, so to speak. After all, what man doesn’t like to see their partners eyes widen when the pants hit the floor, right? Penis pumps can help take ‘Wow!’ up to ‘WOOOOOW!’.

Of course, visual impressions aside, there are other benefits that penis pumps can provide, as they can be an effective solution for men who experience ED (erectile dysfunction). The inability to get or maintain an erection, for a variety of reasons, is a frustrating situation for many men, and it’s a lot more common than most people think.

An estimated 25% of men will experience some form of erectile dysfunction in their lives. That’s a pretty big percentage, and it’s important to keep in mind that many people either don’t recognize their situation for what it really is, or are simply embarrassed by it, so the actual number is likely higher. Regardless, it is definitely not a small group.

While the most prominent risk factor for ED is age, other kinds of conditions can make someone more likely to have trouble getting it up. Stress, weight gain, drug use, and smoking have all shown links to less-than-impressive boners. Some medications can also have side effects related to the quality of hard-ons, as can medical conditions like diabetes and heart disease.

For men in these situations, a little added help from our good friend the penis pump can work wonders for their sex lives without the use of drugs or medications. Penis pumps help you get a full erection, increase the length and girth of your dick, and can increase the quality of your sex life.

How do penis pumps work?

Those all sound like fantastic benefits, right? But now you’re probably asking how these boner boosters actually work. The concept is quite simple, really. Let’s start by taking a look at the different parts of a typical penis pump.

Here’s our best-seller, the  Beginner's Power Pump

Beginner Power Pump


The main section of the pump, where the cock actually goes in, is called the vacuum tube. It has a soft and stretchy latex sleeve at the base, which gives a comfortable and tight seal around the base of the penis. Attached to the vacuum tube you’ll see a section of tubing that runs to a hand operated pump bulb. Squeezing this bulb provides the suction to remove air from the vacuum tube. This gradual increase in suction within the tube and causes the penis to engorge and swell in to a big, hard erection.

Once the penis is fully hard and erect, you can release the pressure through the quick-release valve on the side of the pump bulb. Then the pump can be taken off the erect penis, and the included silicone cock ring can be slid over the base of the penis to sustain the erection and prevent the engorging blood from flowing back out. This last step is key to the function of the penis pump.

The cock ring is extremely important to the correct use of a penis pump, and how well it works. An erection is no use if the penis deflates as soon as the pump is taken off, right? The cock ring ensures the longevity of your boner, which is the key to penis pump effectiveness. In general, these should be worn for about a maximum of 30 minutes at a time.

What’s the difference between makes and models of penis pumps?

Whether you’re looking for a bare-bones boner maker, or want a full-featured erection erector, there are plenty of different makes and models of penis pumps to choose from. Like most other types of sex toys, the price for a penis pump can range pretty substantially, based on things like the number of features, size, and style. Beginner pumps start at around $20, with many more feature-rich options for under $100. Pumps can range up to $200 or higher for the most advanced penis pump designs.

Penis Pump Larger Dick Sex Toy
Optimum Series Waterproof Auto Pump


Basic penis pumps will include all the essentials, while the more advanced designs will add things like pressure gauges, battery-operated pumps, multiple styles or colours of cock rings, bigger vacuum tubes, funky styling, measuring markings, and more. Whichever style or model you choose, be sure to check the penis pump reviews and comments from past purchasers, as they can be very helpful in making sure you get the right one for you.

Other important differences are the size of the pump and the ring, as these are the biggest factors that should be considered, as you won’t see great results with a pump and ring that’s too big, and one that’s too small will definitely NOT be comfortable to use. So be sure to look at the specs of the pumps and find the options that are best suited to your penis size in order to get the best banging for your buck.


What else do I need to know about penis pumps?

As we’ve shown, there are lots of benefits and advantages that penis pumps offer. However, it’s important to know that they aren’t enchanted devices that magically give you a permanently bigger dick or a stiffy that lasts all night long. You are still human, after all. The effects of the pump on the penis ARE temporary each time you use it, regardless of what you read online.

The bottom line is that penis pumps will get you hard and help you stay hard, and they do a great job of it, but they aren’t miracle workers.

Sounds good, now where are the pumps! SHOW THEM TO ME!

Easy there, tiger, we’re getting to it. We’ve selected a few penis pumps that are great examples of the different styles we’ve just talked about. Let’s start with this basic beginner pump that’s received plenty of great ratings from customers. The Beginner's Power Pump, is a basic pump and is simple to use, comfortable, and reliable. A cock ring is not included, so you’ll need to pick one up to go along with this pump.

For a complete package that includes a silicone cock ring, we recommend the Sta-Hard Erector Set. It’s got great reviews and everything you need in a simple and easy-to-use format, and will definitely get you ready for action.

If you are endowed with a larger pipe, you’re going to want a larger pump to go with it. The Big Man's Oversized Pump should do the job for you. It also includes three different silicone base fittings, so you’ll be able to choose the fit that is most comfortable for you. You will also need to pick up a cock ring to go with this kit, as it is not included.

The Pumped Rechargeable Automatic Luv Pump In Black adds even more pleasure to the pump experience by including a silicone cock and ball ring. This kit is guaranteed to blow some minds, among other things!

If you’re a numbers-man, then the Apollo Sta-Hard Pump Kit may tickle your fancy. It’s got measurements on the vacuum tube and a built-in pressure gauge on the pump handle so you can really dial in your pumping for maximum performance.


Time to pump things up!

Whatever your reason, whether you’re looking for a bit more visual impact when you unleash the beast, or if you’re looking for healthy alternatives to help you get better performance out of your dick, then a penis pump may just be the solution for you. The list of products above is just a small set of the big, throbbing selection of penis pumps and cock rings that we have to show you. Why wait? Check them out now and get pumped!


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